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CNC Machined Parts: Small Volume Prototyping

Custom CNC Machining-Bring Your Design into Reality

The Ruitai team offers you custom CNC machining to create metal and plastic prototypes. If you request for other materials, you can get touch with us to get the whole material list.

• Aluminum                                                  • ABS

• Stainless steel                                             • PMMA

• Brass                                                             • PC

• Copper                                                          • PA

• Carbon steel                                                 • HDPE

CNC Milling

Metals and Plastics Available;

Low volume to Medium Production

CNC Turning

Small and Large size;

Multiple Surface Finishes

5 Axis CNC Machining

Tight tolerance:±0.008mm;

Complex Parts

Why Should You Choose Us for CNC Machined Parts

The Ruitai team is willing to be your partner from CNC prototyping to manufacturing. There are main strengths of Ruitai.

Certified. With the ISO9000 certified, the Ruitai team creates the custom parts according to the highest standard.

Tight Tolerance. We create CNC prototypes with the tolerance of ±0.008mm.

Multiple surface finishes. You can choose the surface finish which best suits your prototypes.

• Anodizing

• Electroplating

• Painting

• Powder Coating

• Blackening

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