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Custom Plastic Machining Solution!


CNC Plastic Turning Service

Being a manufacturing service supplier, we are committed to offering a custom solution for your CNC plastic turning project.

We create CNC turned prototypes in conformance with your specification. At Ruitai, there is a variety of plastic materials for your turning project: Nylon/PEEK/Delrin/PC/PP/Epoxy, and so on.

With the philosophy of making high-quality plastic turned parts, the quality checking team will use CMM/height gauge/vernier caliper to check every piece of them.

Get started with your plastic turned parts project now? Just leave us an e-mail.

CNC Machined PEEK Parts

PEEK is a preferred plastic to make CNC turned parts. It has excellent mechanical properties like high-temperature resistance and ductility.

Nylon Machined Plastic Parts

Nylon are often applied to make CNC turned plastic parts, which are of strong strength and high-temperature resistance, and relatively low cost.

PC(polycarbonate) is a thermoplastic with good impact strength and machinability.

CNC Plastic Turning Service

At Ruitai, we produce quality plastic turned parts with our CNC lathes. They allow us to produce high-precision plastic turned parts according to your detailed specification.

We are a manufacturing company with ISO9001 compliant. Every manufacturing step meets the highest industry standard. If you are not sure about our quality, we would like to send you the CMM report to further ensure the quality.

Our customer service is also comprehensive. Before delivery, the sales team will send several pictures and videos about the detailed processing and the performance of your plastic turned parst. Only when you think these plastic turned parts meet your standard, we will send them to you.

If you’re interested, you can contact us here! We are pretty glad to assist with your project.


1.What Industries Plastic Turned Parts Can Apply To?

Nowadays, plastic Turned Parts can apply to almost every industry. There are aerospace/automotive/electrical/defense, and so on.

2.What Plastic Range You Can Provide to Make Plastic Turned Parts?

Ruitai is a full-service manufacturer of plastic turned parts fabrication. There is an array of plastic we provide.

  • PEEK
  • Delrin
  • Nylon
  • PC
  • PP
  • Epoxy

3.How Do You Produce Plastic Turned Parts?

At Ruitai, we are a specialist in plastic turned parts manufacture with more than 50 sets of 5 axis CNC machines. So, we usually choose CNC machining to produce plastic turned parts.

At Ruitai, there are several steps to help your plastic turned parts project. Once we receive your 3D files, our engineers will carry out a professional analysis on them. And then our team will give you the most suitable machining method and quote for you as quickly as possible.

When you decide to choose Ruitai to assist your plastic turned parts fabrication, we will arrange the production immediately. Our engineers will program according to your 3D files and do process settings on the CNC machines. Then, our trained workers will operate the machines accordingly. Our quality checking team will also do several checkings on every plastic part to control the qualilty.