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Stainless Steel Turned Parts Processing Certification

  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification

Ruitai Provides You the Most Cost-effective Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Ruitai can offer you the most cost-effective machining solutions for stainless steel turned parts. The machined stainless steel turned parts we manufactured are high-precision. The tolerance can ultimately reach  ±0.08mm.

With advanced CNC machines at Ruitai, certified and fully skilled engineers can help the production line to manufacture the best quality and economical stainless steel turned parts for you.

If you get any stainless steel turned parts project, all you need to do is send us your 3D files and specific requirements. Then we can offer you a fast quote and professional advice for your drawings. Just feel free to contact us!

Stainless Steel Turned Parts for Bolts
This 304 stainless steel turned parts are one of the most common metal parts for bolts.
CNC Turning
Ruitai often manufactures a large number of nuts with stainless steel. And we provides complete production line for any of stainless steel turning project.
Stainless Steel Turned Parts for Bushing
The bushing of robots usually need stainless steel turned bushing
Stainless Steel Turned Parts
Ruitai can do stainless steel turned parts according to your 3D files. We can also do metal pipes.
Stainless Steel Turned Parts
Polishing is one of the major surface treatments for stainless steel turned parts. At Ruitai, there are mirror polishing and satin polishing available for you.
CNC Stainless Steel Turning Parts
Passivation can prevent stainless steel turned parts from rusting and make them more conductive.

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A Customized Stainless Steel Turned Parts Supplier in China

At Ruitai, we can provide a broad range of advanced equipment for your custom turned parts like CNC machines. So, you don’t have to worry about our capabilities for your stainless steel turned parts. We do the machining like drilling/turning/milling/punching. We can also do some surface treatments like electroplating/sandblasting/anodizing/passivating. These can greatly save your time and cost if you choose Ruitai.

As to our quality control, we offer you complete inspection machines. There are a lot of quality checking instruments: Height gauge, CMM, Thread Gauge, Vernier Caliper, and etc. Before delivery, we will send you related quality testing reports, which can ensure the precision of your stainless turned parts. This step is very vital for quality control and we treat it seriously during every step of processing.

We are always online for replying to your questions. During the whole process, there are always some unexpected problems to be solved, our team is always ready for solving them for you. If you are still not sure about our quality of processing, we can send you a sample for your reference. If you are interested in stainless steel turned parts, just contact us!


Fully Equipped for Any Stainless Steel Turned Parts
Ruitai has more than 50 sets of CNC machines. So, we have enough capabilites to mass or small batch of stainless steel turned parts for youl.
High Response Rates for Your Stainless Steel Turned Parts Project
Our team is always ready to reply you any detail about Stainless steel turned parts
A Fast Quote for Your Stainless Steel Turned Parts Project
Ruitai's engineers are very professional and well-experienced. Once you send us your files, we can quote for your in a short time.
High Quality Control Towards any of Your Stainless Steel Parts
We are a certified company with ISO 9001:2015. During the processing, we control the quality seriously.
A Visit to Our Factory to See the Stainless Steel Turned Parts Processing Is Available
When COVID-19 is not so horrifying, we are pretty glad to invite you to our factory.
Secondary Services Are also Available for Your Stainless Steel Turned Parts
We can provide you surface grinding/electroplating/anodizing/laser cutting/sandblasting, etc.

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Stainless steel is a anti-corrosion material. It has a wide application in different industries like contruction/aerospace/automotive. Meanwhile, stainless steel turned parts are also anti-corrosion, high wear resistant, heat resistant, etc. As to the processing, we usually use CNC turning machines to produce stainless steel turned parts, which are cut with round shapes and with high-precision.

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Figure1 CNC Turning Processing


1. What Industries Are Stainless Steel Turned Parts Used For?

Stainless steel turned parts are of high-precision and now are widely used in various industries.

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Mechinery equipment
  • Consumer Goods
  • ConstructionStainless Steel Turned Parts4Figure2 Stainless Steel Turned Parts

2. How Do You Control the Quality of Stainless Steel Turned Parts at Ruitai?

At Ruitai, there are several steps for quality checking. We attach great importance to it. Firstly, our engineers are well trained and skilled in the field of stainless steel turned parts. Thus, they are proficient in machines operation and find the problem in time. Secondly, Ruitai gets ISO 9001:2015 certified. You have no need to worry about the quality of our machining. Ruitai also gets many machines for quality checking: Height gauge/thread gauge/vernier caliper/CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)/quadratic element instrument. During the production, we will do several inpections on the stainless steel turned parts.

Stainless Steel Turned Parts2

Figure3 Stainless Steel Turned Parts

3. Can We Visit Your Factory about the Machining Process of Your Stainless Steel Turned Parts?

Yes, you can visit our factory. When the COVID-19 gets better, we are glad to invite you to our factory. If you want to know more about what we can do for you. Just contact us now!

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