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Ruitai Is Your One-stop CNC Plastic Milling Manufacturer in China

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Ruitai- A CNC Plastic Milling Manufacturer to Give You a Fast Turnaround

With the expertise in CNC plastic milling, Ruitai’s focus is on improving the capability of CNC milling. These years, we have invested over 50 sets of 5 axis CNC milling machines to support our clients all over the world. They give us the confidence to supply you with the CNC plastic milling parts with the best performance.

At the factory of Ruitai, the excellent performance of CNC machines can run for a long time. And we have a two-shift system. Thus, we are 24/7 available to assist your short-run and long-run CNC plastic milling projects. To control the quality of CNC plastic milling parts and the safety of our workers, there are remote monitors at the factory.

Do you want to make your CNC plastic milling project with a fast turnaround? You can e-mail or call Ruitai today to get a quick quote!

HDPE CNC Plastic Milling Parts

HDPE CNC milling parts can be applied in the industries of automotive, electronics, and construction. And you can rely on Ruitai to make low-volume or high-volume CNC plastic milling parts.

Machined Plastic Parts

Delrin has low friction and high wear resistance. And it is a superior material to make CNC plastic milling parts. If you’re seeking to find a trustworthy manufacturer, Ruitai is glad to be your partner.

CNC Acrylic Milling Parts

Acrylic has chemical resistance, light transmission, and optical clarity. We can apply acrylic to make small parts. For example, the light parts and decorations.

Nylon CNC Plastic Milling Parts

Nylon has good electrical insulating and high mechanical strength. CNC milling can be a good processing way to create nylon CNC milling parts.

CNC Plastic Milling Parts

Being one of the most common and popular plastics, ABS can be your economical choice if you want to process it by CNC milling. Ruitai is a CNC machining service supplier and you can count on us to make ABS milling parts.

PEEK Machined Parts

PEEK is a high-performance plastic, which has a wide application in different areas. It requires highly on the equipment if you want to process it by CNC plastic milling parts.


Ruitai-A Full-service Provider on CNC Plastic Milling 

Ruitai is your full-service provider on CNC plastic milling. You will experience a full suite machining service to bring your drawings into finished CNC plastic milling parts.

Common machinable plastic materials include ABS, PP, PMMA, Nylon, and POM. Our CNC plastic milling machines can produce plastic components with ±0.08mm. Therefore, we don’t even need to do secondary machining on the plastic parts. Our surface treatment service is available for you if you have any special requirements.

Ruitai can offer you custom packaging from carton boxes to the wooden box. Once we have got your satisfaction with the finished CNC plastic milling parts, we will deliver them to you immediately. Common expresses we can provide you include FedEx, EMS, UPS, and DHL.

Besides, we take your feedback seriously. Only in this way can we continually improve our CNC plastic milling service. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can give us a response in time. If it is our fault, we will take responsibility accordingly.

Are you interested in our CNC plastic milling service? You can send an e-mail to Ruitai. Ruitai is always online for you.

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  • 3D Printing Prototypes

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1.What Is CNC Plastic Milling?

CNC plastic milling refers to applying CNC milling machines to make plastic components. And most thermoplastics are suitable to make CNC plastic milling components. It is precise machining to make plastic parts with high accuracy up to ±0.08mm. Thus, it doesn’t need to do secondary machining.

Ruitai is a CNC plastic milling manufacturer with 15+ years of experience. With the professionalism in CNC plastic milling, our experts and workers are well-experienced in making various CNC plastic milling components, which have a wide application in different areas: automotive, electronics, lighting, aerospace, medical, defense, etc.

Figure1 CNC Plastic Milling