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Best CNC Machining Company & Parts Manufacturers-Ruitai Mould

  1. ⭐Strong professionalism. More than 80% of Ruitai employees have more than 10 years of experience in the field of prototype manufacturing, and are experienced masters of CNC machining parts production technology;
  2. ⭐Wide range of services. Our main manufacturing services cover CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal manufacturing, vacuum casting, injection molding, etc;
  3. ⭐High manufacturing standards. We are an ISO9001/IATF certified supplier, and every step of manufacturing CNC machining parts can meet and exceed the highest industry standards;
  4. ⭐Efficient communication. Ruitai provides 24/7 online support for your manufacturing projects, allowing you to keep abreast of the CNC manufacturing projects process and progress.

A One-stop Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining Services Company

From prototyping to production, Ruitai provides a series of solutions. We have professional CNC finishing manufacturing technology, that provides on-demand manufacturing services to help you develop effective prototype custom parts and turn your product ideas into reality.

Ruitai parts prototype materials are diverse and of high quality. We have more than 70 kinds of materials and a variety of CNC machining process technologies. We can produce and process custom parts to a high standard.

For rapid prototyping, Ruitai has a mature CNC machining application engineering team to serve you. Whether you need the production of small molded parts or the processing of large parts, we have a professional digital manufacturing technical team to provide you with professional and accurate prototyping services.

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Ruitai Rapid Precision Prototype Machining Services

Custom-Machined Aluminum-Parts-pc

We apply CNC machining to create high-precision metal and plastic parts. The tolerance of machined metal parts can reach ±0.008mm.


3D printing is high-efficient manufacturing to create low-volume prototypes. At Ruitai, SLA and SLS rapid prototyping are two printing technologies we use to deliver functional prototypes.

Sheet Metal Fabrication picture

Sheet metal fabrication refers to an array of techniques including piercing, stamping, cutting, bending, and welding. We make the metal parts with specific sizes and types according to your drawings.

Vacuum Casting

Before mass production, if you need small batch production for plastic material, vacuum casting is the best choice for you. The vacuum casting prototypes are applied to test and verify the feasibility of the design.

Injection Molding Parts picture

If you are considering to create plastic parts with high volume, injection molding is your top-list choice. It involves rapid tooling to produce the molds. That’s why the injection molded parts are of high repeatability and tight tolerance.

Die Casting Parts

At Ruitai, aluminum and zinc are popular materials for die casting because of their excellent engineering properties. We apply hot chamble and cold chamble die casting to deliver you high-quality metals parts.

Precision CNC Machining Shop

Ruitai has professional CNC machining programs and corresponding CNC machining tools, whether you need low-volume prototypes, small batch production, or mass production for your projects, Ruitai CNC machining shop can always satisfy your different needs.

As one of the best leading prototyping and manufacturing CNC machining services providers, Ruitai can send the CMM test report or ROHS report before your delivery, it can make sure that you get the prototype with high quality and good function.

Over the years, we have provided numerous manufacturing services to various industries around the world, producing thousands of high-quality parts.


Reasons Why Most Companies Choose Ruitai CNC Precision Machining Services

Over 15 Years of Prototyping and Manufacturing Experience

Ruitai has over 15 years of experience in prototype and manufacturing. We get the expertise and confidence to offer you high-quality metal and plastic parts.

Deliver You High-quality Parts with Quick Turnaround

With around 50+ sets of CNC machines, we can deliver premium quality parts within a week. As our machines run 24 hours with 3 shifts, it gives us the confidence to assist your urgent orders with a fast turnaround.

Professional Manufacturing Expert

According to your 3D&2D files, the engineers at the Ruitai team will analyze them and give you the best solution and suggestions. If you have any updates on the drawings before production, you can contact us anytime.

Automatic Manufacturing Line

Ruitai has advanced automatic prototype production lines, which allow us to deliver you parts as to the lead time we scheduled even in peak season.

Fast and Good Communication on Your Projects

The Ruitai sales team can give you 7 days with 24 hours of online support for your prototype projects. And we will quote for your prototypes within 4 hours during the working time after receiving your 3D&2D files.

Strict Quality Checking During Manufacturing

Ruitai Mould will do more than 6 times checking on your plastic and meal components during production. We are confident that every part can meet your requirements on accuracy and performance.

Who Needs Ruitai CNC Machining Prototypes


If you are an independent entrepreneur designer/innovator, Ruitai is willing to be your custom manufacturer to make low-volume functional prototypes to test the feasibility of your design.

Design Companies

If you are a design company with various prototyping and manufacturing requirements, Ruitai can provide you with 100% support. And there is no minimum order quantity(MOQ) for your project.

Global Manufacturers with R&D Ability

If you are a Global manufacturer has R&D ability, you must need our help. As long as your send 3D&2D files and requirements to the Ruitai team, we will help you from small-batch production to mass production.

Ruitai CNC prototype

Prototyping and Manufacturing Cases

CNC plastic prototype
CNC Robot Prototype
  • Process way: CNC machining;
  • Material:ABS+PMMA;
  • Surface treatment:highly polish;painting;silk-screen;
  • Max size: 2000*1800*600MM;
Metal Prototype
Small Metal Prototypes
  • Process way: CNC machining;
  • Material: stainless steel;
  • Surface treatment: polish;
  • Max size: 2000*1500*900MM.


CNC Aluminum Prototype
CNC Aluminum Prototype
  • Process way: CNC machining;
  • Material: Aluminum;
  • Surface treatment:highly polish;painting;anodized;silk-screen; laser etching;
  • Max size:2000*1800*600MM.

Send Your Inquiry Now


Do you have any MOQ for your prototype?

We do not have MOQ for every order. And we can manufacture your prototype from 1 pc.

Can I visit your prototype manufacturing factory in China?

Yes, you can. We are very glad to invite you to our prototype factory after COVID-19.

Can you export to America?

Yes, all of our prototypes can be packed well and shipped to anywhere like America and Canada.

Can you send us your certification?

Of course, just tell us which certification you want to check, we will give you a clear PDF format.

What is the payment methods?

We only accept T/T 50% deposit, and 50% before shipment. We will send the CMM test report and final photos to you for approval.

Does Ruitai only manufacture prototype?

Not exactly, Ruitai can also do sheet metal parts, 3D print, vacuum casting, small batch production, metal parts, and mass production, just send us your requirement.

Do you have efficient cnc manufacturing speed?

Yes, we are a first-class CNC machining company, with a top-level CNC machining workshop, which can increase the production speed of parts, allowing you to greatly reduce painful and time-consuming rework time.

How confidential are your CNC machining project files?

Confidentiality is strong. Before you send the CAD file to us, Ruitai is happy to sign the NDA file with you to protect your unique CNC machining design file.

Do you provide CNC technical guidance?

If you are a novice design genius, the Ruitai team is willing to guide and assist you to complete one-time to long-term CNC machining and manufacturing projects.