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1. How Long Do You Need for a Quote?

It depends on the complexity of your project. If your design work is simple, the Ruitai team can quote for you within 2 hours. If your design is complicated, we may need a longer time to analyze your files and send the quotation to you. 

2. What Files Formats Can You Accept?

The files formats we accept consist of igs, x-t, step, stp, stl, and cartia. 

3. How Can You Keep My Files Confidential?

To protect your 3D files from leaking, we are glad to sign NDA (non-disclosure confidential)files with you before cooperation. Besides, every employee of Ruitai Mold signs a non-disclosure agreement when they join the company. Without permission, the employees are not allowed to take photos of any client’s parts. 

4. Do You Have MOQ for Prototyping and Molding?

At Ruitai, there is no MOQ for prototyping. For molding, the MOQ is 500+ because we need to design and make the mold first. Therefore, the cost of molding will be much higher if you want to do a molding project with low volume. The larger the quantity, the lower the cost will be.

5. Can You Do Assemblying Parts?

Yes, we can do assembling parts for you. You can send the parts to us and we can do it for you accordingly. Or you can send all the files to us and we can offer you a one-stop machining service from prototyping to assembling. 

6. Do Your Provide Any Engineering Advice?

Yes, we are glad to provide engineering advice. We offer you engineering advice from material selection, machining solutions, surface treatment, etc.


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