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A Professional Laser Cut Parts Supplier Since 2006

Since 2006, Ruitai has started providing people with high-quality laser cutting services. Because of years’ exploration, we have become a professional laser cut parts provider.

We can offer you professional engineering solutions for laser-cut parts. There are many kinds of laser cutting materials available from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, POM, Wood, and so on. According to the industry and the particular process method you belong and choose, our engineers would also give a complete and professional solution for you.

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Laser Cutting Parts

As a common metal in machining, aluminum also plays a role in making high-precision laser cut parts. At Ruitai, we apply aluminum in laser cutting, CNC machining, 3D printing, and so on. It’s a cost-effective and functional metal.

Laser Cut Parts

Ruitai uses the laser cutter to cut stainless steel sheets with high precision. These processed stainless steel components have a broad application in the automotive and medical fields.

Laser Cutting Parts

After laser cutting, the low carbon steel parts have smooth and flat surfaces. That’s why we often apply laser cutters to cut the carbon steel sheets. If you want an instant quote for your laser cut parts, just upload your 3D files, Ruiai will quote for you ASAP.

Foam Laser Cut Parts

As a quick and efficient tool, the laser cutter can help us cut the foam parts with a more clean surface. During the whole processing, we do not need to apply pressure on the foam parts.

Laser Cut Parts

Being a thermoplastic, POM has a strong anti-corrosion and dimensional stability. It’s also a superior material to make laser-cut parts.

Wood Laser Cut Parts

At Ruitai, wood is also a popular material to make a wood component. Thus, you do not need to worry about selecting the suitable material for your laser cutting. Because Ruitai would choose the most suitable solution for you.

A Custom Laser Cut Parts Supplier in China

As a custom laser cut parts manufacturers in China, Ruitai is always here to serve you any needs on laser cutting service.

Ruitai has 2 types of laser cutters you can choose from. One is the laser cutter with 3600w; another type is with 1500w. The more power, the faster the speed. According to your needs on the production speed, we would like to choose one of them to assist your laser cut parts manufacture.

Generally speaking, laser cutting is a vital step for metal processing. Ruitai is well-experienced in assisting your metal processing project by combining laser cutting and CNC machining. The combination of the laser cutter and CNC machines can make the most satisfying metal parts and other parts

If you’re not satisfied with your current laser cut parts supplier, you can try to trust Ruitai to finish your laser cutting project. Just contact Ruitai here for more details!


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1. What Materials Are Not Suitable to Make Laser Cut Parts?

We have mentioned a lot of materials that are suitable to make laser-cut parts. For instance, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, POM, etc. And now, we would like to introduce some materials which are not suitable to create laser cutting parts.

  • PC(Polycarbonate); PC will absorb infrared radiation.
  • ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene); ABS is easy to melt and even catch fire when we apply a laser cutter to cut the material.
  • Fiberglass; Fiberglass is too hard to be cut.
  • PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride); PVC will emit corrosive gases when it is cut. And this will greatly corrode the machine.
  • PolyPropylene Foam. Just like ABS, PolyPropylene Foam is easy to catch fire.

Laser Cutting

2. Will You Give Us Some Suggestions on Material Selection and Thickness?

Yes, we will give you professional advice for the material selection and thickness. We have rich experience in the field of laser cutting. And our experienced and professional engineers will guide you from one laser cutting project to several projects.

Laser Cut Parts

3. Do You Provide Surface Treatment Service for the Laser Cut Parts?

Yes, we do provide surface treatments like polishing and deburring for the laser cut parts.