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One of the Most Professional CNC Machined Parts Suppliers in China

Being a professional CNC machined parts supplier in China, Ruitai will offer you the most satisfying CNC machined parts.

Ruitai is a certified CNC machining manufacturer with ISO9001:2015. Our production is under the formal process. And now, we aim to produce CNC machined parts that exceed your expectation.

As to our team, we not only get well-skilled workers and professional engineers to assist your CNC machining project. They have more than 15 years of experience in the field of CNC machined parts manufacture.

Do you want to get a professional CNC machining supplier to help you? Just contact Ruitai!


Aluminum Machined Components 

After being processed by the CNC machines, the surface of the CNC aluminum parts is rough. Thus, our skilled workers need to polish the surface of the components until it becomes smooth.

CNC Machined Aerospace Components

We apply CNC machining to produce high-precision components for aircraft. And the material should be lighter. And the CNC machined carbon fiber parts would be a nice choice.

Powder Coated CNC Machined Parts

As an economical and practical secondary service of protecting the machined parts, powder coating is preferred by the CNC machining fabricators.

Surface Treatment

Painting can not only help you protect the CNC milling parts but also make these parts more decorative. Ruitai gets our dust-free plant to do the painting for the parts.

Precision Turning Parts 

Passivation makes the CNC turning parts more corrosion-resistant. For passivation colors of aluminum, we generally have yellow and natural colors for your choice.

PEEK Machining Parts

As a high engineering thermoplastic, PEEK ranks first among plastics. Ruitai team would like to help your PEEK parts project by CNC machining.

Ruitai Is An One-stop CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer You Can Trust 

Do you want to finish your CNC machined parts with one supplier? Ruitai is that CNC machining services provider who you can trust.

At Ruitai, you will receive professional CNC machining advice from our professionals. We will point out the problems existing in your 3D files and give you comprehensive advice from selecting the most suitable material to surface treatment choice.

Regarding material, Ruitai has a broad array of materials: plastic, metal to wood. Besides, the surface treatments Ruitai can do for your CNC machined parts are Painting, Passivation, galvanization, transfer printing, and so on.

As to the delivery, we will deliver your CNC machined parts by FedEx, UPS, DHL, and EMS. If you have any special requirements, we are also glad to do that for you

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Related Machinings

  • High-volume Plastic Molding Parts 

    If for high-volume plastic components manufacture, you can choose plastic injection molding. It can finish your plastic project with high automation and less labor cost.

  • Vacuum Casting Prototype

    If for low-volume plastic prototypes fabrication, vacuum casting would be a great choice for you. The vacuum casting prototypes are of smooth surface and high accuracy.

  • Aluminum Die Casting

    For aluminum’s high performance in die casting, Ruitai often receives a lot of orders on aluminum die casting. Except for aluminum, zinc is also a popular material for die casting at Ruitai.

  • Custom Metal Printing Parts 

    As a rapid prototyping processing, metal 3D printing helps us print the metal prototype quickly. But For its size limitation, metal 3D printing is not suitable to print components with big sizes.



1. What Are CNC Machined Parts?

CNC machining is a technique that uses the tools of the CNC machines’ custom mills, cutters, drills, and reamers to substrate the material. CNC machined parts are of high precision for their multiple axes running. And the workers just need to operate the machines timely, which will reduce human errors.

At Ruitai, with a complete machining system, we get enough CNC machines, professional engineers, and production staff. Thus, we can support your CNC machined parts project from small-batch manufacture to high-volume manufacture. Except for machining, there is an array of secondary services available from painting, electroplating, silkscreen to powder coating. The types of materials you choose from are over 90.

If you feel struggles about choosing a one-stop CNC machining manufacturer, you can contact Ruitai to know more about what we can do for you.

Figure1 CNC Machining Tools

2. Do You Also Do Design for the CNC Machined Parts?

No, we don’t do design for the CNC machined parts. All we do is provide CNC machining service and also Secondary Service.


3. Why Do We Choose CNC Machined Parts?

CNC machining consists of CNC turning, milling, and drilling. The machined parts are of high precision. If you belong to industries that require highly on tolerance, CNC machining would be your top-list choice. At Ruitai, our machining tolerance can reach ±0.008mm.

Figure2 CNC Machined Parts

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