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At Ruitai, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality brass turning parts in conformance with any of your specifications. With a complete and skilled production team, we are confident to give you the best machining solutions for your turning parts project.

Whether you belong to the aerospace, automotive, oil&gas or construction industries, we can offer brass turning parts with different grades/sizes for you. Except for brass turning parts, there are still aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic materials for your turning project.

We are also a certified company with ISO 9001:2015. With skilled professionals at Ruitai, we maximize our capabilities to ensure quality during every step of checking. You can contact us for more information about brass turning parts here!

Brass Switch Gear Parts

We provide a customized service for your brass switch gear turning parts. According to your drawings, Ruitai will give you complete and satisfying brass turning parts solutions.

Brass Nut Bolts & Washers

Brass has supreme properties: high thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion. Brass turning nut bolts and washers are suitable for the usage of hi-tech equipment.

Brass Cable Glands

Brass cable glands are usually applied in construction/transportation/mining industries. Ruitai gets well-experienced engineers to give you the best brass turning parts machining solutions.

Precision Brass Machined Parts

We can manufacture brass transformer parts with any kind of size and specifications. At the same time, these turned parts are of high quality and have excellent performance.

Custom Brass Machined Parts

Except for brass, we can also supply you with aluminum and stainless inserts. If you are confused about the material selection, just contact us to know more about our brass turning parts!

Brass Electrical Meter Parts

Ruitai offers you high-quality brass electrical meter parts , which can meet the international quality standards.

A Trustworthy Brass Turning Parts Manufacturer-Ruitai

With 15+ years of experience in turning, we are capable of giving you a high-quality machining solution for your brass turning parts project. For example, for rapid prototyping or mass production, we can provide one-stop services for you.

Before starting the cooperation with you, we are pretty glad to sign NDA files with you. It can protect your unique design on turning projects and contribute to our long-term cooperation relationship. If you would like to check our quality of brass turning parts, Ruitai can also manufacture a sample for free according to your 3D files.

During the processing, we will keep an eye on every step of brass turning parts’ processing. And we will also send you many photos and videos about the processing and the quality. Before delivery, we will also send you a CMM report which is very important to the quality checking for the brass turning parts. If you are interested, just contact us now. We are always online for you.

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  • Stainless Steel Turning Parts

    Stainless steel turning parts get excellent mechanical properties: anti-corrosion, high strength, and heat resistance. Ruitai offers mass and low volume production for you.

  • 6026 Aluminum Turned Parts

    Aluminum turning part is one of our best-selling products each month. Aluminum is also one of the most popular metal materials for turning.

  • Metal Turned Car Parts

    Carbon steel is one of the steel materials, which is recyclable and low-cost.

  • CNC Precision Turning Parts

    At Ruitai, there is a large spectrum of plastic available for your turning project. For example, PC, HDPE, PEEK, POM, PMMA, PVC, etc.

Brass Turning Parts2


1. Why We Do Choose to Manufacture Brass Turning Parts?

Because brass is a material with many superior properties. It is conductive, anti-corrosion, cost-effective and shining. Brass turning parts are extremely suitable for the equipment and apparatus. It has a broad application in different industries. For instance, brass turning parts for automotive/electrical/molding/appliances/medical. According to various industries, we would choose brass materials with different grades. Compared to steel, brass is softer and flexible. In any case, it is likely to be bent instead of broken suddenly.

At Ruitai, we can do large volume and a small batch of brass turning parts for you. If you get any project on it, you can just contact us! We would like to help you anytime.

Brass Turning Parts Processing

2. What Packagings Do You Usually Choose for Your Brass Turning Parts?

We would like to choose the packaging of brass turning parts in conformance to your specifications. If you have no particular request for packaging, we’d like to choose two kinds of packagings for you. The first one is the carton box. It is often used for a small volume of brass turning parts. Inside the carton box, we will also put the bubble sheet on all sides. This kind of packaging will greatly save your cost and time. Your brass turning parts are of large quantity, we will choose the wooden box. This is because it is tough enough to protect your brass turning parts in case of breakage.


3. How Can I Check the Shipping Situation of My Brass Turning Parts?

You have no need to worry about it. Because we can do this for you. When we start to ship these turning parts, we will keep tracking the order until you receive them. We are glad to do it for you!


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