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Ruitai has a variety of CNC turning centers, which can provide you with various precision CNC turning parts manufacturing services. For more than ten years, Ruitai CNC turning processing technology has been very proficient and has a first-class service level in the CNC turning parts manufacturers industry. Customers who have worked with us give high marks to our turning parts production capacity.


Standard turning is a simple roughing process for prototype materials. Most of the raw material area is removed directly to form the desired turned part shape. Without any post-processing, the most original production traces of turned parts will be preserved. Its advantages are short processing time and material saving.


Precision turning services perform secondary operations on rough-machined turned parts. The turned parts after secondary processing will have obvious improvement in product performance, surface finish, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and processing tolerance. This process involves the use of many different tools and techniques, so it is also known as cnc surface treatment services. Our finishing turning services are always popular with customers.


We offer many metal materials, you can choose the metal you want to custom parts, such as turned aluminum, turned steel, etc. No matter which one you choose, we have the corresponding CNC lathe tools for your turning project manufacturing.


Turning alloy service is the process of turning various alloys. On our platform, we offer a wide range of common alloys used to manufacture turned parts, such as various aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloy, zinc alloys, stainless steels, etc.


Plastic turning services are the process of cutting plastic with specific tools on a CNC lathe to form custom plastic parts. Turned plastic services are an economical way to produce when you need to have a budget for your project or usage costs.


If you need to turn wood, then our wood turning services are perfect for you. We can process common softwood and hardwood in the world, such as pine, oak, walnut, cherry, golden teak, beech and so on.

CNC Turning Surface Preparation Service

At Ruitai, we offer a range of surface preparation service options for your CNC turned part projects.

Powder CoatingPaintingAluminum BrushKnurling
Laser CuttingPolishingTransfer-printing Silk-screen
Fuming PCEmbossingBead BlastingUV-finish

What is CNC Turning?

CNC Turning Basics

CNC turning is a kind of CNC machining process. It refers to the process in which the CNC lathe controls the power tool to cut the workpiece. Since the CNC lathe has a very complete automatic power tool magazine center, it can manufacture corresponding turning parts for different CNC lathe projects. Therefore, CNC lathes are also called CNC turning centers.

Both CNC turning and CNC milling belong to subtractive forming manufacturing technology, but the cycle of turning parts manufactured by CNC turning is generally shorter than that of milling parts. The CNC turning process is ideal for machining tubular, or cylindrical and spherical parts.

The Basic Principle of CNC Lathe Machining Parts

The CNC lathe cuts the fixed raw material installed on the rotary chuck through different CNC power tools to form the required customized CNC turning product parts. This process is usually programmed through G-code.

Common Turning Machining Process
We are a first-class CNC turning company that can provide you with a variety of turning process manufacturing services, covering cutting, knurling, boring, drilling, parting, tapping, turning (forming, profiling, taper), internal forming, etc. .

Ruitai CNC Lathe Configuration
We are equipped with horizontal lathes and vertical lathes that are more common in turning processing, which can easily meet the task requirements of 3-axis machining, 4-axis machining, 5-axis machining and multi-axis machining. When you use our CNC lathe service, we will minimize the cycle time of your turned parts. Whether it is a small batch of parts processing service or a large batch of customized parts production, we can strictly control the quality of turned parts and provide you with the most satisfactory lathe turning service.

Advantages of CNC Turning Services
Production of high precision turned parts. Compared with manual lathes, CNC lathes can produce turned parts with higher precision. On the Ruitai platform, the tolerance of CNC turned parts manufactured by our CNC lathe can reach ±0.01mm.

The processing cycle is short. CNC turning is more advantageous in low-volume prototype projects. The CNC lathe has a complete tool magazine system and does not require manual intervention. Reduce human error from the processing source and shorten the processing process. Generally, for small batches of precision turned parts, we can complete the processing tasks within a few days.

Wide range of materials. CNC Turning Services Part Fabrication can turn many metals, plastic polymers, alloys, and more to form complex custom parts. On our platform, the turned metal parts we often do are turned aluminum.

Wide range of services. CNC lathe parts produced by CNC lathe service can be seen everywhere around us, such as landing gear parts in the aerospace industry, fuel nozzle parts, aluminum extrusion parts in the mold industry, lamp housing parts in the automotive industry, wheel hubs, etc. Parts for the oil and gas industry, various scalpel parts for the medical industry, bicycle accessories for sports competitions, etc.


Surface Treatment for Metal Parts

In order to give you a more detailed understanding of Ruitai’s CNC turning machining process, we have prepared the following turning parts video and some turning parts Gallery demonstrations for you.

CNC Lathe Machine Parts Video

Quality Custom Turned Components Gallery

CNC Turning Materials Gallery

It’s worth noting that CNC turning services are just one of our CNC services. If you need other CNC services, please contact us for quotation, we will provide you with the best CNC quotation.