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Ruitai is a professional CNC machining company providing custom auto parts fabrication services for any of your CNC automotive high performance parts needs.

Ruitai is creating the most reliable and strong products under the supervision of great engineers who are masters in their fields. The demand and needs of customers are always kept under consideration. If you are looking for CNC car parts that can give great output and make your car efficient and a smooth runner on the road, you must head toward Ruitai.

Our fast deliveries can save you precious time and energy. You can fully rely on Ruitai after confirming your order and relax. We will handle everything from there onwards. The manufacturing of different products and their delivery tasks are performed with great responsibility at Ruitai.

CNC Car Dashboard

We can provide you with CNC machining on the car dashboard, and the surface can be done with painting; lathe coating; silkscreen and etc

Aluminum Machined Wheels

A good wheel can provide a good gear ratio with an active and smooth finish. Rutai can deliver you this wheel rim of great quality within a short time.

CNC Car Parts-Car Light

Ruitai can make head light and Tail light for you,Go and order car light from Ruitai. We can make many kinds of surface you need on your car light models

CNC Car Parts-Car Door

Ruitai can provide strong power car door with limited size and accurate efficiency. If you want to boost the power of your cars, get the best quality from us.

CNC Car Parts-Bumper

Rutai also ensures the safety of its customers. For this purpose, we provide high-quality bumper that can help you apply smooth brakes every time.

Figure3 CNC Machining Car Eng

Engines with high mileage, smooth and strong running system is available at Ruitai. So, order yours right away!

Custom CNC Car Parts Manufacture

CNC Auto Service
Ruitai is your one stop CNC machining service shop for all your high-performance needs. Can provide you with high-performance auto parts processing services. We have many CNC equipment and can manufacture all kinds of customized auto parts for you.

Our strong CNC manufacturing capabilities bring mighty power to your CNC racing car, allowing your CNC racing car to lead the whole season. Whether you are looking for custom crated engine parts, high performance engine parts, high performance short block parts, or highly modified racing engine parts, we can customize and fabricate them for you.

Air Purifier Components
Our CNC center can provide manufacturing services like air filter nuts, intake manifolds, mounting kits and brackets, fuel filters, and related auto accessories.

Cooling System
A high-quality CNC racing car cannot do without an exquisite cooling system. We can manufacture roller skids, water pumps, or water neck assemblies for your cooling system.

Engine Parts
This is the custom car parts service we do most often. Custom car manufacturing is often inseparable from precision engine parts. On our platform, we can produce camshafts, connecting rods, engine block accessories, pushrods, and various rotating parts for you.

For the processing of traditional cylindrical parts, such as front spindle bolts, oil pump bolts, studs, starter bolt kits, speed nuts, wheel studs, etc., we usually use CNC turning technology to complete the processing, if you need to process flat car parts, we offer CNC milling services to complete your car parts machining project needs.

Auto Parts Processing – Choose Ruitai
So far, we have produced many CNC racing parts and shipped them to various countries. If you are looking for a parts manufacturer suitable for racing, then we will be your first choice for custom auto parts manufacturing.

Short Production Cycle
Ruitai can produce high-quality CNC auto parts in a short period of time, which is a manufacturing capability that most companies in the market do not have.

Accurate Quote
We have professional quotation engineers to provide free and accurate quotation services for your custom parts manufacturing project.

Discount Price
For the needs of mass production or small batch production, our manufacturing price will be much more favorable, which is one of the reasons why many CNC racing parts dealers come to us.

Good Service
We have very professional business personnel who can provide a one-stop service from prototype manufacturing to mass production for your manufacturing projects. If you are interested in the production process, we will provide you with the corresponding production process and video transmission.

Ruitai is a custom CNC car parts manufacturer who you can fully depend upon. We can supply any kind of car part within a short interval of time without compromising on the quality of your parts. Automobile parts have great importance in the CNC machining field. Not all companies have the ability to provide perfect quality and satisfactory products.

But that’s not the case with Ruitai! We render you samples of our work before starting your project, so you know our quality standards. You would never see our expert engineers compromising on the manufacturing quality and features of your CNC car parts.

This means you can trust us completely in case of your car get perfect CNC car parts. For any queries or quotes, just send us a message or an email as we’re available for you all the time!

Releated CNC Car Parts

  • Car Chassis Bracket

    If you want to give your car a classic look with strong features, you should definitely choose Ruitai. We can guarantee safe deliveries within targeted time durations.

  • CNC Bike Parts

    Other than car parts, you can also get strong bike equipment and machinery from Ruitai.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Sheet metal fabrication can make the look of your products appealing and satisfying. Ruitai is a great place for this variety of products with delivery facilities.

  • Vehicle model

    Different size of vehicle model are also available at Ruitai with great quality and manufacturing standards.  We can make 1:1 scale;1:2 scale;1:4 scale etc

CNC Car Parts

Automobiles are in the usage since they entered the market. They are becoming better and more reliable with time. Because of the enhanced usage and better quality requirements, you need better techniques to produce these parts. Only then will you be able to produce fully functional and durable parts.

CNC machining in automotive industry is a process that can help you with this problem. You can manufacture CNC car parts and fulfill all your needs and requirements. You can even re-establish your old cars using this process.

You might be thinking about what parts you can get with this process and how you can get them? Well, here is a detailed FAQ guide to help you with that. It will educate you upon all the car parts you can get with CNC machining and how beneficial the process can be.

1.How Are CNC Methods Used to Produce CNC Car Parts?

Figure 1 - CNC Machined Part and Prototype

Figure 1 – CNC Machined Part and Prototype

CNC methods favorable worldwide for the production of CNC car parts. The process is easy and straightforward. There are no complex steps that you need to follow in order to produce parts with CNC machining. The CNC machine used in automotive industry is easy to operate and run.

However, there are a few things that you need to do for CNC car parts production. The process starts with designing the Computer-aided design that is basically a code given to the CNC machines. After the installation of this code into the machines, they start working and manufacturing the parts for you.

Figure 2 - Production of Car Parts with CNC Machining

Figure 2 – Production of Car Parts with CNC Machining

The code involves instructions related to drilling, milling, and turning of the raw material. The CNC machines use this code as a set of orders to run the manufacturing process. Whether you are using a CNC milling machine, CNC turning, or drilling, this code is a requirement for all.

The automation present in the CNC machining processes comes with this sequence of computer instructions. After this, the machines keep on working and turning the raw material into the required CNC car part. It does so by cutting the material from certain appropriate areas. In the end, this results in a final CNC product that you can use for as long as much as you want.

2. How Are There Fewer Errors seen in the CNC Car Parts?

Usually, the production and manufacturing processes required human labor. Whenever there are humans at work, there will be malfunctions and less precise results. However, if you use auto parts machine instead of human power, there will be more accuracy which leads to fewer errors.

This formula is applied in the manufacturing of CNC car parts. These parts are produced using the latest machinery and enhance technology, which is why they are more accurate and show errors once in a blue moon.

Figure 3 - Automotive Precision Machining

Figure 3 – Automotive Precision Machining

In the CNC machining processes, all that humans need to do is to operate the machines in the appropriate way. They need to form and enter the G-codes and stuff into the machines for working. But after that, all of the manufacturing process and production of CNC car parts is done by the Machines themselves. This results in fine, reliable, and robust parts that can be used for the long term.

Thus, if you are looking for techniques in which there are the least errors, CNC machining is definitely the one for you. You can get the best CNC car parts with this process which can be used for personal as well as professional uses. For this purpose, you can contact manufacturers in China and get the best quality and precisely produced parts.

3. Can You Manufacture Brake System of Cars with CNC Machining?

Yes, CNC car parts include the manufacturing of all the required materials and systems needed for the proper functioning of cars. That includes the brake system too. You can manufacture a highly functioning and well-working brake system for your cars if you select automotive CNC machine.

Break system of cars needs sturdiness and precision to work with perfection. That is indeed a complex system. To get a good brake system for your cars, you must choose a method and material that works well and is super reliable. With CNC Machining and milling car parts, you can produce brakes that are strong and dependable. That means you can use them without any problem in your high-class cars.

4. How Are Expert CNC Machinists Helpful in Manufacturing CNC Car Parts?

No doubt that CNC machining requires lesser labor and manufacturers using the machines. But the CNC machinists are required to prepare the designs and codes that are to be given to CNC machines. CNC machinists are helpful in many cases in this process. They design the codes, run the machines, and are often helpful in testing the CNC car parts produced.

Figure 4 - CNC Machinist While Producing Parts

Figure 4 – CNC Machinist While Producing Parts

CNC machining is not only used to manufacture new car parts but is also helpful in the restoration of old cars. For those procedures, you must need a professional CNC manufacturer by your side to help you with stuff. They can also help you check the overall performance and design of the cars after the installation of new parts in them.

If you manage to contact a very experienced and skilled CNC machinist, he can be of great help. Such experts can manufacture your products without even using the blueprints and designed drawings. This helps you save a lot of time and get quality products at the same time.

CNC manufacturers and machinists can also inspect your car thoroughly and tell you the right parts you would need to run it perfectly. They can also help you add some superior specifications and features to your CNC car parts in the easiest ways. So, you can also consider these professional manufacturers as the main needs of the CNC machining process.

5. Can You Restore Old/Classic Cars with CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a very dependable process in terms of reconstructing old cars. You might be a fan of classic and vintage cars and want to drive them again on the road. Well, you can definitely do that by selecting a good CNC machine in automotive industry.

Figure 5 - Remodeling Vintage Cars

Figure 5 – Remodeling Vintage Cars

The parts of the car that do not work anymore or need improvements can be produced with CNC machining easily. That is how you can upgrade all your vintage cars and make them lush again. You can also get an old car from a garage at less price and turn it into a new amazing thing with CNC car parts.

It is all easy and possible with simple CNC methods. So, if you are finding ways to upgrade your old jalopy or a vintage Rolls Royce, just don’t wait any longer and order the best CNC car parts for it!

6. What CNC Car Parts You Can Use in Your Automobile?

Almost all your car parts can be manufactured using the CNC machining process. Some are of great significance. It is because there are some car parts that cannot be produced without the help of your CNC machining process and techniques.

Some of the major productions of the CNC machining process for your cars are listed below. These are the parts that are useful, helpful, and super reliable for the proper working and running of your car. You can get these parts any time by contacting some reliable CNC car parts suppliers in China.

· Car Engines and Motors

Using this process, you can use large blocks of raw material, including metal steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, etc., and turn them into useful car parts. These parts can be car engines and motors or the essential components of the combustion system. You can also use a CNC milling machine for machining engine parts.

The coding and CNC programming for such big and essential parts require skill and expertise. But once you manage to produce a reliable program for your required part, you can relax and leave everything else upon the CNC machining process and its high-tech machines.

· Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads are the most intricate parts in a car used to enclose the opening of cylinders and petrol systems. You need a reliable method to produce these, or you would have to face a massive loss. CNC machining is an amazing way to build these parts with great quality.

Figure 6 - CNC Car Parts Production

Figure 6 – CNC Car Parts Production

· LED Headlights and Other Lighting

The lighting for your car can also be produced using CNC Machining. There are numerous types of plastic, especially PMMA, that can be used for this purpose. The interior lights of the car, along with the headlights and other parts, can be produced with this material easily.

These produced CNC parts might have to go through some after-production processes, including finishing, polishing, and grinding. But still, this process is the best for these parts. You can also manufacture highly functional lighting fixtures prototypes with CNC machining.

· Suspension Car Parts

CNC Machining is also used to manufacture suspension car parts for useful purposes. You can get these parts by choosing the material that is most appropriate for you.

· Exhaust and Carburetor Parts

The exhaust and carburetor parts of a car do need expertise and proper planning. But with the help of expert CNC manufacturers, you can manufacture these parts with perfection too.

· Steering and Seating Components

CNC Machining is widely known for its quality steering productions. Along with it, you can also produce quality seating covers and similar components.

· Dashboard and Other Panel Boards

Panels for the car require high-quality plastics and materials. You can easily get them in CNC machining. Thus, it is a great way to produce the interior of your car.

· Gear System

You can manufacture a functioning and standard gear system for your cars with CNC Machining. It requires expertise, so you should get help from professional CNC car parts suppliers.

· Components for the Fluid System

The petrol and cylindrical systems present in the car require lots of efficient components to work properly. These can also be produced using CNC methods and techniques.

· Breaks System

Breaks system of cars can be manufactured with this computer-aided process easily. No matter what car type you have, you can easily get its brake system with this efficient process.

· Other Customized Parts

The best part is the fact that how you can produce several parts with a single design. There is a wide range of materials to help you customize your CNC parts. Thus, CNC machining is a highly preferred method for mass and low production for your business.

7. Should You Prefer 3D Printing or CNC Machining for Car Parts Manufacturing?

The 3D printing process has its own advantages and cons. Both the methods are suitable for production. Now, which method will suit you more depends upon your demands. Usually, large-sized parts are preferred to be manufactured with the CNC machining process because it allows easier mechanics.

Figure 7 - Automotive Machining

Figure 7 – Automotive Machining

However, 3D printing is an additive method that is more accurate and precise than CNC machining. It forms the part layer by layer. Thus, each detail in part is taken care of in the 3D printing process, while that’s not the case with CNC machining.

In CNC machining, the parts are surely sturdy, long-lasting, and accurate. But the precision is somewhat better in 3D printing. Moreover, if you are looking for large Car body parts, then the beneficial method would be CNC machining.

CNC milling and turning are meant to produce large metal bodies and parts. 3D printing liquefies the material, which is again solidified, and a part is produced. That is why the strength and reliability of the part are somewhat less. If you are looking for parts with greater strength and durability, CNC machining is definitely the one!

Now, there are different circumstances and requirements which become the basis of this selection. Both the methods are useful in their own ways. If you are confused about the selection, just contact expert manufacturers in China. They will listen to your requirements and will help you choose the appropriate method for your project.

Professional manufacturers can also produce car parts for you with high strength and stability. So, if you are not thinking of manufacturing them yourself, you can hire manufacturers to do so for you!

8. What Benefits do You Get by CNC Car Parts Over Traditionally Produced Parts?

The traditional machining processes are old and follow worn-out production techniques. At the same time, the CNC machining process follows the enhanced technology to produce CNC car parts for you. Because of this latest technology, it allows you to produce the parts with greater quality and a better lifetime.

Figure 8 - Reshaping Automotive Parts with CNC Machining

Figure 8 – Reshaping Automotive Parts with CNC Machining

In addition to this, there are plenty of more benefits that you can get with CNC car parts over the traditionally produced parts. Here is a list of a few of them. I hope these benefits help you choose the right method for the production of your car parts.

· Enhanced Production Speed

The CNC Machining processes follow methods that can produce your parts in the least timeframe. That means you won’t have to wait for weeks or months for a few car parts. It is because you will simply be able to get them in a matter of days.

This fast time pace is because of the machinery and latest technology involved in the process. This makes the whole production rapid.

· Accuracy and Efficiency

Along with the rapid production, the CNC Machining process is also known for its high accuracy and efficiency. The working of CNC machines is meant to be extremely accurate. It is because only then high quality and complex parts can be manufactured.

· Repeatability

The fact that CNC machines can be used for the same process, again and again, makes it more reliable. You can produce the same CNC car part several times using the CNC machining process. Thus, this repeatability ratio makes you able to produce large mass productions without any problems. This is something you won’t usually get in the traditional car parts producing processes.

· More Precision

In addition to accuracy and efficiency, the CNC machining process is highly precise too. The parts produced with this process exceed in precision. This means that the structure, geometry, functions, features, and everything else of the part are exactly on point and are produced just as required.

· Automated Processes

Unlike the traditional processes, CNC machines are manufactured to work on their own. This means that the CNC car parts process is automated so that there is less human labor and more machine work.

Figure 9 - Automated CNC Car Parts Production

Figure 9 – Automated CNC Car Parts Production

The Machines Run according to the codes provided to them and result in high quality and standard CNC car parts on their own. This automation is another benefit of CNC Machining over the traditional manufacturing methods.

· Better Tolerances

As the CNC car parts are produced using efficient machines, the tolerances are a lot better than the parts produced by other methods. These tolerances result in the parts being highly useful for extreme conditions. Better tolerances also make the CNC car parts accurate and structurally correct.

· Cost-Effective

With fewer labor requirements and lesser material wastage, the CNC machining process is cost-effective. Not only cost-effective but more useful as compared to the traditional methods present in the market.

This cost-effectiveness comes from the fact that you don’t need to do a lot of work on your own in the CNC machining process. Once the digital designing file of the product is ready, all you need to do is install it in the CNC machines. After that, the machines manufacture the parts on their own without needing any more stuff.

· More Customizing Options

CNC machining offers a wide range of materials and machines to choose from. Not only that, but you can also choose from a number of CNC processes. Simply select the process that suits the best for your CNC car parts. You don’t get such customizing options in other traditional car parts manufacturing methods.

These options are limited in other processes, but in the CNC machining process, the customization ability is limitless and definitely worth the try. You not only get to manufacture your CNC car parts but can also enjoy producing them with numerous options and selections.

9. How Tool Angle Ranges Effect the Production of CNC Car Parts?

CNC machining offers wide tool angle ranges. These ranges include 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining methods. With enhanced technologies, you can also machine using 7 and 9 axes. With these extensive options and opportunities, you get to produce the parts just as you want.

Figure 10 - Cutting of CNC Car Parts

Figure 10 – Cutting of CNC Car Parts

These axes selections make your CNC car parts more precise and accurate. It is because you get to choose the method that exactly works well for your part. In the case of complex geometries and structures, you can go with 5-axis machining. Or, if your parts do not require a lot of designing or work on it, you can simply choose 3-axis machining for their production.

That’s how the tool ranges in the CNC Machining effect and helps in the production of appropriate and worthy car parts. With this level of customization and options, you can get the parts that suit very well with your car. It does not make your driving experience better but also makes your investment worth it!

10.  How is CNC Machining Beneficial for CNC Car Prototype Parts?

CNC machining is not only a great option for the production of CNC car parts but also for functional prototypes. These prototypes are used to make sure that the original parts would be highly working and useful.

The use of prototypes has enhanced over the past few years. Every big project or part is first made in the prototype form to ensure its stability and design. CNC machining is helpful in this regard because that method is reliable and offers plenty of tooling and customizing options.

The prototypes are used to showcase the features and enhanced technology that will be installed in the original part. With CNC machining, you can produce parts that perform this duty with great quality and accuracy. Some of the main reasons why CNC machining is a great choice for producing automotive prototypes are as follows,

Figure 11 - CNC Car Prototype

Figure 11 – CNC Car Prototype

  • Produce highly functional prototypes with lots of features
  • Produce prototypes that are close to reality and give the exact idea of the design of the real part.
  • Reliable for producing delicate parts and designs, including the interior of the car.
  • Can showcase all the enhanced features and technology which is supposed to be in the real CNC car parts.
  • The LED lights and such designs present in the car use this technology to be produced with perfection.
  • You can produce plenty of car parts and components using acrylic materials in CNC machining.
  • The wide range of raw materials in CNC machining allows you to produce parts that can be super delicate yet strong for all types of working.
  • The prototypes produced with CNC machining hold a greater grip and can show the features installed in them with higher accuracy.
  • Not only the CNC car parts are supposed to be functional and reliable, but the prototypes produced with CNC machining are also too. You can keep them for as long as you want, and they will not be damaged at any point.
  • CNC machined prototypes are a great way to quickly share your latest design with everyone around.
  • You can also test the prototypes in enhanced conditions. They will still last because they are meant to be.

There are many more reasons, too, due to which CNC machining is said to be a great process for producing prototypes. 3D printing is another accurate and precise method in this regard. You can contact manufacturers and prototype suppliers to help you choose the best for your car parts.

11. Can Metal and Plastic Both Be Used for Manufacturing CNC Car Parts?

Yes, you have multiple options of raw materials when you choose CNC Machining for producing your car parts. These options also include metal and plastic materials and their alloys. You can easily select the material that is appropriate for the manufacturing of your car part.

If we divide metals and plastics into further categories, the materials can be innumerable. But just for your easiness, there are a few materials that we have enlisted here. They will enlighten your knowledge regarding the options of materials you will have in CNC machining.

Figure 12 - CNC Car Parts Manufacturing

Figure 12 – CNC Car Parts Manufacturing

· Metals

The metals are sub-divided into various alloys and sturdy materials. They include aluminum and its grades, stainless and precision steel, brass, bronze, titanium, and copper, etc.

Metals can also be used in the form of special alloys. The best part is you can customize different metals into a single alloy. This makes you able to use the material that is exactly your type and fulfills your demands.

· Plastics

Plastics include PVC, Nylon, PEEK, Delrin, PTFE, and Acetal, etc. There are also materials like UHMW and Ultem that are considered plastics. These are the most usable automotive manufacturing materials.

You can choose any of this material for your manufacturing process. The plastics can be used for dashboards, car panels, and inside the body. You can manufacture captivating parts for your car through these materials for sure.

Not all manufacturing techniques let you choose from this wide range of materials. So, if you want such a captivating range of options, you got to find the best CNC manufacturers and suppliers!