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Custom CNC Milling Service

95% of Ruitai’s engineers and workers have more than 10 years of experience working in the field of custom CNC milling. And we take pride in our professional staff and high-quality CNC milling service. Whenever you get any confusing problems, you can turn to us for help. And we will offer you the most professional solution.

To ensure we can provide you with high-precision custom CNC milling components, we are constantly improving our production capacity by buying the latest and advanced CNC machines. Besides, it also enables us to turn your custom CNC milling project with a shorter lead time. That’s why Ruitai can provide you custom CNC machining service.

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Custom CNC Milling Service Provider

There are numerous CNC milling service providers in China. Why do you need to choose Ruitai as your supplier? We will prove to you that we are a CNC milling service reliable supplier.

As to certification, Ruitai is an ISO9001:2015 compliant company. Our CNC milling and products quality can meet the highest processing standard. If you get a quality control team in China, we are glad to assist your team from the beginning to the ending. All we do is accelerate the long-term cooperative partnership between you and Ruitai.

If possible, we are glad to be your one-stop custom CNC milling supplier. Because we can also do assembling for you. When you want to distribute the components machining projects to several manufacturers, there are always problems with unsuccessful assembly. Thus, Ruitai is here to help you address your problems. Except that, CNC lathe machining is also available for you.

We are always online to help you with any Custom CNC Machining project!


1. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom CNC Milling?

Custom CNC milling has many advantages while it also has some limitations.


(1) The tools of custom CNC milling are of high durability. Thus, we can process thousands of components in a short period.

(2) The components processed by custom CNC milling are of repairability. It can guarantee the precision of our machined parts.

(3) If the design you sent us is very complex, custom CNC milling can help you produce the components as to your specification.


(1) The cost of labor and custom CNC milling is more expensive.

2. Do You Provide Powder Coating Service for Custom CNC Milling Components?

Yes, we do provide a powder coating service. We are a one-stop custom CNC milling supplier. Except for the CNC milling service, Ruitai also provides a full suite of surface treatments: powder coating, painting, electroplating, passivation, etc.

3. What 3D Files You Can Accept?

Normally, there are igs/stl/x-t/stp/step/cartia formats available at Ruitai. Alongside that, both 3D files and 2D files are very important for us to finish your custom CNC milling project well. When we are going to begin the project, we can know more machining details. For example, the assembly details, post-processing, thread details. Therefore, we suggest that you send us both 3D and 2D drawings at one time.