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Ruitai Your Best Prototype Manufacturer

Established in 2014, Ruitai has been one of the leading prototype manufacturers in China, Our prototype ranges have expanded to all kinds of the field during the last 15 years of growth.

We have passed all related certifications for our prototype manufacturer, we can be your reliable partner in China and 100% support your business.

From Plastic to metal and rubber and some other kinds of material,ruitai can make it for prototype.

After Prototype testing, if you need small batch production or mass production, Ruitai can provide the full sets of service for you

  • CNC prototype center
  • CNC machining
  • prototype manufacturer

Advanced Prototype Manufacturing

Ruitai has advanced prototype manufacturing equipment including automatic 3/4/5 axias of CNC machining production, high precision CNC center, stamping machine, bending machine, and more.

All of the equipment is to ensure the top quality of your prototype orders.

Any Kinds of Prototype to Support Your Project

Whether you need CNC plastic prototype/CNC metal prototype/rubber prototype/wood prototype and small batch production and mass production, Ruitai can always satisfy your needs.

Ruitai team can give you 7 days with 24 hours of online support if you need to do a prototype. Just send us your CAD files and we will give you a quick turn


  • Differents kinds of prototypes
  • surface treatment on Prototype

Kinds of Surface Treatment for Your Prototype

Ruitai Prototype can give you different kinds of surface treatment for your prototype.

We will give you the best solution according to your material and requirements, we can make painting/anodized/chrome plated and some other surface treatment

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