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A Professional Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

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A Professional Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is a professional precision machining parts manufacturer with decades of experience. We take pride in our experience cooperating with over 1000 clients worldwide to help their precision machining parts projects.

Ruitai is a ISO9001:2015 certified manufactuer providing precision machining parts. With professionals and skilled workers, Ruitai team will offer you a  comprehensive machining guidance and solution. Besides, our workers have accepted professional and complete trainining before starting operating the machines. Most of them have a rich experience in the field of precision machining parts manufacture. As to tolerance, it can reach to ±0.008mm.

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Automotive Stamping Parts

As the picture shows, we can choose sheet metal stamping to create the automotive pars with high accuracy. They can be the precision machining parts for the car body and connectors.

Precision Machined Aerospace Parts

The aerospace components require highly on the tolerance and quality of the material. Ruitai has a high tolerance and long-term material suppliers, which can ensure you high-performance aerospace precision machining parts.

High-volume Car Molding Parts

If you are in the field of defense, Ruitai is also capable of turning your project around with a quick quote and timely feedback.

Precision Machined Bike Parts

Are you a bike designer? We have rich experience in cooperating with bike design companies. If you need our precision machining parts suggestions, our professionals will offer them for you.

Custom Machined Parts-Carbon Fiber Bike Accessories

With lightweight and stiffness, carbon fiber is a common material used for making motorcycle parts. Except for carbon fiber, there are also metal and plastic parts for your bike parts fabrication.

Precision Machined Home-appliance Parts 

Here are the outer shells of the home-appliance pars made by zinc die casting. Both zinc and aluminum are two popular materials for your home-appliance die casting project.

A One-stop Precision Machining Parts Manufacturers in China

It would a big challenge for you to find several manufacturers to make different precision machining parts. What if you can make the whole precision machining pars project by a one-stop manufacturer? Ruitai is that kind of precision machining parts manufacturer.

At Ruitai, we can support you by CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling, Sheet Metal Stamping, Die Casting, 3D Printing, etc. Different processing methods will make precision machining parts with various performance and accuracy. With the expertise in these machinings, we are fully confident to offer you a comprehensive solution. And you also have the freedom to choose any of them.

Alongside that, our surface treatments service is a vital one to help your precision machining parts project. At Ruitai, there are electroplating, painting, passivation, aluminum brush, anodizing, etc.

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Related Products

  • Machined Carbon Fiber Parts

    With the technical supports of CNC machining and sheet metal processing, Ruitai would help you make high-quality car prototypes.

  • CNC Bike Parts

    Do you want to cooperate with a customizable and high-accuracy bike parts fabricator? Ruitai is also a metal and plastic bike parts manufacturer. If you get any project to do, Ruitai is very glad to help you with a quality guarantee.

  • Anodizing for aluminum extrusions

    As to extrusion aluminum projects, Ruitai often would choose fully automatic processing with high-volume production.

  • Laser Cut Parts

    Being high-precision machining, laser cutting helps us to process the metal parts with high efficiency and accuracy. And Ruitai also gets our laser cutters to support your sheet metal processing.

  • Custom Molding Electronics

    Do you feel worried about the lead time and quality issues of your injection molding parts? You can contact Ruitai to know our capability and quality firstly.


1. What Are Precision Machining Parts?

Precision machining parts are the parts with tight tolerance within a few microns. They play a role in our daily life in almost every industry. There are some industries that we can apply to automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, home-appliance, defense, electronics, bike, and so on.

At Ruitai, 5 axis CNC machining, sheet metal stamping, die casting, and metal 3D printing is available to make precision machining parts according to your 3D files. We are committed to making precision machining parts with high performance. To let you know our quality, we would like to make a sample and send the CMM report to you.

Figure1 Precision Machining Parts

2. What Are the Advantages of Precision Machining Parts?

There are advantages of precision machining parts.

(1) Customizable.

Precision machining parts can be made according to your specifications. No matter which industry you belong to, you get your desired components as long as you send your 3D files to your manufacturer.

(2) High-precision.

There are medical, automotive, and aerospace design companies, which have high demand on the tolerance. So, precision machining parts are vital for them.

Figure2 Precision Machining Parts

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