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Ruitai Offers On-demanding Injection Molding Prototyping in China

Just send your 3D files to Ruitai to get the best solution!

Ruitai-An On-demanding Injection Molding Prototyping Service Supplier in China

Ruitai provides you with an on-demanding injection molding prototyping service with an economical solution. If you need low-volume or mass production, we can also assist with your injection molding project.

We are also a full-service injection molding prototyping manufacturer. Apart from the lower tooling cost, Ruitai team will provide free and professional machining suggestions according to your drawings. It will greatly save your time and energy on getting advice from the consultancy company. Besides, we know that quality is the first issue both of us care about. Therefore, we can create a free injection molding prototyping sample for you.

If you are not sure about how to choose the best supplier to make injection molding prototypes, just contact Ruitai!

Overmolding Parts

At Ruitai, we apply plastic overmolding to make plastic prototypes for many industries: electronics, medical devices, and automotive.

Insert Molding Parts

Insert molding perfectly combines plastic parts with metal parts. It will increase the lifespan of metal and plastic parts. Ruitai is pretty glad to make insert molding prototypes for you with a fast turnaround.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Prototypes

Liquid silicone rubber is very similar to thermoplastic. And one of the most distinguished differences is that LSR can not be melted again as thermoplastic. Both of them have a high popularity for injection molding.

Metal Milling Test Fixtures

Injection molding will help the car companies to make a few prototypes at the design phase and is also suitable for high-volume production. Ruitai has made various car prototypes for many automotive companies like car bumpers.

Medical Plastic Molding Parts

Prototyping helps designers to check their medical devices’ design. And injection molding prototyping is an economical process method to make medical devices’ prototypes with a quick leadtime.

Injection Molding Prototyping

Except for prototyping service, Ruitai has the capability to offer you a high-volume injection molding service. And the cost of your injection molding will decrease when the quantity is larger.

Ruitai Is Your Professional Injection Molding Prototyping Service Provider in China

As a professional injection molding prototyping manufacturer, Ruitai keeps offering you the most satisfying molding service.

After 15 years of exploration in injection molding, Ruitai has grown from green hands to professional experts. We are so lucky to have our skilled professionals and workers at Ruitai. That’s why we have the confidence to provide you with a high-quality injection molding prototyping service and professional guidance.

There is a wide material spectrum for your injection molding prototyping project: ABS, PC, PP, PEEK, Nylon, and so on. As to the process methods, there are overmolding, insert molding, and liquid silicone rubber molding for your selection. And there are EMS/UPS/DHL/FedEx available to deliver your injection molding prototypes.

All in all, Ruitai is always ready to make injection molding prototypes as to your specification from material selection to the process method guidance.

Do you want to know more about Ruitai’s injection molding prototyping? Remember to contact us!


Other Products

  • Vacuum Casting Prototype

    Ruitai would like to help your vacuum casting prototyping project from 1 pc to 5oo pcs. This is because the molds are easily damaged if we use them too frequently.

  • CNC Bike Parts

    CNC machining also plays a role in the industry of making bike components. We can use CNC machining to get high-precision bike parts.

  • Precision Metal Stampings

    Ruitai gets all kinds of metal and alloys to create metal parts with high quality. To ensure the high precision of the metal parts, we choose CNC machining to help your project.

  • Custom Metal Printing Parts 

    As of the most convenient process methods to make prototypes, 3D printing becomes more and more popular in almost every industry. So, if you get any prototyping projects to do, you can contact us for more information.


1. What Is Injection Molding Prototyping?

At Ruitai, we apply injection molding to make prototypes according to 3D files. And it’s a more cost-effective process method to make plastic prototypes. And there are insert molding, liquid silicone molding, and overmolding available. And injection molding is also suitable for mass production. If you require high-volume production, Ruitai can also help your injection molding project.

Figure1-Injection Mold Prototyping

2. Is Customized Packaging Included in Your Injection Molding Prototyping Service?

Yes, we can make the packagings for your injection molding project. According to the size and type of your project, we provide different packaging for you accordingly. If your injection molding project is of low volume, we will choose a small carton box with a bubble sheet to package the injection molding parts. If for large quantity, we will choose a large wooden box to protect your injection molding parts.


3. Do You Have a Minimum Limit on the Quantity of Your Injection Molding Prototyping?

No, we do not have a so-called minimum limit on the quantity. We offer you the injection molding prototyping from 1pc to 10000pcs. You can contact us anytime for your prototyping and mass production project.


4. How Long You Have Been in the Field of Injection Molding Prototyping?

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of injection molding. With the support of our engineers and workers with more than 10 years of experience, Ruitai is capable of turning your injection molding prototyping service around.