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Ruitai has been in the field of sheet metal stamping since 2006. We provide you a full-service for your custom sheet metal stamping project. The material range consists of stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, CRS(Cold Rolled Steel), Copper, Hot rolled steel, etc. We also offer you surface treatments like surface grinding/electroplating/coating/painting for your custom sheet metal stamping parts.

We have punch presses with different sizes for custom sheet metal stamping. No matter small/simple or large/complex sheet metal stamping parts are available for you. We can also do prototype for your sheet metal stamping. Being experts of custom metal stamping, we are dedicated to offer you high-quality sheet metal stamping parts as to your specification. As long as you send us your 3D files, we can give you a fast quote.

Aluminum Metal Stampings

Aluminum is considered as one of the most favorable metal materials for custom sheet metal stamping. This is because of its excellent mechanical properities.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts with Stainless Steel

Ruitai can provide a broad material range for your sheet metal stamping parts. Stainless steel is also included.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts with Copper

Copper can also be used for custom sheet metal stamping. It is shining and decorative.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts with Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is more anti-corrosion than other metal materials. It is also more durable and formable. It is one of the hot rolled steels.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts After Anodizing

At Ruitai, we can also offer you various secondary services like anodizing.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts After Coating

Coating, as one of the secondary services, can make your sheet metal stamping parts more beautiful and anti corrosion.

Full-service Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

Ruitai is one of the leading custom sheet metal stamping providers in China. We are committed to giving you high-precision and cost-effective machining solutions for your custom sheet metal stamping parts.

As to quality control, we would inspect every step seriously during the processing. We also get ISO 9001:2015 certified. These can ensure you the highest quality sheet metal stamping parts from Ruitai. Before delivery, we will send you a quality test like the CMM test.

Our professionals are well-trained and have years of experience in manufacturing custom sheet metal stamping. As to any of your specifications for sheet metal stamping, we can give the most professional advice for you.

Ruitai also takes pride in our high response rates. We are 24/7 available for your project. If you want to know any detail about the processing or delivery issues, our team will send you related videos and photos. If you get any trouble choosing a reliable manufacturer for sheet metal stamping, just contact us now!

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Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

Custom sheet metal stamping can be divided several processing steps. They contain blanking/ punching/embossing/bending, etc. During the process, putting the coiled sheet pieces in the stamping press. And then the stamping tool can press the sheet into two-dimensional parts.

Through custom sheet metal stamping, you can get durable and and cost-effective metal parts. And it has been widedly applicated in various industries like automotive/defense/electronic.

At Ruitai, if you are going to do prototyping or mass production for sheet metal stamping, we can be your best choice. We can offer you the top-quality and high-precision custom sheet metal stamping parts.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping2



1. What Are the Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Stamping?

There are many benefits of custom sheet metal stamping:

  • Less Labor.  Sheet Metal Stamping is a process without much human intervention. It can greatly increase the accuracy of the sheet metal stamping parts.
  • Cost-effective. The molds can be used several times and the sheet metal parts will be produced in large quantity. These sheet metal parst are still of high quality and durability.
  • Wide Range of Application. Sheet metal stamping parts can be widely used for a broad industry like computer/aerospace/defense.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

2. What Is the Whole Process of Custom Sheet Metal Stamping?

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping can be divided into several steps:

  • Bending. Using the tool to bend the parts to get desired parts with different angles.
  • Punching. If using CNC machining to punch for the metal part, it will be a good choice. Because you can get the holes on the surface of metal parts with high-precision.
  • Flanging. Bending the metal material as to a particular curved line.
  • Embossing. Stretching the material. Afer this process, you can get some decorative patterns.
  • Blanking. Cutting part of the metal sheet.
  • Forming. It’s a process that turing the  sheet metal pieces into a thin pieces.