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Customizable CNC Bike Parts: from simple to complex design

Ruitai offers you custom CNC bike parts by 3&4&5 axis CNC machining. The tolerance is around ±0.008mm. The biggest diameter of CNC bike parts we can create is around 15 inches. We are fully confident to satisfy your needs on precision of bike parts.

You can choose your desired materials for your machining project. There are 30+ types of material  you can choose from at Ruitai. The common materials we used include: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, carbon steel, zinc, ABS, Acrylic, etc.

For any engineering guidance, our engineering team is always here to support you.




CNC Bike Parts-Adapters Kit

You can get almost all kinds of CNC bike parts from Ruitai that could not be gotten before. It is because we use the latest technology to manufacture the latest designs and parts for you.

CNC Bike Driven Parts

Our expert engineers can produce sturdy Driven with mesmerizing designs and rims for your bikes.

CNC Bike Parts

Either your bike’s frame need to change, or you just want to upgrade your bike looks, Ruitai can deliver high-quality  parts for you,just send the CAD files

CNC Bike Parts-Hubs

Ruitai can produce quality hub for your bikes sing quality materials and styles.

CNC Bike Parts-Legs

You can get any type of legs for your bike from Ruitai on which you would feel comfortable while riding it.

CNC Bike Parts-Wheels

We can also manufacture customized wheel for your bikes, depending upon your liking and desire.

Ruitai-Your Helpful CNC Bike Parts Supplier

Finding good and helpful manufacturers is not easy, but with Ruitai, doing this task will be just a piece of cake for you. We can share with you the samples of various CNC bike parts that we produced before so that you can have an idea about the caliber of our work. Once you feel satisfied, we move forward and manufacture mesmerizing parts for you.

You can also get insights into your CNC bike parts while they are in the manufacturing phase. We can share all the updates about your project with you from time to time, so you would not have any anxiety regarding your project.

Our online contacting services are available all the time. This means you can send us your quote or query any time, so why waiting now?

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Bikes have revolutionized a lot in a few years. From basic motorcycles to racing and heavy bikes, it’s really been a journey. This revolution and change have made many customization and production of bikes possible for people. This means you can yourself manufacture plenty of bike parts using different techniques. Not only bike parts, but an entire motorcycle can also be manufactured with CNC methods. Getting CNC bike parts from reliable manufacturers can help you create a superb bike of your own.

Figure 1 - CNC Bike Parts

Figure 1 – CNC Bike Parts

Getting bike parts was never a thing, but since CNC methods have been introduced into the market, people love customizing and doing experiments of their own. By utilizing these parts, you can not only add desirable features to your bike but can also update it while remaining within a budget. You can install new and better breaks, engines, enhance the speed limit, and so much more.

Customization and manufacturing were never so much fun, right? Well, this has all become possible now only because of CNC machines. CNC bike parts are said to be highly efficient, effective, and reliable for long-term usage. So, making a one-time investment can actually level up the game for your bike rides. If you really want to make your bike look and work better, you must get yourself some CNC bike parts.

To know more about CNC motorcycle parts meaning and for further details about this, you can go through our following in-depth FAQ guide. We will make sure to cover all the possibilities and details that can help you get the best CNC bike parts from the most exceptional manufacturers in China.

1. Why Are the CNC Bike Parts So Useful in Daily Life?

You don’t always have to be a bike enthusiast to use CNC bike parts. They are super-useful in daily lives, too. You can use them to make your bikes better and more smooth. If not that, then bikes are meant to meet accidents a lot more often than cars. It is beneficial for you to have some extra parts to maintain your bike in the proper manner.

In the accidents, your bike’s body may get scratched, the brakes may fail, or many other similar malfunctions can occur. Instead of wandering around the shops, you can just simply order CNC bike parts from reliable manufacturers in China.

Figure 2 - CNC Produced Bikes

Figure 2 – CNC Machined Bike Driven Parts

You can replace them easily, and your bike will look just like new. These CNC bike parts will not only be less expensive than the original ones but will also be durable and more reliable. Even if you are not into modifying your bike and upgrading it, you can use these parts to keep it working finely.

Sometimes, your bike’s engine or any little thing in the system can start working inappropriately. You can use these parts to make that right too. You would not have to go to company workshops, pay high prices, and get new working parts for your bike.

All you need to do is find suitable CNC parts suppliers, contact them, tell them your needs and requirements, and leave the rest upon them. They’ll make sure to produce and supply well-working parts for your bike, which you can replace and utilize efficiently on your own.

2. Which Components of Bike Can You Customize with CNC Bike Parts?

Automobiles are usually easy to customize and produce on your own as compared to many other products. This is the reason bike is easy to customize. You can change its various parts to make it better and enhanced. If you want to know which parts you can easily get and manufacture with CNC methods, here are a few we’ve enlisted for you.

  • Customized CNC motor parts

CNC Motors and engine parts for bikes are very easy to get through CNC. You can get your desired specifications and features by telling your company about your needs. They can also produce motor parts for your bike with better quality than the original one. So, it is quite a good way of upgrading your bike.

  • Custom-made wheels and their parts

It’s no hidden fact that the wheels of the bike are so much more visible than the ones of any other vehicle. That is why you have to keep them upgraded and admirable all the time. With CNC bike parts, you can get customized elite styles wheels for your bikes. You can even choose your own rim styles and colors to give a better outlook to your bike.

  • Engine Tuning Parts

Bike owners know the struggle of getting their bikes tuned every other week. The engine and oil in the bike need to be changed and upgraded after a few weeks of regular use. Otherwise, it may damage your bike badly. Now, instead of going through the difficulty of getting quality engine turning parts, you can easily get CNC parts for that purpose.

  • Customized LED bike lights

People are fully fond of making their bikes look more intriguing and captivating. One most important step for this is getting enchanting LED lights for your bike. The more attractive your bike’s lights will be, the more your bike will look amazing. These LED lights are usually super expensive, which is why many people cannot afford them. But you can easily get such lights with CNC methods and then install them on your bike later on.

  • Body and Seat Parts

In case your bike’s body has become old or boring, you can get a new one with CNC bike parts in a good price range. You can easily choose your desired style, color and get a body that suits your personality perfectly. You can also get these parts in case your bike has an accident, and its body is somehow shattered.

Figure 4 - Sleek CNC Bike Parts

Figure 3 – Sleek CNC Bike Parts

These all parts described above are just an overview of how you can get mesmerizing customized bike parts with CNC. The best thing about getting CNC bike parts is customization here is not limited. From material type to body color, you can get almost everything customized perfectly.

3. Do Big Brands Also Use CNC Bike Parts?

CNC Bike Parts are not only efficient but safe for long-term usage too. They are said to be highly reliable and long-lasting. Many CNC-produced parts can face extreme temperatures and pressures too. This makes them ideal for plenty of bike systems and brands.

These are the reasons why many brands also use CNC Bike Parts. With the passing time and new CNC technologies introduced in the market, more and more brands are getting into this field. These parts make big brands able to produce affordable classy bikes, which makes them famous in their clientele too.

With traditional manufacturing methods, you can never produce such efficient parts at low rates. CNC rates are not low either, but they are still far more affordable than traditional methods. Besides usual bike makers, plenty of bike racing brands also use CNC-produced bikes because they provide better results and looks.

In a nutshell, the following are the reasons many local, international, CNC racing USA, and CNC racing UK brands have started using CNC bike parts for their manufacturing processes.

Figure 5 - CNC Produced Bike Pedals

Figure 4 – CNC Produced Bike Pedals

  • Better Performance
  • Better engine and speed facilities
  • Smoother rides
  • Fascinating structure and looks
  • More customization options
  • Affordable processes
  • Speedy manufacturing rate
  • Efficient and effective working
  • Long term warranties
  • Reliable parts and fittings
  • Easily changeable parts

These are just a few grounds on which brands prefer using CNC bike parts instead of other mainstream manufacturing processes and parts. You can get these efficient parts at affordable rates by contacting CNC bike parts manufacturers.

4. Can a Newbie Install CNC Bike Parts on His Own?

This is another amusing thing about the CNC bike parts. You don’t have to contact expensive mechanics and workshops for their installation. If you’re any good with bikes and their usage, you can install these parts on your own and in an effortless way.

You might need some assistance with some complex installations but not every time. However, it is always good to get some expert services with this kind of work. But if you are tight on budget, YouTube is all you are going to need. Being a newbie to a field, you might have to face a bit of complication, but you will surely get through this if you stay consistent and focus thoroughly.

Figure 6 - CNC Machined Bike Parts

Figure 5 – CNC Anodized Bike Parts

Not all parts are easily manageable and installable. There are some exceptions, such as motor parts and engines. These bike parts need to be fitted with perfection, which needs an expert for the task. If you try doing it on your own without any prior experience, you may end up damaging the part or your bike. Therefore, it is always better to be on the safe side.

But many other parts, including LED bike lights, bike seats, and a few body parts, can be installed and checked on your own. You would not have to face some severe issues in doing so. If, in any case, you encounter any complications, you can always contact your suppliers and manufacturers to help you out through that.

5. How Are CNC Bike Parts Useful for Producing Light-Weight Motorcycles?

CNC machine motorcycle parts produced by CNC are light in weight. Now, lightweight things and parts are usually not sturdy and do not last for long, but this is not the case with CNC parts. CNC bike parts are super light yet very strong and reliable.

The primary reason for this lightweight is the aluminum material. Not all CNC parts are produced with aluminum, but many of them are. Aluminum is the lightest material that can be used in manufacturing. At the same time, it is highly reliable and robust. Numerous grades of aluminum are there, which are more potent than any other material and the lightest at the same time.

Figure 7 - CNC Turned Parts

Figure 6 – Anodized CNC Turning Bike Parts

Other than aluminum, there are many other materials used in CNC for manufacturing purposes that are light and strong. You can get some different parts in different materials depending upon your needs. All the materials you choose can be lightweight and sturdy. This will end up producing bikes that are easy to ride, smooth, and strong.

Producing lightweight CNC bike parts is another reason why these parts are preferred in racing bikes. It is necessary for those bikes to be strong yet lightweight. Otherwise, they may not be able to pick up the right speeds at the right time and run smoothly. CNC racing shock is supposed to be reliable and light too.

Other traditional manufacturing methods are not usually so good at producing these lightweight machines or parts. Even if they do, these parts are not reliable enough to be used in daily life. CNC parts are recommended by professionals and are very useful for this purpose, too. So, in case you’re looking forward to a racing bike or a bike that can be run and managed efficiently, you must get CNC bike parts for it.

Figure 8 - Custom CNC Machined Parts

Figure 7 – Custom CNC Spare Bike Parts

6.How is 5-Axis Machining Useful in Producing CNC Bike Parts?

5-Axis machining is the newest method in the CNC world. It was introduced to produce highly complex shapes and geometries that were not possible before. With 3-Axis CNC machining, you can produce mainstream parts for your bike. Or you can create the parts that are useful for daily usage.

But with 5-Axis CNC machining, you can manufacture delicate and intricate parts. The parts that are highly useful, beneficial, and required for bikes but could not be produced easily before due to their complexities can now easily be made with this method.

This technique has made everyone able to produce basically every kind of product and curve. You have to face no limitations or boundaries when working with this CNC technique. 5-Axis Machining is used for parts production in the space field. Those parts are not only complex, but they need to be very sturdy too. If this method is reliable for that purpose, then producing CNC bike parts is just a piece of cake.

You can add different kinds of curves, patterns, complex designs, structures, geometries into your bike parts if you choose this method for production. The milling cutter is able to move in five axes in this process. These axes and movement ability makes it able to produce almost anything in any required shape and design.

This all makes this method useful for producing CNC bike parts. Parts like the bike body or the main structures are usually complex. These are the ones that can be produced with 5-axis machining in the most accurate and easiest ways. Another worth mentioning thing is the precision and accuracy that this method offers during production.

Precision is highly required in automobile car parts, bike parts, and other vehicles. Only then, these vehicles are able to face extreme conditions on the road. Otherwise, they may collapse. Thus, you can produce the most useful CNC bike parts with a 5-axis machining method. So, contact your 5-Axis CNC manufacturers right away!

7. What Can Materials Be Used to Manufacture CNC Bike Parts?

CNC machining offers a wide range of materials to be used for the manufacturing process. There are many options and material grades for bike parts, which are highly recommended and useful for long-term use. You can choose them to get high-quality and durable parts.

Some of the common materials that are used as raw materials in the manufacturing processes are as follows,

  • Aluminum Grades

Aluminum cannot be used in pure form due to its softness and reactivity issues. But the alloys and different grades of aluminum are highly preferable for producing CNC bike parts. The parts produced with aluminum are light in weight and handy.

  • Brass

Brass is another helpful material that is preferred for producing bike parts in the industries. Its strength to tensile ratios makes this material worth using.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known to be a material of great strength among all other raw materials. It is heavier than the others, but the CNC parts produced using this material are the strongest and most reliable.

  • Copper and Bronze

These are widely used materials for CNC bike parts but are preferred for many functions. Different designing and structural components can be produced using copper and bronze as the raw materials. They are great for adding attraction to your parts and the bike afterward.

  • ABS

ABS is the most environmentally friendly material being used for different purposes nowadays. To produce different working and functional parts of the bike, you can use ABS to get good results.

  • Titanium

Titanium is a material that offers great speed and functionality for bikes. That is why it is used for the production of different CNC bike parts.

  • Steel

Stainless steel and steel are two different materials used for various purposes in the CNC industry. Stainless steel is corrosion resistive material, while steel is stronger. Both have their pros and cons. You can use steel, too, in your CNC manufacturing process in addition to stainless steel.

Figure 10 - CNC Bicycle Parts

Figure 8 – CNC Bike Driven Parts

  • SPCC

Acrylic is a highly usable material when it comes to producing CNC bike parts. All kinds of designing and the addition of different signs and colors into the parts can be done with this material. You can make your CNC parts a lot more captivating and cool with this material.

8. Which CNC Processes Can Be Used to Produce CNC Bike Parts?

Usually, all the CNC processes are good and reliable for production. But the ones that are used commonly are CNC milling and turning. You can produce almost every type of bike part with both methods. In case the part required is complex, you can simply use different axes for different parts to produce good parts.

With CNC turning, you can produce turned parts such as some body parts of the bike or shafts. In this process, parts are produced to be round, strong, and reliable. While in CNC milling, you can produce all kinds of parts. However, it is mostly preferred for flat surfaces and parts.

For producing intricate bike parts, you can use 5-Axis CNC machining and contact trustworthy CNC manufacturers around you to get worthy parts for your bike. CNC bike parts will only benefit users if they are produced in the right ways using the right material. That is why you must get the guidance of an expert if you’re going to produce them on your own.

9. What Factors Effect the CNC Bike Parts’ Rates?

One cannot say if these parts will be cheaper than the ones produced in the market or not. It is because it depends upon different factors. You can have an exact estimate of the price only keeping in view all the factors. These can be,

  • The Material

The material used for CNC bike parts has a great effect on your budget. In case you use cheap material for your part, your cost will automatically be less. But keep in mind that high-quality parts require good and durable material and thus, are high priced too.

  • The Structure and Geometry

Another thing that affects your cost rates for the CNC bike parts is the structure and geometry of your part. For instance, if your part is simple and does not require a lot of design, you would not need to use expensive methods for its production. However, if it involves complicated geometry, you might need to utilize the 5-Axis machining method, which is expensive than others.

  • The Timeframe

This factor does not affect the cost if you’re producing your CNC bike parts on your own. But if you have hired manufacturers or CNC parts suppliers for the purpose, the deadline and timeframe do matter. In case you need your parts urgently, you would certainly have to pay more. But if there is no haste, you can simply get the parts in usual timing and pay the routine price too.

Figure 12 - CNC Aluminum Machining

Figure 9 – CNC Aluminum Machining Parts

  • Production Size

Now, it depends upon you if you are going to get the CNC bike parts for your bike or for a business. If it is a low-volume production, then you might not need a big investment. But with large production, the cost will be higher too. ese all factors come all together and decide the final price of your CNC bike parts. But if you want to compare them with the traditional parts manufacturing in the market, they will be cheaper for sure.

10. Why Are CNC Bike Parts Cheaper Than the Others?

The traditional conventional methods present in the market are old and require a lot of work. That makes them costly too. If you see at a higher level, many things result in making these processes expensive than the CNC methods. Some of them are as,

  • More Labor Requirements

CNC methods do not require a lot of labor as compared to the traditional methods. Workers and human power ran all the machinery used before. However, CNC machinery works on its own. All you need to do is put the right codes in it and operate it in the right manner.

  • Traditional Machinery

The machinery present before was not only difficult to use and manage but didn’t offer a lot of functions, too. This makes the cost go up automatically because you need to pay extra whenever you need to produce parts that need enhanced technology and features.

  • More Time Consumption

With human labor and traditional machinery, old methods are never able to produce parts as fast as the CNC methods can. That is why those methods consume more time which eventually costs you more. But CNC bike parts can be manufactured in a matter of days and even in a week if you get a premium deal.

  • Simple Productions

The machinery used in the traditional processes is not able to produce complex structures. In case you want those geometrical shapes, you would have to pay more for unique processes and expert labor. This doesn’t happen in CNC because 5-Axis machining is the ultimate solution to all of your complex bike parts.

These are the major reasons why CNC-built parts are cheaper than conventional ones. It does not happen all the time, but CNC-produced parts are less expensive than the already built parts present in the market if you see the bigger picture.

11. How CNC Bike Parts Help You in Being More Creative?

CNC bike parts allow you a lot of customization options. These are the options that you can choose according to your easiness and requirements. Thus, this process makes you more creative and artistic. You can choose different materials, designs, methods and experiment with your bike.

Figure 13 - Create Your Motorcycle with CNC

Figure 10– Create Your Motorcycle with CNC

CNC methods help you experiment with your bike and upgrade it in a way you like or want. You can even turn your regular motorcycle into a racing bike using CNC bike parts.

Being a bike enthusiast would never have been so much fun for you if it weren’t for CNC bike parts. You can create your own bike parts and try them. If they work fine, you can move on to getting more complex parts and designs. Eventually, you will end up being so much more creative with your bike than those present around you.