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Being a brass fabrication service provider in China, Ruitai Mold is always your most satisfying one.

Ruitai has cooperated with over 1000+ clients from abroad since 2006. The Ruitai team knows the export process well. If there are any problems during the delivery, we can handle these issues comfortably.

During the process of brass fabrication, Ruitai Mold puts brass machined parts rigorously and professionally. Every procedure of our processing complies with the highest industry standard. We are sure to deliver satisfying brass machined parts of high performance.

In addition, we are pretty glad to visit you if there are some problems to get handled. You can contact us now to know more about our brass CNC machining service.

Custom Brass Machined Parts

Customization is one of our characteristics to make the brass machined parts for prototyping or mass production. You can customize from material selection, machining choice, wall thickness, surface treatment to packaging.

Copper & Brass Turned Parts

CNC turning plays a role in producing brass and copper parts. There are over 20 sets of the lathe at Ruitai. They give us the confidence to turn your CNC turning production with a short lead time.

Precision Brass Machined Parts

We have been paying much attention to the precision of our metal machined parts. The tolerance of our machined parts can be up to ±0.008mm. The Ruitai team would do several quality control measures by the advanced equipment from CMM to vernier caliper.

Knulred Brass Components

Knurling is one kind of secondary finish, which we use for making brass components of unique texture. Besides, it can increase their grip of them when you need to hold them. Knurling is also part of our machining service.

Brass Machined Parts

There is an array of applications of brass turned parts including inserts, transformer parts, nuts, washers, and fasteners. They are functional and necessary in our daily life.

Polished Brass Turned Parts

For small brass machined parts, Ruitai Mold offers you a mass production service. If our prototypes have met your standard, we can arrange the mass production line for you immediately.

Ruitai Is A Supplier Who Offers You Cost-effective Brass Machined Parts 

Among numerous processing suppliers, the Ruitai team is committed to offering you cost-effective brass machined parts.

According to the feedback from the clients, we have cooperated with, 95% of them think that our brass machined parts are cost-effective. Most of them would choose to continue working with us on other machining projects including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

To ensure the quality of your brass machined parts, Ruitai would like to send a CMM test to you. Alongside that, our quality checking team would take photos and shoot several short videos for you. In this way, you can get a comprehensive view of our production processing and the performance of the finished brass machined parts.

If you find that the machining metal parts you receive have any quality problems, we will take full responsibility for it.

Do you want to know about our Brass Machining service? Contact us now!

Related Parts Production

  • Machined Plastic Parts

    At Ruitai, we also pay much attention to plastic machining. There are popular plastic materials for machining: ABS, PVC, Nylon, PP, PMMA, Epoxy. The machined plastic components can be used for devices in the fields of lighting, electronics, semiconductor, etc.

  • Milled Wooden Parts

    You may ignore that wood can also be machined by CNC milling. Compared with handmade, CNC milling can save the time we spent and form the wooden products with accuracy. Once you get any interest in wooden milling, you can e-mail the Ruitai team to know more.

  • Metal Prototyping Components

    More and more companies prefer prototyping to save the circle of product development. As to metal prototyping, people tend to choose CNC machining and SLS rapid prototyping to make low-volume prototypes.

  • Aluminum Machined Parts

    Anodizing is a preferred surface finish on the aluminum parts. We select any color to dye on them. To improve the texture, you could also do bead blasting on the parts before anodizing. The anodized aluminum components are more anti-corrosive.


1. What Are Brass Machined Parts?

Brass machined parts refer to that we apply CNC machining center to make high-precision brass components. By changing the tools, the lumpy brass materials would be deformed into brass parts of different sizes and types. It mainly consists of CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling.

Ruitai is a well-established brass machined parts manufacturer since 2014. We are dedicated to turning your brass machining project with high performance.

Figure1 Brass Turning

2. What Are the Common Applications of Brass Machined Parts?

There are numerous applications of brass machined parts: nuts, screws, bearings, bushings, valves, gears, fitters, medical transmissions parts, musical instruments, etc.


3. Why Brass Is Popular for Machining?

Brass is an ideal material in machining. It has a spectrum of excellent properties: high tensile strength and low friction.