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The Ruitai team has engaged in injection molding car parts fabrication for decades. And we have also gained a reputation for our high-quality automotive molding parts.

Our advanced injection molding machines allow us to deliver quality automotive plastic parts to you. Alongside that, as an ISO9001:2015 certified molding supplier, Ruitai creates injection molding car parts in line with the procedures of the standard.

And our skilled workers also pay attention to the quality of the molding parts. Through cooperation with numerous car companies, the Ruitai team has become an expert in plastic injection molding. No matter how complex your molding design is, we are pretty confident to make it.

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Metal Milling Test Fixtures

When it comes to prototyping, CNC prototyping and 3D printing are often mentioned. Injection molding is also suitable for your prototyping project. With the help of our professionals, the Ruitai is proud of offering you the best injection molding car parts.

Automotive Molding Parts

Many injection molding suppliers will consider injection molding as their top-list processing to produce car gears. And Ruitai is a custom molding car parts supplier, who you can count on always.

End-use Car Parts

PMMA is a plastic that is often applied for making the car lighting molding parts for its transparency and hardness. Compared to other materials, its cost is also relatively higher.

Thermoplastic Injection Molding 

We have years of experience in prototyping and manufacturing PA car parts. Except for PA, there is an array of plastic for you including nylon, HDPE, and PC. According to your car molding project, the Ruitai team choose the most engineering solution for you.

High-volume Car Molding Parts

When you are considering making high-volume car plastic components, injection molding is more ideal and economical for you. With efficient processing and lower molding cost, injection molding is favored by many car companies.

Overmolding Parts

As part of injection molding, overmolding creates the automotive molding parts with two kinds of plastic. The Ruitai team is of confidence to assist your overmolding car parts project. And we are always online to contact you to discuss more details.


Custom and Rapid Injection Molding Car Parts Manufacturer-Ruitai Mold

If you consider Ruitai Mold as your injection molding car parts manufacturing partner, we promise to supply you with a custom service.

At Ruitai, we have a spectrum of plastic for you: PMMA, PC, Nylon, TPU, PEEK, ABS, and so on. You may be not so familiar with their properties and the best solution. The Ruitai team is happy to support you for the whole processing and you just send your drawings and specifications to us.

As to every injection molding project, our engineers treat it carefully and professionally. We can honestly tell you about our capability. If we can hardly deal with your automotive molding project, we will tell you right away. When you need any engineering suggestions, we are glad to help you for free.

As to quality checking for the injection molding car parts, our team often uses the coordinate measuring machine to inspect them and record the data. If necessary, we will send the CMM report to you to ensure the quality of our automotive plastic parts.

If you belong to the companies that have the requirements for automotive molding samples before starting cooperation, the Ruitai team can do it for you. Because Ruitai is sincere and confident to build long-term cooperation with you.

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Other Machinings

  • CNC Stainless Steel Turning Parts

    By using the CNC turning machines, the lumpy metal or plastic material will be formed into round parts. And precision turning parts are usually used in the automotive industry.

  •  Metal 3D Printing

    To work on your complex design drawings, our team applies the SLS printers to make quality metal prototypes. Meanwhile, the finished metal printing parts are of a rough surface. If you have many requirements on the surface smoothness.

  • Metal Prototyping Components

    Stamping is a technology that is applied to make small automotive metal parts. It also plays a role in processing CNC machining. And the Ruitai team has invested in the field of stamping.

  • Aluminum Die Casting

    With a strong engineering strength, the Ruitai team can support your aluminum die casting project. Alongside that, zinc can also be applied for die casting projects. If you get any requirements on material, Ruitai will offer you the most suitable one.



1. What Are Injection Molding Car Parts?

Injection molding car parts is when we apply injection molding to produce the car prototypes or parts. There is no denying that injection molding plays a role in making automotive plastic parts. For car parts manufacturing, we need various plastic parts for assembly. Besides, prototyping also matters during the whole product development.

At the same time, injection molding is one of the most efficient and economical processing ways to make low-volume, medium, and high-volume automotive plastic parts. That’s why people will choose to produce injection molding car parts.

As a well-experienced injection molding car parts fabricator, Ruitai is always glad to hear from you.

Figure 1 Injection Molding Car Parts