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A Complete Rapid Injection Molding Manufacturer in China

Do you feel worried about the quality and lead time of the rapid injection molding project? You can depend on Ruitai to help you address these problems. We are a complete rapid injection molding manufacturer.

Ruitai team has a complete personnel allocation. We can be basically divided into four divisions: the engineering team, the production team, the sales team, and the quality checking team. When we get any rapid injection molding order, all of us collaborate with each other to finish the project well and in time.

If you still have doubts about our quality, we can provide you with a CMM report and a free sample. Just get a quick quote from Ruitai now!

Medical Plastic Molding Parts

Rapid injection molding can make the components of medical devices with a shorter production cycle and lower cost. That’s why many medical devices companies choose rapid injection molding to make the plastic parts.

Transportation Rapid Injection Molding Parts

In the transportation field, the anti-corrosion of the components is very important. If you choose rapid injection molding to make plastic components, the components have a longer lifespan.

Injection Molding Manufacturing

Overmolding is a kind of injection molding. The picture shown above combines two different plastics to make a complete outer shell of the hand shank. As an expert in rapid injection molding, we are confident to finish your project with a short lead time.

Plastic Injection Molding 

With the demand for high-quality parts in the telecommunications industry, rapid injection molding can help us to address the problems. It can help you to make components with complex designs.

High-volume Car Molding Parts

The defense products are usually of high precision. And rapid injection molding can create plastic components with less tolerance and high repeatability.

Consumer Plastic Molding Parts

After confirming the final files, we can choose rapid injection molding to do mass production. And Ruitai gets a full suite of injection molding machines to help your project.


A Reliable Rapid Injection Molding Supplier In China

As a reliable rapid injection molding service supplier, Ruitai always puts everything you are concerned about first.

Ruitai values the quality of our rapid injection molding parts. With the application of state-of-art equipment like vernier caliper and height gauge, we can ensure the quality of our components. And our quality checking staff are well-trained before entering the workshop.

Because of the time zone issues, our team provides 24/7 always-on service to ensure we can rely on you in time. Once you get any problems with rapid injection molding, you can send them to us and our team will solve the problems timely.

If you want to visit our factory someday, we would be happy to show you around. And you don’t have to worry about communication issues. Because our sales staff have strong oral and written English skills. If you have any problems with rapid injection molding, we will explain them to you.

Ruitai is always here to hear from you!

Related Rapid Injection Molding

  • Laser Cut Parts

    304 SS and 316 SS are the most commonly applied materials in fabrication. Different types of stainless steel series have various engineering performances. If you’re not sure about how to choose the material, Ruitai would like to help you.

  • Aluminum Machining Parts

    Ruitai provides several machinings available for you aluminum production. There are CNC machining, die casting, sheet metal processing, and metal 3D printing. You can choose any one of them.

  • Brass Mass Production

    With excellent hardness and machinability, brass is one of the popular machining materials. As to brass fabrication, we apply CNC machining to make high-precision components.

  • Copper Machining 

    Copper has poor workability. But, we can apply copper alloys to do machinings. At Ruitai, we will ensure you high-precision copper machined parts.


1. What Is Rapid Injection Molding?

The first step of rapid injection molding is designing the specific dies according to your 3D files, It takes time to design it. Then, we need to make a few prototypes to test its performance. When the testing is over, our skilled workers will operate the injection molding machines to make the plastic parts. Within a short period, we can produce high-volume rapid injection molding parts with high repeatability and performance. The material we commonly use is thermoplastic.

Figure1 Rapid Injection Molding Parts

2. What Are the 4 Stages of Rapid Injection Molding?

There are  4 steps to do rapid injection molding project.

  1. Clamping Because of the unique design of the dies, we often need to use the clamp to fix them.
  2. Injection Put the raw material into the hopper firstly. Then the plastics will be melted and injected into the dies.
  3. Cooling When it starts cooling, the materials will form the shapes you expected.
  4. Ejection Open the dies again and the parts will pop out. And we will inject the material into the dies again.


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