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Custom Plastic Overmolding Service

Need to create plastic molded parts with multiple materials? Our custom overmolding service will be a satisfying solution for you.

As a variant of injection molding, this technique can create plastic parts with more than two kinds of plastics and colors. We can combine materials with different hardness to form a more perfectly designed part to increase friction. For example, the handles of the toothbrush and portable electric fans.

Plastic materials have unique shrinkage and heat resistance, and they can accommodate various tolerance ranges. To solve this problem, we will choose different materials to complete the project. The common materials we offer for overmold include TPE/ABS/PEEK/Acrylic/PE/PEI/POM/PP.

TPE Overmolding

TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) currently is broadly applied in plastic overmold. It is durable and recyclable.


Polyurethane is also a good choice for plastic over molding. It has strong bonding/electrical/economical properties.

Rubber Overmolding

EPDM rubber is superior rubber with a high level of heat-resistant and chemical-resistant.

Overmolding Parts

Plastic over molding can apply to numerous car parts like Fascias/Power Steering/Tyre Pressure/Sensors.

Overmolding Plastic on Metal

It is a process that molding plastic on the metal part. It will greatly decrease the cost of assembling.

Overmolding Electronics

Overmolded often applies to electronic industry from transportation, mobile devices, aerospace, military, to industrial.

Why Choose Ruitai for Your Overmolding Project?

Ruitai is proud that we can offer you high-quality plastic overmolding parts and respond to you quickly.

Ruitai is a very energetic team. Over 90% of staff are under 35 years old. We are 24/7 available for your plastic overmolding projects. Once you send us 3D files, we will give you a fast quote within 2 hours. After the quotation, our engineers will give you the most professional advice. And our sales team will keep in touch with you. If you get confused about anything, we will explain it to you ASAP.

If you are not sure about our quality issues, you can send also us your 3D files first. Then, we will make a free sample according to your specifications. If possible, we would like to invite you to visit our factory about the plastic over mold.

Want to know more about us? Just send us an E-mail here!

Plastic Overmolding FAQs

1. What Is Plastic Over molding?

Plastic over-molding belongs to one type of injection molding. It uses the combination of two or more two kinds of thermoplastics to produce a single part or product. There are two main parts: the basis layer and the additional layer. The basic layer should be molded first and then the additional layer would mold on the surface of the basic layer.

After processing, these combined plastics will never depart from each other. It means that we do not need any primer or binder to achieve the eternal combination.

Plastic Overmolding Processing

Figure1 Plastic over mold Processing

2. What Are the Differences between Plastic Overmolding and Insert Molding?

Both over-molded and insert molding are two types of injection molding. There are big differences between them. 

  • Their processings. Overmold is a process that combines many kinds of plastics to create a single product. We will use the softer plastic layer on the basis plastic layer. Meanwhile, insert molding needs an insert to be placed in the mold in advance, which can make the flow of the injection molding melt materials.
  • Their benifts. The benefits of over-molding are cost-effective solutions; the finished products are durable; it can increase safety. The benefits of insert molding are: that it can greatly decrease the cost of assembling and labor cost; reduce the assembling time and weight of the plastic parts. This is a brief introduction to the differences between overmolded and Insert Molding. At Ruitai, we have certified engineers and an energetic team to serve you any needs on plastic over-molding. We will give the most professional machining solution to you. We are a trusted manufacturer of plastic over molding. If you are interested, do not forget to contact us here. We are glad to assist with your project anytime!

Insert Molding Processing

Figure2 Insert Molding Processing