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Precision Turning Parts Manufacture

From prototyping to 10000+ pieces


Precision CNC Turning Parts Manufacturing Service

Ruitai is dedicated to manufacturing high-precision turning parts as to your design. We can provide a broad spectrum of materials for your selection: Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Aluminum/Bronze/Alloy/PC, etc. Our tolerance can reach ±0.008mm. No matter for turning parts in simple and complex designs, we can manufacture them with high precision for you.

We have been improving capabilities by investing in more sophisticated machinery with a focus on quality control. There are more than 30 sets of CNC turning machines in our factory. During every process, we will inspect the quality several times to ensure precision turning parts for you. Want to know more about precision turning parts? Just contact us here!

Anodized CNC Turned Parts

Ruitai produces CNC metal turning parts for mass production each month.

Polished Brass Turned Parts

We create brass turning parts from 1 prototype to 10000+ pieces.

CNC Plastic Turning Parts

The common plastics for CNC turning projects include acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, etc.

Custom Precision Turning Parts Manufacturing Service

Being a precision turning parts manufacturer, we produce high-precision turned components to meet specific customer requirements. It involves several stages, including design, programming, machining, and quality control. The design stage involves creating a 3D model of the part using CAD (computer-aided design) software. The model is then converted into a machine-readable format and loaded into the CNC turning machine.

The programming stage involves creating a program guiding the CNC turning machine how to produce the part. The program includes information about the cutting tools, machining parameters, and tool paths needed to produce the part to the required specifications.

The machining stage involves the actual production of the part using the CNC turning machine. The machine uses a cutting tool to remove material from a rotating workpiece, creating the desired shape and dimensions. The CNC turning machine can produce parts with high precision and accuracy, often within microns.

The quality control stage involves checking the finished parts to ensure they meet the required specifications. This may involve using precision measurement tools such as micrometers, gauges, and CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) to check dimensions, tolerances, and surface finish.

If you are looking for high-precision turning parts supplier, just contact us!


1.What Precision Turning Parts Are Mainly Used For?

Precision turning parts are commonly applied in the fields of transportation/defense/aerospace/electronics. For example, screws/nails/pins/other accessories. The turning parts are very important for connecting or decorating the whole product.

2. Can You Also Produce Plastic Turning Parts?

Yes, we can. There is an array of plastics that we can support your turning projects: POM, PC, PA, PEEK, HDPE, PMMA, etc. You can send your specifications to us and we will take the rest.

3. Will You Repair the Turning Parts When Your Clients Are Not Satisfied with the Finished Parts?

Yes, we will. We are very concerned about the satisfaction from our clients. If the finished turning parts didn’t meet their standards without other reasons, we will let our clients resend them to us and then repair them until they are satisfied.