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Ruitai is a CNC machining company that provides CNC machining services. With multiple CNC machining shops, precise CNC machining solutions, and multiple sets of CNC machining tools, it can meet the needs of different CNC machining projects at the same time.

Ruitai CNC machining center provides you with various high-quality injection molding manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and mass precision parts manufacturing services.

Our wide range of CNC machining services covers CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Swiss CNC Machining, EDM CNC Machining, Plastic CNC Machining, and many more.

CNC Turning-1

CNC turning is ideal for machining deep holes, machined threads, and all types of cylindrical shapes with excellent surface finish, producing high-precision cylindrical parts, usually cones, disks, or combinations of shapes. It has the characteristics of high precision of processed parts, a short production cycle, and high similarity.

CNC-Milling picture

CNC milling is an excellent solution for rapid prototyping and end-use components, allowing your design team to realistically simulate the form, performance, and material properties of the final product and test components for suitability and manufacturability to prove and refine their designs. CNC milling can create complex prismatic shapes and flat surfaces for a variety of commercial and industrial products.


Rapid prototyping is the best solution when you need to quickly manufacture high-quality plastic injection molds or die-casting tools. It is a “fast food” part machining service for small batch production or rapid prototyping.


CNC surface grinding is a common machining method in precision CNC machining services, and surface grinding is the best CNC machining method if your part requires a very flat surface. Special grinding wheels pass over the surface of the workpiece under the CNC program of the digital motor to provide the final surface evenness.

CNC-plastic image

Alternative processing solutions for 3D printing materials. CNC prototyping plastic processing technology is generally used to make conceptual models of accurate functions, or plastic parts, which will come in handy before product development. Compared with other material processing, the price of plastic processing will be relatively affordable, and it can also meet the needs of small batch CNC processing and manufacturing.


Swiss CNC machining is currently the most suitable process for small precision parts in CNC lathes, capable of producing parts with tight tolerances. In this machining, oil is used as a coolant, originally developed for machining machines in the Swiss watchmaking industry. If you need to do precision small parts machining, then Swiss CNC machining is the best choice for you.

Common CNC Machining Materials & CNC Machining Surface Treatments

Aluminum PartsMetal Materials for MachiningAluminum CNC Machining(Aluminum2024,2024,6063,7050,7075,6082,MIC-6)
Stainless Steel CNC Machining (Nitronic 60 (218 SS), Stainless Steel 15-5,17-4,18-8,303,316/316L, 416,410, 420,440C)
Copper CNC Machining (Copper 101, Copper C110)
Bronze CNC Machining (Copper C932)
Brass CNC Machining (Copper 260, Copper 360)
carbon steel, etc.
CNC PC Turning Parts8Plastic Materials for MachiningABS: High-strength engineering plastic, use for outside.
Acrylic: clear glass-like plastic. use for outside.
Delrin: good moisture resistance, low friction. high wear resistance.
Garolite: offers high strength, low moisture absorption
HDPE: chemical-resistant plastic, offers good impact strength. outstanding for outdoor applications
LDPE, PS, Teflon, PEEK, PP, etc.
Anodized ComponentsSurface Finishes for Metal CNC PrototypesDeburring: Tool marks and potentially sharp edges and burrs that exist on machined parts can be removed upon request.
Bead Spray: Gives a matte, smooth appearance to part surfaces.
Anodized (Type II or Type III): Parts can be anodized to different colors to create a corrosion-resistant surface.
Titanium anodizing is used in aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Can improve the fatigue strength and wear resistance of parts.
Passivation, Powder coating, Electrolytic polishing, Electroless Nickel, etc.
CNC ABS Machined Parts Surface Finishes for Plastic CNC PrototypesGraining, lapping, polishing

Online CNC Machining Services

CNC machining, also known as numerical control machining, refers to the computer numerical control system issuing instructions to make tools (such as drills, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, milling machines, 3D printers, etc.) perform various movements that meet the processing requirements.

This is a subtractive manufacturing process. Its working principle is to use a computer-controlled machine tool to remove the material layer on the raw material (alias: blank) to form a specially designed part handicraft. Generally refers to the process of forming parts from prototype materials on CNC machine tools.

Unlike additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and formable manufacturing processes such as liquid injection molding. The process is suitable for a wide variety of materials such as common metals, glass, plastics, wood, composites, and foams.

CNC machine tools are machine tools controlled by computers, and the computers used to control machine tools are collectively referred to as CNC systems. The movement and auxiliary actions of CNC machine tools are controlled by commands issued by the CNC system. Our commonly used CNC lathes, such as CNC grinding machines, lathes, milling machines, etc., all belong to CNC machine tools…

Features of CNC machining

The biggest feature of online machining is the use of perforated belts (or magnetic tapes) to control machine tools for automatic machining. It is the key way to solve the difficulties of ordinary machining methods. The ability to perform high-precision machining of a wide variety of metal parts with complex contours makes it a popular choice for applications in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and more. Common such as aircraft parts, automobile engine parts, bicycle parts, and so on.

CNC Machining Application Scenes

Aerospace and Defense: CNC machining is common in aircraft component manufacturing. In addition, it is used in defense production. For example; weapons, turbines, wing assemblies, engine parts, cabin parts, ammunition, and other similar items.

Automotive industry: CNC machine tools produce various car and truck parts. Some examples include engine components, transmission components, suspension components,connecting rods, crankshafts, bushings, valve cores, valve guide rods, transmission shafts, brake discs, cylinder heads, hubs, engine internal parts, etc..

Medical equipment: CNC machining is also important for the manufacture of parts and equipment in the medical field, such as surgical equipment, orthopedics, dental equipment, surgical instruments, and other precision components.

Consumer goods: CNC machines can produce a wide variety of consumer goods. Such as circuit boards, computer casings, chassis, and other common household items.

Machinery and tooling: CNC machining is commonly used to produce components for a variety of machinery and equipment. Some examples include pumps, valves, and gears.

Prototyping and R&D: CNC machining is mostly used to produce prototypes and test parts for R&D purposes. Compared with traditional production methods, the production speed is at least 15 times that of traditional processing methods. It can reduce the cost of product development to a certain extent, shorten the time to market, and occupy the market earlier than competitors.

Jewelry Making:  Intricate jewelry requires the precision and repeatability that only CNC machining can ensure. The Swiss CNC machining services mentioned above are dedicated to high-precision, complex-shaped, multi-variety, and small-batch production. It can meet the growing demand of the market, and the production speed is fast, not as slow as handmade. That’s why it’s so popular in this field.

Molds: CNC machining of molds for the production of plastic and metal products. Compared with ordinary mechanical processing technology, the precision of molds produced by CNC processing technology is higher, because CNC processing has diversified characteristics, and a variety of different processing schemes can be formulated for the same processing task.

Metal machining: CNC machining is common in the production of metal components in a variety of industries including construction, agriculture, and mining.

In addition, CNC machining also uses multi-axis machining machines. Under the operation of standard NC programs, high-speed rotating tools and processing technology will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of parts processing. At the same time, the produced machined parts have higher consistency, accurate precision, and shorter cycle time. Most importantly, CNC machining technology can produce complex geometries and handle intricate details. If you need to machine parts, then CNC machining must be the best choice.
If you want to know about CNC machining services, you can contact us for a conversation. For large orders, Ruitai CNC machining costs are more favorable.

Reasons for choosing Ruitai customized CNC machining service

High professionalism
With over 15 years of CNC machining experience, we have produced tens of thousands of high-quality parts.

Fast reaction
After receiving your processing inquiry, the Ruitai team will reply to you and quote within 4 hours.

Short production cycle
Rite-Hite has 3, 4, 5 axis CNC machines to get you quality parts quickly. Minimize waiting time for parts.

Various materials
Ruitai has more than 60 kinds of prototype materials, which are suitable for various parts industries around the world. The materials that can be machined by CNC include various metals, woods, plastics, glass, resins, foams, and composite materials.

Strict quality control
We will test the CNC prototype about 5 times with the CMM before delivering your part. Make sure your parts meet production standards.

Best solution
Send us your project needs, we will provide you with the best engineering solutions according to your detailed requirements.


Ruitai CNC Machining Service Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have some questions about CNC machining services. We have compiled the answers to the following common CNC machining project questions, hoping to help you.

Q1: Is CNC machining hard??
A1: Ruitai is a large CNC machining company with multi-axis CNC machining machines, which can do 3-axis CNC machining, 4-axis CNC machining, and 5-axis CNC machining, so for us, CNC machining is not difficult.

Q2: How much is your CNC machining service cost?
A2: The cost of CNC machining items is not fixed, because it depends on the CNC machining items, such as design and tolerance. Materials used in the project and processing time can also affect this pricing. For example, the pricing of aerospace CNC machining projects differs from that of ordinary automotive CNC machining products.

Q3: What is the tolerance of the machined parts?
A3: For metal CNC machining, the tolerance of our machined parts is about ±0.008mm. Note that the higher the tolerance required, the higher the cost.

Q4: Do you accept cheap CNC machining projects?
A4: Of course, we have no minimum order quantity. As long as you have needs for CNC machining parts, Ruitai will provide you with corresponding CNC machining service solutions, and you don’t need to worry about expensive CNC machining costs.

Q5: What is your CNC machining capacity?
A5: We can provide tens of thousands of different orders for CNC machining projects every month, whether it is small batch CNC machining or high precision CNC machining. We have multiple CNC machine tools and many experienced technical experts to provide you with technical support.

Q6: What is your CNC service process like?
A6: There are 3 steps in total.
1. First upload your CNC processing drawings (CAD files), our professional engineers analyze the images, confirm the specifications, choose the delivery time that suits your schedule, and then give you a quotation.
2. Production, when you confirm the order, we will start production immediately.
3. Quality inspection and control, when the parts are produced, we will carry out the quality inspection to ensure that your parts are manufactured according to our standards before delivery.

Q7: Do you have a CNC video for me to understand some machining processes of CNC?
A7: We have special CNC machining videos for you to visit. If you want to learn more about CNC machining, you can check out our blog, or send us an inquiry directly (recommended).

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CNC Machining Prototyping Gallery

CNC Robot Prototype
Process way: CNC machining;
Material: ABS+PMMA;
Surface treatment: highly polished; painting;silk-screen;
Max size: 2000*1800*600MM;

CNC plastic prototype

Small Metal Prototypes

Process way: CNC machining;
Material: stainless steel;
Surface treatment: polish;
Max size: 2000*1500*900MM.

Metal Prototype

CNC Aluminum Prototype

Process way: CNC machining;
Material: Aluminum;
Surface treatment:highly polish;painting;anodized;silk-screen; laser etching;
Max size:2000*1800*600MM.

CNC Aluminum Prototype