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5 Axis Machining Service

We have more than ten years of experience in parts manufacturing, and use the advanced large 5 axis machine shops to produce high-precision 5 axis machined parts for you.

Cooperating with us is your best choice. Our 5-axis CNC machining services can help you reduce lead times for parts and optimize the manufacturing process of precision 5 axis parts. The performance of the parts processed by the 5-axis machining shops will be greatly improved during use without losing the quality of the parts, so you can use them with confidence.


The combination of a three-axis lathe and two rotary axes holds the cutting material in the optimum machining direction, providing optimum stability for your five-axis part production and enabling tight tolerances in machined parts. 3+2 processing technology is more suitable for the processing of flat parts. The technology uses a more rigid tool and the spindle head can extend lower and closer to the workpiece. Low start-up costs while providing the advanced capabilities of a full 5-axis machine.


Our five-axis CNC center can maintain the continuous, fast, and high-quality operation of five bearings when processing parts, avoiding the impact of lower mold processing accuracy caused by multiple clamping tools. 5-axis CNC machining technology is best suited for complex contoured and curved part machining projects, making it easier to machine complex workpieces, but simultaneous 5-axis machines have less rigid spindles and, while more accurate, can be more expensive to start up.


Machining wood with a five-axis machine maximizes the aesthetics and precision of wooden parts. The cutting-edge CNC processing technology can easily realize wood milling, cutting, drilling, slotting, and other processes. If you need it, we can produce high-precision custom woodworking parts for you quickly and economically.

Common Five-axis Parts Surface Teatment and Material Display

Aluminum PartsMetal Materials for MachiningAluminum CNC Machining(Aluminum2024,2024,6063,7050,7075,6082,MIC-6)
Stainless Steel CNC Machining (Nitronic 60 (218 SS), Stainless Steel 15-5,17-4,18-8,303,316/316L, 416,410, 420,440C)
Copper CNC Machining (Copper 101, Copper C110)
Bronze CNC Machining (Copper C932)
Brass CNC Machining (Copper 260, Copper 360)
carbon steel, etc.
CNC PC Turning Parts8Plastic Materials for MachiningABS: High-strength engineering plastic, use for outside.
Acrylic: clear glass-like plastic. use for outside.
Delrin: good moisture resistance, low friction. high wear resistance.
Garolite: offers high strength, low moisture absorption
HDPE: chemical-resistant plastic, offers good impact strength. outstanding for outdoor applications
LDPE, PS, Teflon, PEEK, PP, etc.
Anodized ComponentsSurface Finishes for Metal CNC PrototypesDeburring: Tool marks and potentially sharp edges and burrs that exist on machined parts can be removed upon request.
Bead Spray: Gives a matte, smooth appearance to part surfaces.
Anodized (Type II or Type III): Parts can be anodized to different colors to create a corrosion-resistant surface.
Titanium anodizing is used in aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Can improve the fatigue strength and wear resistance of parts.
Passivation, Powder coating, Electrolytic polishing, Electroless Nickel, etc.
CNC ABS Machined Parts Surface Finishes for Plastic CNC PrototypesGraining, lapping, polishing

Take You To Understand Five-Axis Machining Technology

Five-axis machining technology can be said to be a relatively cutting-edge production technology for parts production and service manufacturers, which can meet the parts production needs of various industries in the world today. As another mode of CNC machine tools, five-axis machining can perform linear turning or milling motions on the five coordinates of X, Y, Z, A, B, and C. It can be said that the five-axis linkage is the mainstream of CNC machine tools. We currently use CNC machining technology to achieve a first-class manufacturing level. The five-axis linkage combines the high driving performance of the CNC system with precision machining into a new 5 axis machining center. It is a new way of precise, efficient, and automated parts processing.

Five-axis CNC Lathe Equipment

We’re ecstatic every time the latest 5-axis machining center comes out because 5-axis CNC machine builders are as serious about producing perfect parts as we are. In terms of quality control, Ruitai strives for excellence and implements strict quality control protocols. We have a professional five-axis workshop equipped with 50 sets of the most advanced CNC equipment, which can provide you with various manufacturing services. In addition, we will also carry out detailed inspections during the five-axis CNC machining process to ensure that the five-axis parts manufacturing process is smooth and the quality is perfectly guaranteed. In order to let you know more about the types of five-axis lathes, we have sorted out the various five-axis machine tools currently on the market for you.

Swing form
This is the description of its processing motion structure. When machining five-axis parts, by rotating two coordinates, one controls the movement of the tool, and the other controls the swing of the workpiece, forming a five-axis running state of swing and rotation.


The upper rotary axis performs milling activities on the workpiece vertically downward, while the processed workpiece rotates around the two coordinate axes so that the machining work can be performed better.


Double turntable form
The rotation of the workpiece space is controlled by the two coordinates of the rotation, making the machining smoother and the accuracy of the five-axis parts better.


Droopy bobbing head
Unlike the above-mentioned five-axis vertical equipment, this swing head five-axis machine tool can realize the milling activity of the tool on the part through the control of the rotary axis. When a rotary shaft comes into operation, its axis is different from that of a linear shaft. Vertical, the advantage of this is that the workpiece can be processed through different processing angles.


Double form
The movement trajectory of the tool axis is controlled by two rotating coordinate axes, which can easily realize different types of five-axis parts processing.


Advantages of Using 5 Axis Machining Services

Higher quality. The five-axis CNC machine tool adopts a single programming design mode, which can realize the processing of complex-shaped five-axis parts with only one setting. While shortening the manufacturing cycle, it will also improve the quality and output of the product.

Faster cutting speed. Since the running trajectory of the five-axis CNC machining center is changed, allowing the X-axis and Y-axis to rotate simultaneously, the cutting speed of the parts will be greatly increased.

Improve accuracy. Unlike traditional machining, five-axis parts are much more precise in terms of tolerance accuracy. Also, because the 5-axis CNC tool is shorter, it can achieve a superior finish more efficiently.

Easily handle the processing of complex parts. We have a first-class five-axis lathe, which can produce more complex machine parts for you in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Five-axis machining service industry

From an industry perspective, our 5 axis CNC machining services provide you with more possibilities, whether you are in the aerospace industry, electronic equipment industry, medical device industry, automotive industry bicycle industry, and other types of industries, As long as you have parts manufacturing needs, our 5 axis cnc service is tailored for you. In practice, our five-axis milling machines are capable of producing a variety of complex, high-precision parts. Including but not limited to:

Bicycle parts: frames, handlebars, pedals, cranks, sprockets, axles, lights, bells, etc.

Auto parts: engine casing, engine cover, lighting accessories, safety and anti-theft accessories, instrument panel casing, etc.

Aircraft parts: support beams, structural parts, landing gear, frame, blades, and other parts.

Medical and surgical tools: surgical scissors, surgical trays, tweezers, scalpels, clips, spacers, etc.

Electronic equipment components: TV casings, traffic light casings, computer casings, host casings, etc.

Why Choose Us 5 Axis CNC Machining Service

1. High-quality manufacturing capacity
We have first-class five-axis manufacturing equipment, and professional and experienced manufacturing experts, capable of manufacturing the best five-axis machining parts.

2. One-stop order service
After placing a production order with us, we can provide you with a real-time production status process of the part. From production to delivery, we will help you with everything you need.

3. Quotation by professional engineers
Different from the real-time quotation system, our experienced quotation engineers personally provide CNC processing quotations for your design documents, and accurately control every production detail. If the design is unreasonable, we will provide you with professional guidance to ensure that the part production is in the best condition.

4. Fluent business communication skills
Each of our salesmen has undergone professional training, went deep into the manufacturing factory to learn the manufacturing process of parts, and can explain the basic details of parts to you.

5. Short processing cycle
We can complete your order tasks in the shortest time, through our five-axis equipment, sophisticated and complex parts will be delivered to you in the shortest time with the best quality.

6. Price concessions
Yes, you read that right, we will give you the best quotation to the greatest extent, What we hope is to have a long-term partner, not a one-time cooperation, in this respect, we are completely trustworthy. If you are still considering some of these factors, why not contact us directly? Maybe we can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the tolerance of your 5-axis CNC machining?
Answer 1: We implement the ISO2768 tolerance standard, and our 5-axis CNC milling service can achieve a +/- 0.05mm tolerance standard. But not limited to +/- 0.05mm tolerance, if you need a higher tolerance, we can manufacture up to +/- 0.01mm or even tighter tolerance for you. It is worth noting that the cost of part loss with higher precision tolerances will increase.

Q2: Can you provide the manufacture of precision and complex parts?
Answer 2: Yes, we can provide you with very precise, high-precision manufacturing prototypes and low-volume production parts services. We are happy to accept such orders, We are far ahead in the production of precision mold parts, and in terms of tolerance realization, we can reach an astonishing ±0.001mm, which is a rare manufacturing level among other manufacturers.

Q3: How much is your 5-axis CNC machining service fee?
Answer 3: The cost of a CNC machining project is not fixed as it depends on project characteristics such as design and tolerances. The processing time of the materials used in the project will also affect this pricing. But it is worth noting that we will give you a certain discount to the greatest extent.

Q4: When to choose five-axis CNC machining?
Answer 4: Five-axis CNC machining machines can process different types of complex geometries or components due to their special capabilities. In terms of tolerance stability, it has better control over manufacturing details. Therefore, when you need to produce complex parts with tight tolerances and want to achieve a better smooth surface and repeatability, then a 5-axis machining service is your best choice.

Q5: How do you guarantee the uniqueness of my design files?
Answer 5: We are very aware of the importance of your original design to you. To this end, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you and fully abide by the agreement.