Metal Materials for Your Prototyping or Mass Production Projects

At Ruitai, we offer a broad spectrum of metal materials for your selection. We have been cooperating with renowned material providers to ensure you metal parts with superior quality and excellent performance.

Aluminum Machined Parts

Aluminum is one of the top-list metal materials for your machining projects. It has several ideal properties: machinability/corrosion resistance/electrical conductivity/anodization, etc. At Ruitai, there is a series of aluminum materials for your choice: Aluminium6061, Aluminium7075, Aluminium2024, Aluminium6082, etc.

Turned Brass Parts

There is a variety of Copper alloys we often apply for manufacturing: brass, bronze, and phosphor bronze. They are of several excellent properties: anti-corrosion, ductility, and thermal conductivity.

Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel

Alloy steel has excellent machinability and is often applied to metal parts, which need to be welded and formed. Its advantages are high strength/heat treatment. And it has wide usage in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Stainless Steel Turning Parts
Stainless Steel

Even though stainless steel has no high machinability as aluminum, it is of anti-corrosion, machinability, and low material cost. At Ruitai, there are SS304; SS303; SS316 available for your choice.

Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is one kind of mild steels. It is very hard and its cost is lower than stainless steel. Besides, it is easily machined and can be heat treated. And carbon steel 1045 is one of the most frequently applied types at Ruitai.

Zinc Alloy
Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloy has excellent machinability/strong mechanical impact with a low cost. It has a wide application in the automotive industry.

Different Machining Ways for Your Metal Parts

We offer several machining ways for your metal parts: CNC turning; CNC milling; Sheet metal Fabrication; Die casting etc. If you want to know more processing information, you can click on the Ruitai team to get in touch with the sales staff above. We look forward to receiving your emails.

CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Sheet Metal Processing
Die Casting