CNC Milling Service

Rapid Manufacture of High Quality CNC Milled Parts

Quality CNC Milling Service

If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality CNC milling service shop with a relatively low cost of machining parts, Ruitai Milling Service is a good choice. We have automated and advanced CNC lathes to meet complex parts processing. Whether you need 3-axis or 5-axis machining, Ruitai can provide feedback on your custom CNC milled parts.

Our milled parts process can be used for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, CNC milling projects are used in various industries around the world and can be used for the manufacture of machined parts in a variety of metals, plastic polymers, wood, and other prototype materials.


Our advanced CNC milling center can perform high-precision CNC machining of wood, whether it is hardwood or softwood, 2D milling or 3D milling, we have a variety of configuration tools and sizes to choose from if you need to process wood, make it become consistent precision parts, then wood CNC milling services will be your best bet.


Metal CNC milling is a CNC Machining technology that can cut common metals in daily life, making them parts with high precision and strict tolerances. In Ruitai, we provide dozens of metal raw materials for you to choose. After milling The final machined Metal parts have precise shapes. Our Metal CNC milling processing services have high production efficiency. If you need to process metal accessories, then CNC milling is a good solution.


If low-cost machining is your consideration for part machining, plastic CNC milling services are a win-win. Plastic CNC milling is machined with cost-effective polymer plastics, which can optimize your budget. Usually, its processing time is much shorter than that of wood and metal. Our platform provides many types of polymers. Plastic raw materials are your choice.

Popular CNC Milling Materials and Finishing Options

Aluminum PartsMetal Materials for MachiningAluminum CNC Machining(Aluminum2024,2024,6063,7050,7075,6082,MIC-6)
Stainless Steel CNC Machining (Nitronic 60 (218 SS), Stainless Steel 15-5,17-4,18-8,303,316/316L, 416,410, 420,440C)
Copper CNC Machining (Copper 101, Copper C110)
Bronze CNC Machining (Copper C932)
Brass CNC Machining (Copper 260, Copper 360)
carbon steel, etc.
CNC PC Turning Parts8Plastic Materials for MachiningABS: High-strength engineering plastic, use for outside.
Acrylic: clear glass-like plastic. use for outside.
Delrin: good moisture resistance, low friction. high wear resistance.
Garolite: offers high strength, low moisture absorption
HDPE: chemical-resistant plastic, offers good impact strength. outstanding for outdoor applications
LDPE, PS, Teflon, PEEK, PP, etc.
Anodized ComponentsSurface Finishes for Metal CNC PrototypesDeburring: Tool marks and potentially sharp edges and burrs that exist on machined parts can be removed upon request.
Bead Spray: Gives a matte, smooth appearance to part surfaces.
Anodized (Type II or Type III): Parts can be anodized to different colors to create a corrosion-resistant surface.
Titanium anodizing is used in aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Can improve the fatigue strength and wear resistance of parts.
Passivation, Powder coating, Electrolytic polishing, Electroless Nickel, etc.
CNC ABS Machined Parts Surface Finishes for Plastic CNC PrototypesGraining, lapping, polishing

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a high-quality machining manufacturing process. Like CNC turning, it uses specialized CNC tools to machine raw materials, remove excess areas, and make custom parts. It belongs to subtractive forming manufacturing technology. It is also the most common processing technology for CNC services.

Common Applications of CNC Milling Services

Today, CNC milling produces parts in virtually every industry because its versatility, precision, and efficiency make it a valuable technology in a variety of industries. Below are a few common CNC milling applications.

CNC milling is widely used in the prototyping process in various industries. It enables efficient and precise creation of prototypes, enabling designers and engineers to test and validate their designs before mass production.


Tool and Die Making
Tool and mold manufacturing: CNC milling technology is widely used in the tool and mold manufacturing industry. They are used to produce mold, die, and tool components used in various manufacturing processes. CNC milling can create complex and precise tool and die designs, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of subsequent manufacturing operations.


Electronic component
Electronics: CNC milling is used in the production of electronic components and devices. It is used in the manufacture of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) prototypes, housings for electronic devices, connectors, and heat sinks. CNC milling ensures the precise dimensions and cutouts required for electronic components and facilitates the production of complex circuit board designs.


Customized furniture
Furniture and cabinets: CNC milling is used in the woodworking industry for the production of furniture and cabinets. It enables precise cutting, shaping, and detailing of wood components to create intricate designs, decorative elements, and custom furniture.


Works of Art and Sculpture
The CNC milling process has found its way into art and sculpture. CNC milling enables the precise and repeatable transformation of complex digital designs into physical artwork. Artists and sculptors utilize CNC milling services to create intricate and detailed sculptures, decorative elements, and art installations.

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What Are The Advantages of Ruitai CNC Milling Service?

Advanced CNC milling machine
CNC milling machine is one of the standard survey milling services. CNC milling machines play a pivotal role in modern manufacturing. In the Ruitai milling CNC service platform, we are equipped with a variety of CNC milling machines suitable for parts production needs. They are Vertical Machining Centers (VMC), Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC), 5-Axis Machining Centers, and more to meet your unique custom part needs.

Experienced CNC milling machine operator
With more than 10 years of expertise in optimizing milling processes, Ruitai CNC Milling Service staff can easily overcome various part machining problems.

High quality precision and tolerance
In addition to milling parts with high precision and repeatability, our CNC milling services are capable of handling and producing complex geometries, intricate details, and tight-tolerance parts.

Short production cycle
With our specialists in CNC milling services, with a large finishing shop center, we can minimize the time it takes to ship custom parts to you, whether you need one-off prototyping or low-volume manufacturing, or mass production.

How to Enjoy CNC Milling Service?

As we know, CNC milling is a machining process that uses computer-controlled machines to remove material from workpieces and create precise and complex parts or assemblies.

When you use CNC milling services, you provide us with a specification, design, or CAD file of the part you want. Then, we will evaluate the parts processing according to your design requirements and give the most professional quotation. After you agree, we will equip the corresponding multi-axis CNC milling machine to precisely cut the raw material, remove excess material and form the part shape you want. If you require surface treatment of milled parts, we can provide a range of finishing treatments.


CNC Milling Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is your price for CNC milling?
The price of CNC milling services is affected by factors such as part design, machining materials used, tolerances, and more. We will give you the most professional and favorable quotation according to the design documents and requirements you submit.

What are your CNC milling tolerances?
Parts produced with our CNC milling technology maintain an average tolerance of 0.02mm. It is worth noting that if parts with higher tolerances are required, the price of the machined parts will be higher.

What are the best metals for CNC milling?
In general, CNC milling operations are not affected by the properties of the metal. The most commonly CNC-machined metal on our platform is aluminum. If you need aluminum CNC milling services, you can contact us for related inquiries and quotations.

Which part machining is best for CNC milling?
CNC milling machines are extremely flexible and can process various complex planes, curved surfaces, and shell parts. For example, various common box shells, molds, cams, and other parts are all from CNC milling.

What is the difference between CNC milling and CNC turning?
CNC processing features are different
During CNC milling, the machining tool is fixed in place while the machining material is rotated;
During CNC turning, the machining tool rotates while the material is fixed in place.

CNC tool magazine is different
CNC milling: There is no complete tool library program, and machining tools need to be replaced regularly.
CNC turning: It has a complete CNC center system, which can change tools independently.

Different types of processing
CNC turning: more inclined to process inner and outer cylindrical or conical surfaces, such as shaft fittings, bushings, etc.
CNC Milling: More inclined to process flat and irregular surfaces of complex shapes or features, such as grooves, gears, threads, and specially shaped surfaces of molds.