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Do you want to cooperate with professional machined metal or plastic components manufacturing partner? Ruitai is a professional custom machined parts supplier. And we can finish your machining project with superior quality and performance.

Except for our advanced CNC machines, we take pride in our professional CNC operators and programming engineers. Because of their professionalism, the Ruitai team can analyze your 3D files professionally and make a special production plan. Besides, there are some drawing format our professionals can deal with: igs/step/stp/stl/x-t/cartia.

Are you interested in Ruitai’s Custom Machined Parts? Ruitai is glad to receive your unique design!


Custom Machined Parts-Brass Screws

Ruitai often uses both CNC machining and brass to make some functional metal components in many industries: screws, bolts, nuts, etc.

Custom Machined Parts-Carbon Fiber Bike Accessories

If you have a high demand on the ratio of weight and strengths, carbon fiber will be a very nice material for your custom machining project. And we can also use it for high-quality bike accessories.

CNC PEEK Turning parts

PEEK is a high engineering plastic, which has a high-temperature tolerance and workability. Even though it is much expensive than other plastic, many people tend to use it to make high-performance bushings and bearings.

Electronic Parts

When it comes to metal, we have to mention aluminum. It has a wide application in many industries. We can use CNC turning and CNC milling to make electronic components.

Machined Aircraft Parts

Stainless steel is of high anti-corrosion and temperature resistance. The Ruitai team will be glad to support your low-volume and high-volume production.

Custom Machined Parts-PMMA Light Parts

PMMA can be a good substitute for glass for its properties like transparency and strong impact. One of the popular usage of PMMA at Ruitai is car light components.

Ruitai Is Your Complete Custom Machined Parts Manufacturer Partner in China

For a few prototypes or high-volume custom machined parts? Ruitai can do that for you. Because Ruitai is a complete custom machined parts manufacturer with more than 50 sets of CNC machines. They enable us to turn your machining project around with high quality and fast lead time.

Alongside that, we get a full range of materials for your selection: aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc, etc. After being machined, our team will take these metal parts and plastic parts to do some surface treatment: polishing, deburring, painting, aluminum brush, anodizing, electroplating, and so on. Meanwhile, we will send you several pictures and videos about our processing. We hope that you will feel satisfied and comfortable with our custom machined part manufacture service.

After finishing these steps, we will deliver these parts by FedEx/ UPS/ DHL according to your need. And we hope that we can receive your feedback to improve our custom machined parts manufacture service.

The Ruitai team is always here to receive your 3D files!

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  • Overmolding Parts

    You can send your 3d drawing of automotive plastic parts to Ruitai. Because we are a professional manufacturing team by offers you 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and injection molding.

  • Custom Metal Manufacturing

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1. How Do Produce Custom Machined Parts?

Since we can produce the custom machined parts with our state-of-art CNC machines, we will produce the custom machined parts by ourselves. When we receive your PO and 50% deposit, we start our production. The first step is purchasing the materials. The materials are all lumpy. After that, the Ruitai team will hold a meeting to analyze your 3d drawings and make a production plan.

If there are no other problems, our engineers will begin programming and inputting these data into the computer. If everything is ready, our CNC operators will start operating these machines to make custom plastic and metal components. Once this step is finished, we will go into other steps: to do the surface treatment. It is a very important step. If we don’t do any surface treatment, these parts will look not very well. Thus, we need our workers’ help to deburr and polish the surface of the parts. And our secondary service is customizable. You can send your requirements to us and we will do that for you.

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