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As a recognized precision metal stamping manufacturer, Ruitai would like to deliver your precision metal stamping parts within a short period.

Our precision metal stamping is designed for all kinds of industries: Electronics, medical devices, transportation, motorcycle, etc. Ruitai is capable of offering high-quality precision metal stamping service from 200 pcs to 10000 pcs.

We prefer to build a close friendship relationship once you choose Ruitai as your precision metal stamping manufacture partner. Your satisfaction with our machining service plays a role as a continuous motivation for Ruitai.

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Metal Prototyping Components

You apply precision metal stamping parts to industries that have high requirements for precision. Car parts also require highly on it. It is a pretty good choice to make precision metal stamping car parts. Welcome to contact Ruitai to know more information!

Precision Metal Stampings

When it comes to precision metal stamping, we need to mention its usage in the industry of electronics. Most of the shells of the electronics products are made by precision metal stamping. Ruitai is proud of the precision metal stamping service with quick delivery time.

Precision Metal Stamping Medical Device Parts

Medical device parts usually have a high demand for quality control. Ruitai will do several quality checks before sending the precision metal medical device parts to you.

Precision Metal Stamping Food Processing Parts

We can use precision metal stamping to make the accessories of your food processing device parts. If you are considering the most cost-effective and quality stamping parts, Ruitai is a good choice.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

Ruitai can also do some stamping parts for your furniture parts. We are well-experienced in precision metal stamping. You can depend on us to finish your project successfully.

Precision Metal Stamping Motorcycle Parts

At Ruitai, there is a wide spectrum of metals for your stamping project: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, SPCC, and so on.

A 24/7 Available Precision Metal Stamping Supplier

As a renowned precision metal stamping company, Ruitai can help you select the right material and suitable tooling for your project. There are several formats of 3D files we can accept:igs/x-t/step/stp. Our professionals will analyze your files carefully and then provide the best solution for you.

At Ruitai, our sales and engineering teams are fluent in both speaking and writing in English. Thus, you don’t have to worry about communication. And we will keep in touch with you with 24/7 available. If you need pictures and videos about the newest precision metal stamping processing, we can do that for you.

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1. What Is Precision Metal Stamping?

Precision Metal Stamping is a wide usage in various industries from medical to automotive. With the increasing demand for it, it becomes a popular processing method. Now, we would like to introduce the details about precision metal stamping.

Precision metal stamping is a technique that achieves the basic automation to produce metal parts. Its tight tolerance makes it stand out among other metal fabrication methods. There are some basic steps to make precision metal stamping parts: punching, embossing, bending, blanking, etc.

We usually use precision metal stamping to make smaller parts with high volume. The smaller stamping parts have higher tolerance requirements. If they don’t meet the tolerance, they will affect the precision of the products.

Figure1-Precision Metal Stamping

Figure1 Precision Metal Stamping

2. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Stamping?

Precision metal stamping has a wide application in industrial areas. We would like to list some advantages and disadvantages of precision metal stamping.

The advantages:

(1)Cost-effective If you choose to do mass production with the same specification, the cost will be greatly reduced with less labor. This is because it can achieve basic automation.

(2)High-precision Precision metal stamping is suitable for producing metal parts with tight tolerance.

The disadvantages: Precision metal stamping is suitable for prototyping. It needs a higher cost of the machines’ first operation, which may be more expensive than the cost of a production run. It needs a longer time to do precision metal stamping and refine the design.


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