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Ruitai is a rubber injection molding manufacturer with satisfying service and high performance.

With the focus on quality and service, we always put your standard on priority. Our quality checking team will do a strict evaluation for the rubber injection molding parts. It helps us gain a good reputation on quality control. And 95% of our clients have built a long-term cooperation relationship since the first project cooperation for our high-quality rubber injection molding parts. We are so proud of the satisfaction we have gained.

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Rubber Injection Molding Bushings

Ruitai takes pride in high-quality rubber injection molding bushings. With 3 shift/24 hours production, there is always a fully ready team to support your rubber injection molding project.

Rubber Injection Molding Handles

Rubber injection molding is suitable for parts with medium precision and a large cross-section. Different machinings can produce various rubber parts. We are fully confident to make the satisfying rubber injection molding handles for you.

Rubber Injection Molding Gasket

If you need Ruitai’s assistance for your rubber injection molding gaskets, we are so happy to finish it with a short lead time and high precision.

Rubber Injection Molding

Rubber injection Molding has a lot of usages in our daily life. And we can also make watch straps by rubber injection molding like the picture shown.

Rubber Injection Molidng Bellows

Ruitai can make the rubber injection molding bellows on the picture. With the specifications and CAD files you send us, we can make the rubber bellows you expect.

Rubber Injection Molding Bumper Pad

Ruitai is a renowned rubber injection molding supplier with a fast quotation and quick communication with clients.

The Most Professional Rubber Injection Molding Manufacturer – Ruitai 

With decades of experience, Ruitai takes pride in our professional guidance and high-performance rubber injection molding parts. There are well-trained rubber injection molding workers at Ruitai. This enables us to ensure you rubber injection molding parts with accuracy.

Except it, there is professional guidance for your injection molding project. You can depend on us to make your desired rubber injection molding parts.

Our rubber injection molding parts are tailored to their particular applications: bushings, valves, isolators, bumpers, watch straps, plugs, tubes, handles, bellows, and so on. Thus, there is a spectrum of industries that we have cooperated with from electrical, transportation, medical, home appliance, electronics, etc. We are confident to make your rubber injection molding parts a success.

You can send us an RFQ here to discuss more details.

Other Products

  • Rubber Compression Molding

    Compared to rubber injection molding, rubber compression molding has cheaper tooling and less material waste. With the assistance of Ruitai, you will receive the most comprehensive and economical solution for your molding project.

  • Plastic Overmolding

    As one type of injection molding, we can depend on overmolding to produce plastic parts with two or more than two types of plastics to make a complete part.

  • Custom Aluminum Fabrication

    When it comes to metal processing, sheet metal stamping is an important technique to finish your metal fabrication. At Ruitai, we offer you a custom sheet metal stamping service and make any kind of sheet metal parts according to your specifications.

  • Small Aluminum Machining Parts

    When you don’t know what material is suitable for your CNC machining, we would like to recommend you aluminum for its anti-corrosion and excellent mechanical properties.


1. What Is Rubber Injection Molding?

In general, rubber injection molding is a technique that puts the rubber material into the injection device. After heating at a high temperature, the heated rubber material will be injected into the molding cavities through the runner and gate system. Under high temperature and pressure, the rubber material will undergo a vulcanization reaction. After a specific time, the rubber materials solidify in the mold. Then, the rubber injection molding parts are ready.

Figure1-Rubber Injection Molding

Figure1-Rubber Injection Molding

2. What Are the Differences between Rubber Injection Molding and Rubber Compression Molding?

Rubber injection molding and rubber compression molding are two processing ways of rubber molding. There are many differences between them. Ruitai is glad to show some for you.

(1) Rubber injection molding needs the help of the runner and gate system to inject the rubber material into the cavity. Meanwhile, rubber compression molding is not required.

(2) The tooling of rubber injection molding is higher than rubber compression molding. And the latter one has a less simple structure to process the rubber parts.

(3) The tolerance that rubber injection molding can reach is higher than compression molding. Thus, if you require highly on tolerance of your molding project, we will choose rubber injection molding for your project.

(4) The cycle time of rubber injection molding is much longer than rubber compression molding.

Figure2 Rubber Injection Molding VS Rubber Compression Molding

Figure2 Rubber Injection Molding VS Rubber Compression Molding


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