FDM Abs Rapid Prototyping

Investment Casting With FDM Abs Rapid Prototyping Here is a professional Robot Prototype Manufacturer talking about investment casting with FDM ABS rapid prototyping. If you need any information about Plastic ABS Prototype, feel free to contact us. 1. Introduction Investment casting is an economical method of manufacturing metal parts, and in some cases even the only method, such …

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Dry Cutting Requirements For Tool Materials

Here is CNC Metal Prototype manufacturer talking about Dry cutting requirements for tool materials. If you have any idea about CNC Stainless Steel Prototype, welcome to contact us and discuss The dry-cut tool material must have excellent thermo-hardness and wear resistance to effectively withstand the high temperature of the cutting process; a lower coefficient of friction to reduce the friction …

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Cutting Service Overview

Here is CNC Milling Services manufacturer talking about Cutting Service Overview. If you have any idea about Precision CNC Milling, welcome to contact us and discuss. In conventional cutting, the cutting fluid in wet cutting plays an important role, but there are also many drawbacks. For example, maintaining a large cutting fluid system requires a lot of money, …

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