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High-precision Sheet Metal Cutting Service

After 15+ years’ efforts in providing sheet metal cutting service, the Ruitai team has become a professional and trusted supplier worldwide. According to rough statistics, we have got 1000+ clients from home and abroad. And 90% of them have built a long-term cooperation relationship with Ruitai. We are so happy to let them trust our sheet metal cutting service.

We have a high tolerance for sheet metal cutting parts. It can reach ±0.008mm. If you find any sheet metal parts which didn’t meet your standard, you can send these finished metal parts to us again and we will process them again.

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What is Custom Sheet Metal Cutting Service

According to the CAD drawings you upload, we will carry out an exclusive cutting service for your design plan, which is called a customized sheet metal cutting service.

Sheet metal cutting is one of the processing technologies in sheet metal processing. At Ruitai, we have a variety of cutting processes and can provide cutting services for your design projects.

Flame Cutting Service
This is a processing method often used in the rough processing of sheet metal. It is mainly processed for sheet metal materials with relatively large thicknesses, and flames will be generated during the processing.

Plasma Cutting Services
The processing method of using high-temperature plasma arc heat to partially melt or evaporate the sheet metal workpiece is similar to flame cutting but has higher precision than flame cutting. In terms of processing speed, it will be higher than flame cutting. Plasma cutting is commonly used for surface-cut parts service from sheet metal.

Wire Cutting Service
This is a cutting technology of electrical machining, so it is also called wire-cut electric discharge machining. It can perform high-precision cutting movements on different sheet metal parts, and the accuracy of sheet metal parts processed by wire-cutting will be greatly improved.

High-pressure Water-Cutting Service
High-pressure water cutting is mainly a process of mixing water and corundum and using high-speed water flow to process sheet metal parts. It can cut various types of glass, ceramics, or metals, but the processing speed of high-pressure water cutting will be longer compared with other cutting methods.

Laser Cutting Services
This is an effective cutting method. Laser cutting can complete the precision cutting of sheet metal at one time, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of sheet metal materials. The workpiece can be cut by irradiating the workpiece with a high-power laser beam until it reaches the melting point or ignition point. This process does not cause any deformation of the sheet metal material and is a highly inclusive thermal cutting processing method.

Your Custom Sheet Metal Cutting Service Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is a manufacturer providing custom sheet metal cutting services in China. No matter from laser cutters, material, or machining guidance, Ruitai can offer you all of them.

Regarding the materials provided in our custom sheet metal cutting service, we are proud to tell you that there is a wide spectrum of metal sheets available for your: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. As to machines, Ruitai has more than 20 laser cutters with power of 1500w and 3600w. Thus, we have enough capacity to support your low-volume and high-volume sheet metal cutting projects.

Professional machining guidance is also an important part of our custom sheet metal cutting service. As to the machining choice, material selection, and surface treatment, you won’t feel worried about them because the Ruitai team can provide you with these.

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1. What Kind of Machines Do You Provide in Your Sheet Metal Cutting Service?

At Ruitai, we get over 20 sets of laser cutters to support our sheet metal cutting service. There are two types of them: 1500w and 3600w. We use these machines at the same time to support your sheet metal cutting project.

Figure1 Sheet Metal Cutting Service

2. How Do You Protect Our design in Your Sheet Metal Cutting Service?

First of all, we would like to sign the NDA files with you firstly. The NDA files play a role in protecting your unique design and accelerating our cooperation. Besides, the computer to receive your 3D files are at the office. The staff at Ruitai are not allowed to show your design and finished sheet metal cutting parts to others. The privacy terms are included in the agreement.

Generally speaking, Ruitai is an experienced supplier in the field of sheet metal cutting. We know how important to protect your design. If you want to start our cooperation now, we would like to sign the NDA files with your first.