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Ruitai Provides Top-quality Precision Turning Parts for You in China

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A Manufacturer of High Precision Turning Parts As to Your Specification

Ruitai is dedicated to manufacturing high-precision turning parts as to your design. We can provide a broad spectrum of materials for your selection: Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Aluminum/Bronze/Alloy/PC, etc. Our tolerance can reach ±0.008mm. No matter for turning parts in simple and complex designs, we can manufacture them with high precision for you.

We have been improving capabilities by investing in more sophisticated machinery with a focus on quality control. There are more than 30 sets of CNC turning machines in our factory. During every process, we will inspect the quality several times to ensure precision turning parts for you. Want to know more about precision turning parts? Just contact us here!

CNC Aluminum Alloy Turning Parts

Ruitai produces CNC aluminum alloy turning parts for mass production each month.

Manometal Turned Parts

With decades of machining experience, Ruitai is proud of our high-quality CNC brass turning parts.

CNC Stainless Steel Parts

Ruitai provides high precision CNC stainless steel turning parts and puts a priority on quality and precision.

CNC Plastic Turning Parts

CNC turning can use acrylic/polycarbonate/ nylon. Ruitai can manufacture from small batch to large production for you.

Electroplated Metal Parts

Our well-trained engineers will do engineering and CNC electroplating turning parts seriously.

CNC Turning&Milling Parts

Ruitai offers fully equipped machining for your cnc turning and milling project. No matter which field you belong to, you can trust our capability.

A Satisfying and High-precision Turning Parts Source Provider in China

Ruitai is renowned for its high response rates. Over 95% of our clients are pretty satisfied with our prompt reply. They can know every detail about the precision turning parts during every stage from production to delivery. Our team will ensure that you can know every detail about the processing if you choose us. If you need any technical support, our engineers will give you the most professional advice.

Ruitai provides you customized packaging and various shipping options for precision turning parts. Custom wooden boxes and Carton boxes are two main packaging for your precision turning parts. As to shipping options, DHL/FedEX/UPS/EMS are available for your selection.

As to quality control, we get several inspection instruments for your precision turning parts. There are CMM/Height Gauge/Vernier Caliper available in our factory. In order to keep the accuracy of the machines, we will check our inspection equipment regularly in order to keep the high precision.

If you are looking for high-precision and top-quality turning parts supplier, just contact us!

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  • Injection Molding Parts

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Precision Turning Parts

Usually, precision turning is often used for mass production by hi-tech equipment-CNC turning or CNC Screw machine. The turning parts can be manufactured with high precision as to the given specification of 3D files.

At Ruitai, we get our own CNC turning machines for any of your precision turning projects.


Precision Turning Parts


1.What Precision Turning Parts Are Mainly Used For?

Precision turning parts are commonly applied in the fields of transportation/defense/aerospace/electronics. For example, screws/nails/pins/other accessories. The turning parts are very important for connecting or decorating the whole product.

Precision Turning Parts

2. Can You Also Produce Plastic Turning Parts?

Yes, we can. If the plastic is tough enough, we can do turning for you.


3. Will You Repair the Turning Parts When Your Clients Are Not Satisfied with the Finished Parts?

Yes, we will. We are very concerned about the satisfaction from our clients. If the finished turning parts didn’t meet their standards without other reasons, we will let our clients resend them to us and then repair them until they are satisfied.

Precision Turning Parts


4. What Are the Difference between Milling and Turning?

When we talk about milling, we often refer to turning. But, there are some still differences between them.

  • Turning’s machining speed is quicker than milling because of the limitation of cutting by milling.
  • Turning applies for round metal parts. And milling is more suitable for the flat surface of the parts.
  • Turning is more economical than milling.
  • The cutting tool of turning continuously contacts the product while the cutting tool of milling contacts the products from time to time.
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