Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Leizi

No debatably, you may get a list of questions before/during/after the projects. To let you know more about us, we have listed a few FAQs for reference. You can also contact us directly if you get any other questions.

Before Starting the Projects

1. Can You Sign NDA Files Firstly?

Yes, we can. We usually sign NDA files with clients first to protect their unique designs. Besides, every employee of Ruitai Mould also signs a non-disclosure agreement when they join the company. Without permission, the employees are not allowed to take photos of any client’s parts.

2. What 3D file formats Do You Accept?

The common 3D file formats we accept are igs/x-t/step/stp.

3. How Do You Quote?

We offer you a quote after receiving four things from you: 3D&2D files, material, surface finish, and quantity.

4. Where Can I Get An Instant Quote?

You can contact the Ruitai by sending an e-mail to: We will reply to your e-mail within 2 hours.

5. How Long Do You Need for a Quote?

It depends on the complexity of your project. If your design work is simple, the Ruitai team can quote for you within 2 hours. If your design is complicated, we may need a longer time to analyze your files and send the quotation to you.

6. Where Are You Based In?

We are based in Shenzhen, China.

7. Do You Have MOQ for Prototyping and Molding?

At Ruitai, there is no MOQ for prototyping. For molding, the MOQ is 500+ because we need to design and make the mold first. Therefore, the cost of molding will be much higher if you want to do a molding project with low volume. The larger the quantity, the lower the cost will be.

8. Do Your Provide Any Engineering Advice?

Yes, we are glad to provide engineering advice. We offer you engineering advice from material selection, machining solutions, surface treatment, etc.

9. Can You Do The Assembling?

Yes, we can do the assembling for you. You can send the parts to us and we can do it for you accordingly. Or you can send all the files to us and we can offer you a one-stop machining service from prototyping to assembling.

10. Do You Design for the Project?

No, we don’t design but provide engineering advice for your project.

11. What Certifications Does Ruitai Have?

Until now, the certifications that the Ruitai team has are ISO9000:2015 and ATF 16949:2016.

12. Can I Visit Your Factory?

Yes, you can visit our factory anytime.

During the Order

1. Do I Need to Pay the Full Amount or Project of the Deposit for An Order?

According to our payment principles, we will start the production once you pay for it the full amount. If it is a molding project, you can pay us 50% of the deposit first. Before delivery, we will deliver the parts to you after receiving your balance.

2. How Do You Ensure the Quality of Prototypes and Parts?

There are three steps that we take to ensure the quality of prototypes and series production.

Step1: During machining, our well-experienced engineers will operate carefully to avoid unnecessary errors caused by improper operations.

Step2: Multiple quality inspections. At Ruitai, we get a professional and skilled QC team. They are fully responsible for inspecting the quality of every part. By using advanced equipment, they will do multiple quality inspections before delivery. If it is needed, they will make a CMM report for us to show you the actual tolerance of the finished parts.

Step 3: Well-packaging. It is the last and vital step to protect the parts from external damage. According to the length, width, shape, height, and weight of each project, we will customize its packaging by using a unique carton box, PE box, and wooden box.

3. Do You Provide Surface Finishes?

Yes, we provide an array of surface finishes for metal and plastic parts: anodizing, electroplating, chrome plating, painting, polishing, mirror gloss, powder coating, silk screen, laser engraving, texturing, etc.

After Production

1. What Shipping Companies Do You Usually Choose? How Can I Get the Tracking Number?

The common delivery companies we use are FedEx, DHL, UPS, and EMS.

After the packaged parts have been shipped, we will send the tracking number to you soon if we ship them through a forwarder.

2. What If I’m Not Satisfied with the Parts After Receiving Them?

We will be glad to receive your feedback no matter good or bad. You can tell us the reasons why you are not so satisfied with them. If it is a quality problem caused by us, we will be responsible for it. You can resend them to us and we will repair or redo them for you.

If it is a problem caused by the logistics, we are willing to contact them to solve it.