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Figure2 CNC Machining Medical Parts

Ruitai can manufacture functional medical parts for hospitals with these CNC turning lathe techniques.

CNC Turning Lathe on Space Equipment

We can also produce space equipment using this CNC Turning lathe method for your big projects.

CNC Turning Lathe on Marine Devices

Marine devices need specialized processes to be produced. Ruitai can use this technique to create this marine equipment for you.

6 Benefits of CNC Turning Lathe Manufacture

CNC turning refers to the process of using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to shape and cut materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. CNC turning is used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and medical.

6 Benefits of CNC turning are below

Precision: It can produce parts with high accuracy and repeatability, ensuring that each turned part is identical to the previous one.

Speed: It can work at high speeds and produce parts quickly, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.

Flexibility: It can be programmed to produce a wide range of parts, from simple to complex, and can be easily reprogrammed to produce different parts as needed.

Consistency: CNC turning can produce parts with consistent quality, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring that each part meets the same high standards.

Automation: We can apply CNC turning to operate continuously, without the need for manual intervention, reducing the need for human labor and increasing efficiency.

Cost savings: CNC lathes can reduce labor costs, as they require less manual intervention, and can also reduce material waste by optimizing the cutting process.

CNC Turning Lathe

CNC turning lathe is a modern process of manufacturing in which the material is fixed in the chuck, and their extra parts are removed to convert it into a specific shape. This process is similar to ordinary lathe machining. The CNC lathe machining is the same as common lathe machining, but the difference lies in the fact that standard lathe machining is a manual process, and CNC is an automatic process.

In common lathe machining, the operator had to observe the whole manufacturing process to carry everything smoothly. On the other hand, in CNC turning lathe machining, the machinery work according to the CAD entered into the computer. This reduces the labour cost in CNC turning lathes. Similarly, the CNC turnings lathe is also very useful in maintaining the higher accuracy of work due to the non-involvement of the operator as in the other machining technology.


1. Why Is CNC Turning Lathe So Popular?

There are many reasons due to which the CNC turning lathe technology is popular among the manufacturers of the world, especially among those of China. Among them, one of the main reasons behind such high usage of the CNC turning lathe is the automatic functioning. The CNC lathe machining is an automatic process.

The designer had to prepare a CAD design for the whole process. Once the design is prepared and tested, it is entered into the CNC computer. The CNC computer runs the CAD and orders the machinery to manufacture the product according to that design. The rest of the whole process from A to Z is automatic and does not require an operator to monitor it.

However, the best thing to do is to keep checking the working of the machinery from time to time. This is because if any problem arises in the manufacturing process, the operator will fix that problem on the spot.  The following are some of the other major things that had made the CNC turning lathe machining so popular.

popularity of CNC turning lathe

· Higher Production Speed

Due to the automatic process of CNC turning lathe, the speed of production of the product can be greatly increased. The computer in the CNC turning lathe automatically handles all kinds of operations needed to convert raw material into a regularly shaped product.

· Higher Efficiency

The CNC turning lathe machining produces the product with much more efficiency than the products produced by other kinds of manual machining processes. Similarly, the higher efficiency helps in maintaining, the better accuracy of the products too. Therefore, due to the production of the products with higher efficiency, CNC turning lathe machining is widespread.

· Reduced Cost

One of the main things that greatly contributes to the higher usage of CNC turning lathe technology by the manufacturers and suppliers of China is that of reduced cost. The CNC turning lathe machining is the process that reduces the labor cost, due to which your overall expenditure on manufacturing your product will also be reduced.

· Safest Manufacturing Technology

The other reason for the so much popularity of CNC turning lathe machining is that this manufacturing technology is the safest technology to be used for the process of manufacturing. Modern automatic machinery carries everything in this technology out.

Due to this reason, it is considered to be the safest technology for manufacturing any kind of complex machinery.

2. How Does The CNC Turning Lathe Work?

The CNC turning lathe work similarly in the start to the ordinary CNC manufacturing process. The CAD design prepared by the designer is tested and analyzed by the CNC computer. After analysis of the design, the machine is ready to follow the command of the computer.

Now the material which a manufacturer is going to make a product from is fixed in the chuck of the turning machinery. After completing this step, the machinery is started, which on the command of CNC compute, produces a product from the material inserted in the machine. In CNC turning, the product is produced by moving the material faster around the fixed cutting tool. The stationery-cutting tool removes the extra parts from the material and shapes it into the desired product.

3. What Are The Number Of Axes Of CNC Turning Lathe?

Generally, the CNC turning lathe machining is the process that operates by two axes technology. The modern CNC technologies prepared by the manufacturers and suppliers of China also consist of 4 axes, four-axis, and even five-axis CNC turning lathe technology. Such a considerable advancement in manufacturing technology leads to the production of products with higher accuracy having long-term benefits.

The modern manufacturing companies in China are on their way to produce CNC turning lathe technologies that are six-axis. This will greatly contribute to the production of more high-quality products shortly, making China one of the best countries of the manufacturers.

4. Which Is The Most Popular Manufacturing Style In CNC Turning Lathe?

Two manufacturing styles are used in the manufacturing of the products using the CNC turning lathe technology. They are the horizontal and the vertical styles. Among them, the horizontal manufacturing style is the most popular in comparison to that of the vertical manufacturing style.

The horizontal style requires the use of horizontal machinery for the manufacturing of the products. One of the main reasons for the high usage of this machining is style because it can be used to manufacture highly complex products. Similarly, they manufacture the products with a much higher speed in comparison to that in the vertical manufacturing style.

This manufacturing style is also helpful for the production of highly durable products, having more life. The horizontal manufacturing style is better to be used for the manufacturing of large parts of the pieces of machinery like aircraft and modern defence technological equipment. This manufacturing style is considered the best for manufacturing regular shaped products such as different types of gears, etc.

5. Which Tools Are Included In The CNC Horizontal Turning Lathe?

Several different types of tools are included in the horizontal style of manufacturing using the CNC turning lathe technology. Among them, some of the major tools include the following.

· CNC Horizontal Lathe

This part is particularly useful for the cutting of extra materials from the main material in a specific way to manufacture the final product. This manufacturing tool is used for manufacturing the complex parts of the pieces of machinery. This part is also responsible for the faster production of the product.

· CNC Horizontal Boring Tool

This part of the horizontal style in the CNC turning lathe is responsible for the formation of holes in the material for various purposes.

6. What Is Vertical CNC Turning Lathe?

Just like horizontal, it is another style of manufacturing of the products using the CNC turning lathe technology. This machining style is named based on the types of machines that are used in manufacturing. In vertical style, the vertical machinery that is standing is used for the manufacturing of different types of products.

Vertical machinery is preferred to horizontal machinery due to the low cost. If you use a vertical style of machining in CNC lathe machining, you will not be charged much higher as compared to that if you choose horizontal.

However, the main thing where they fail in comparison to the vertical style is that of the work efficiency. These machining technologies are not as much efficient as horizontal machining technologies are. Similarly, vertical machining technology also fails in manufacturing a large number of products at a higher speed and better efficiency. There is also a chance for the operator to make an error while manufacturing their products. The main reason for this is that the vertical machines are not mostly automatic machinery like that of the horizontal.

7. What Are Some Main Differences in Turning and Boring Using CNC?

Turning and boring are the top manufacturing processes that are used for the manufacturing of different products using CNC technologies. Both of these processes work by removing the extra parts from the material called chips to give a proper shape and structure to the final product.

If we define the term “turning,” so it is the way of the manufacturing of products, in which the material is rotated around the fixed cutter in the machinery. On the other hand, boring is the process of removal of the extra parts of the material from the inner side. That is the main difference between both the processes, that one removes the parts from the outside while the other removes the parts of the material from the inside.

In the manufacturing of a product, both of these techniques are used. However, in the CNC turning lathe, only the turning process is used. Though the difference between both the processes is not much more, they are still used specifically for different purposes in different ways.

As we know that CNC turning lathe is used for the manufacturing of those products that are highly complex to produce. That’s why the turning process is used in CNC turning lathe machining because it ensures the highest accuracy of manufacturing.

8. What Are Some Of The Main Purposes Of CNC Turning Lathe?

The CNC turning lathe technology is helpful for the manufacturing of different products. Some of the significant products that can be manufactured using the CNC turning lathe technology are the following.

· Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are produced using CNC turning lathe technology. The main reason behind this is that musical instruments require the highest accuracy. If there is even a little bit of accuracy in the musical instrument, the musician won’t be able to produce a good piece of music using that instrument.

This is because there will be irregularity in the frequency of musical instruments, making it unable to create good music. CNC turning lathe technology is considered the best for manufacturing highly accurate musical instruments that why they are produced chiefly using this technology.

· Gun Barrels

One of the other primary purposes of the CNC turning lathe is the manufacturing of gun barrels. The gun barrels should be highly accurate to promote better firing accuracy. This better accuracy can only be achieved if the gun barrels are manufactured with a modern manufacturing technology like a CNC turning lathe.

· Bowls

The bowls are also manufactured using the CNC turning lathe. During the whole process, the liquefied glass is revolved faster around an axis that is responsible for the shape of the bowl. After the bowl is manufactured, it is in molten form. After the whole process, the molten bowl is taken out from the machinery and cooled down.

· Baseball Bats

One of the other purposes of CNC turning lathe is that of manufacturing baseball bats. These bats are manufactured by putting the log in the chuck and fixing them. After it gets fixed, the next step is to revolve the log around the cutting part of the machinery, which in turn converts that log into a baseball bat.

9. How to Safely Produce Our Product Using CNC Turning Lathe?

Generally, most people do not follow the basic instructions for manufacturing their products with CNC technology. People may find it useless to follow every instruction and precaution, but they may be extremely sad about the result they get in the form of accidents or low-quality manufacturing.

During your process of CNC lathe machining, the tools may also wear out if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. The following are some of the main things that you need to take care of while manufacturing your products using the CNC turning lathe technology.

· Always Do the Rough Machining First

The first thing that you need to take care of while manufacturing your products is to perform the rough machining first. After you have done the rough machining, then you can move towards finishing or other steps involved in the CNC turning lathe.

· Keep Check On Your Machining Tools

The best thing to get the maximum out of your machinery is to have a check on the cutting tools of your machinery. This will help you to avoid any problem that may arise while manufacturing your products using the CNC turning lathe technology.

· Avoid Vibration of Parts

The next thing that you need for safe manufacturing is to avoid the vibration of parts of the machinery while machining. The poor rigidity of machinery and the other non-proper fixation of tools can cause the parts of the machinery to vibrate. Therefore, you need to properly take care of the vibrations and avoid them as much as possible for safe manufacturing.

10. What Is Swiss CNC Lathe Machining?

This is a modern type of CNC turning lathe machining. In this type of machining technology, extremely small parts of machine parts are manufactured with the highest accuracy. If you use another type of machining technology, the accuracy of manufacturing will not be as much higher as that of Swiss machining.

In the old CNC turning technologies, the material would rotate around the cutting blade, but in Swiss turning CNC, the material can also move back and forth. This helps in the proper cutting of the materials for manufacturing small products.

11. What Are the Reasons for Popularity of Swiss CNC Turning?

Many reasons had made the Swiss turning CNC lathe this popular, especially among the suppliers and manufacturers of China. Initially, this technology was introduced for the manufacturing of watches. Later on, it had been started to use this technology for manufacturing other small items too.

One of the main reasons that make this machining technology to be so popular is its precision and accuracy. The following are some of the other major reasons for the popularity of the Swiss CNC turning lathe technology.

· Highly Accurate

The Swiss CNC manufacturing technology is highly accurate. You can easily manufacture products from small to large using this modern technology. In fact, up to now, there is no competitor of this technology in terms of accuracy. Due to the high accuracy of this technology, it is now highly used in the production of sensitive products like those of musical or medical instruments.

· Fast Production

The Swiss turning CNC lathe can be used for manufacturing your products much faster. These machining technologies have an extremely shorter cycle time, making them the best to produce a large number of products faster. So if you are running a watch business or any other business and need faster production of the product, swiss turning CNC lathe can be the most rewarding for you.

· Complete Production

One of the other things that make this technology the best among all the CNC turning lathe technology is that it can be used for the complete production of the products. The other manufacturing technologies mostly require to have a secondary operation for the final manufacturing of the product.

However, in the case of Swiss turning CNC, the products produced are ready to ship products. The products are entirely manufactured and are usable.

12. What Products Can Be Manufactured with Swiss turning CNC Lathe?

Using the Swiss manufacturing CNC, we can produce several different products. The following are some of the major products that can be manufactured using CNC Swiss manufacturing technology.

· Computer Hardwires

The Swiss CNC turning technology can be used for the manufacturing of different types of computer hardware. Computer hardware such as the motherboard requires higher accuracy to be manufactured. So to produce such like parts of computers, the manufacturers of China and the other countries are using the Swiss CNC turning lathe.

· Defense Technology

Modern Swiss technology is very much useful in the manufacturing of defense technological equipment. The defense equipment is usually needed in a large quantity. So to speed up the manufacturing process nowadays, CNC turning lathe technology is used for manufacturing defense weapons.

· Aerospace Technologies

Swiss CNC turning lathe is also helpful in manufacturing aerospace technological equipment. This technology can be used for the high-quality production of products, and aerospace technologies need to be of the best quality.

· Medical Equipment

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers and suppliers in China uses the modern Swiss turning CNC technology for the manufacturing of medical instrument. The reason for this that the medical tool needs to be highly accurate, as they are directly or indirectly linked with the patients. To ensure the best accuracy of the instruments, they are manufactured using CNC Swiss turning lathe machining.