Understand The Prototype Material

Hi, welcome to Ruitai, we are a manufacturer that provides high-quality manufacturing services. We have a diversified production workshop, from the production of injection molded products to the fabrication of metal parts, we can meet all your prototyping and production needs.

The picture on the left is a picture of our actual production parts. If you want to know about our production capabilities, you can click on the equipment list to enter. In this category, we mainly take you to understand some of the raw materials used in manufacturing, giving you one more choice when choosing parts to produce for your project.

The best way to know if a material is suitable for your prototyping project is to understand what it is, what properties it has, its most common uses, what advantages and disadvantages it has compared to other materials, etc. Normally, you may need to spend a lot of time looking for it, but today, at Ruitai, we will compile some material property tables and raw materials for you, and we will write a page ourselves to give you some understanding of the materials.

Three Major Material Classifications

There are many kinds of raw materials used in manufacturing, and the materials that each manufacturing process can process are also different. Systematically understanding some material processes is relatively tedious. In order to facilitate you to have a clear understanding of these materials, we divide these materials into three major categories, namely metal materials, plastic materials, and alloy materials.

Sorting out material properties is not a simple matter. So far, we have compiled only a dozen material property tables commonly used in industrial manufacturing. Below are some compiled prototype material property tables. You can click on the table below to learn more about them.

Metal type:

Aluminum material
Copper material
Stainless steel material

Plastic type:

ABS material
POM material
PE material
Nylon material
PC material
PEEK material
PMMA material
PP plastic

If you know about our online CNC machining services. In that case, you will know that for a high-quality parts processor, having a wide range of raw materials is the most basic condition for our parts manufacturing. We aim to achieve satisfactory cooperation with every customer who takes the initiative to contact us. If you want to know more, you can follow our blog category, we will update the content frequently, or contact our team and ask them for more details to help you complete your prototype project.