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A Reliable Injection Molding Automotive Parts Manufacturer in China

Being a manufacturer in the field of injection molding automotive for 15+ years, we are confident to be your reliable and high-quality partner in China.

As to quality control, we would do multiple quality checking during injection molding automotive parts production. It can be divided into 4 steps: raw materials checking, in-process inspection, final inspection, and equipment checking.

For any questions, our team would respond to you within 2 hours by e-mail/WhatsApp/LinkedIn/Wechat.


Exterior Molding Car Parts

Injection molding has been preferred in creating car exterior components. The applications of exterior molding are front&rear bumpers, sensor holders, trunk trims covering, lights, panels, etc.

Interior Molding Car Parts

We have worked with the many automotive companies to assist their interior mold car parts. The interior molding components we often produce are dashboard, air vents, doors, steering trims, and so on.

High-volume Automotive Molding

For high-volume automotive parts production, injection molding would be your top-list choice for its lower cost and high accuracy. Every day our factory would produce the molding car parts from 500 to 20000 pieces.

Thermoplastic Injection Molding 

Being a material that can be molten several times, thermoplastic is a popular one to make car molding components. The common thermoplastics are ABS, PC, Nylon, HIPS, PMMA, PP, PU, PVC, etc.

CNC Injection Molding

Before injection molding, CNC machining is often applied to make the mold components. For more intricate parts, we would choose EDM(electrical discharge machining).

End-use Car Parts

After confirming the final design, we can put it into mass production by injection molding. And these parts are usually used for end-use.



A One-stop Injection Molding Automotive Parts Supplier

Injection molding has a wide application in making automotive components. And Ruitai is proud of offering a one-stop injection molding service for the automotive worldwide.

At the first stage of injection molding automotive, our professionals would design the mold according to your 3D and 2D files. By using the CNC machining and EDM(electrical discharge machining), our experienced workers would create the mold components accurately. During the process of injection molding, we would send you a few processing videos and pictures to ensure you our newest processing.

Besides, we produce injection molding automotive parts 24/7 on 3 shots. All the efforts we did are to deliver the premium auto molding parts to you with a fast turnaround. Don’t forget to contact the Ruitai team if you get any interest!


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1. What Is Injection Molding Automotive?

Injection molding is a popular process and has a wide application in the automotive industry. For its high repeatability, lower cost, and excellent performance, it is often applied to make automotive components with high volume. The common applications of injection molding automotive are dashboard, panels, doors, door handles, sensor holders, bumpers, trunk trims covering, and so on.
Figure1 Injection Molding Automotive