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The Ruitai team is aimed at being your most satisfying custom die casting service supplier in China.

Our die casting machine tonne ranges from 85 tons to 450 tons. You can send the specifications to us and the Ruitai team will make the custom die casting part for you with high performance. The die-casting material range for you is aluminum, zinc, copper, and so on.

We are so proud that Ruitai’s custom die casting parts can meet and even over your expectations.

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Zinc Die Casting Parts

By die-casting, we can get the metal parts with accuracy and quality. Zinc has been a preferred material for making die casting parts. And zinc die casting parts are of high durability and accuracy.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Except for zinc, aluminum is also one of the most common materials for die casting. Aluminum die casting components have a spectrum of applications in the industries of automotive and industrial equipment.

Stainless Steel Casting Parts

Compared to other metal materials, stainless steel is a hard one. Even though it can be applied for creating die casting parts, it is often used for making the casting parts by investment casting.

Plated Die Casting Parts

Plated die casting parts will be more durable and corrosion-resistant. The Ruitai team would be glad to support your die casting project with an array of surface finishes from plating, anodizing to powder coating.

Die Casting Parts

Anodizing also works for the die casting parts(especially for the aluminum). After anodizing, die casting components are not easy to rust. If you feel confused about selecting the surface finish for your die casting part, anodizing would a good choice.

Powder Casted Die Casting Parts

Powder coating has a variety of applications for protecting the surface of the machined metal parts. As for the finished die casting parts, powder coating is also a suitable way to protect their surface and prolong their lifespan.

Ruitai Is A Quality Custom Die Casting Manufacturer in China 

Since 2006, the Ruitai team has started supplying low-volume prototyping and mass production for clients from home and abroad. Custom die casting is part of our machining services. We are willing to be your high-quality custom die casting supplier in China.

You do not need to worry about the quality of our die casting parts. At Ruitai, we treat every process of our die casting carefully according to the processing of the industry. Besides, the CMM report is available if you need it.

We will be glad to receive your messages about custom die casting and respond to you within a few hours.

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  • Custom Metal Parts

    Ruitai Mold offers you a custom metal parts fabrication service. We can support you with CNC machining, die casting, and 3D printing. As long as you send the Ruitai team the files, we will give a fast and cost-effective quote.

  • Plastic Injection Molding 

    Generally speaking, we often apply injection molding to do plastic parts mass production. The finished plastic components can be directly put on the market, which has a wide application in the fields of electronics, automotive, and telecommunication.

  • Grinding Injection Molds

    As secondary machining, grinding can help us to polish the surface of the metal parts. At Ruitai, we apply to grind to polish the thimbles of the molds. The burrs on the parts can be easily extracted.

  • Electrical Discharge Machining

    EDM(electrical discharge machining) helps the manufacturers to make parts of the mold. This is because it can make the parts of higher accuracy. When there are a few parts that CNC machining can’t make, we would choose EDM to do it.


1. What Is Custom Die Casting?

Custom die casting is a technique that people apply to make high-volume and complicated metal parts by injecting the liquid metal parts into the custom die. And the die is reusable and we can make It is characterized by its mass production and low cost. That’s why it is preferred among the people who get any metal fabrication plan. During the process of die casting, 3 factors matter the most including furnace, metal, and the die.

Figure1 Custom Die Casting Parts

As to the material range of die casting, it consists of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, tin, and also magnesium. Regarding the best material selection, it depends on the clients’ requirements. At Ruitai, we prefer to make custom die casting parts with aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc. And we seldom make magnesium die casting components. Because it easily gets fire.

The first step of our die casting is melting the metal material in the furnace into liquid metal materials. And then the melt will be injected into the die and form quickly after cooling. Because the cost of mold making is expensive. The die casting suppliers are willing to support their clients only when their clients plan to do mass production of metal parts.

After that, the die casting parts may need to do the surface treatment. There are several common surface finishes suitable for these die casting parts: plating, powder coating, anodizing, shot blasting, and so on. The die casting components will become more protective or high-performance.


2. What Are the Types of Custom Die Casting?

As to the types of custom die casting, it can be divided into 2 types of die casting: hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting.