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Ruitai owns several machines and equipment used to produce sheet metal parts. We have extensive experience in sheet metal manufacturing, whether you need prototype sheet metal parts, precision sheet metal parts, or other curved sheet metal parts, we can provide processing services for your sheet metal part design.

We are more cost-effective for quick turn sheet metal production. Ruitai will provide you with standard sheet metal parts using high-quality, quick turn sheet metal fabrication technology. Compared with the instant quotations of other sheet metal services, the quotations given by our engineers are more reasonable.

Rapid Flat Plate Sheetmetal Parts

Round shape Sheet Metal part image

Round Shape Sheet Metal Part

L Bend Sheet metal part image

L Bend Sheet metal part

Z Bend Sheet metal part image

Z Bend Sheet Metal Part

Convex Bend Sheet metal part image

Convex Bend Sheet Metal Part

C Bend Sheet metal part image

C Bend Sheet Metal Part

Multiple Angle Bend sheet-metal-part image

Multiple Angle Bend Sheet Metal Part


Sheet Metal Part Specified Angle Bend (other than L bend shape)

Tab Flange Sheet Metal part image

Tab Flange Sheet Metal Part

Cutout in bent sheet metal part image

Cutout in Bent Sheet Metal Part


Partial Bend With Cutout Sheet Metal Part


Rectangular Slot Sheet Metal Part


U-Shaped Slot Sheet Metal Part


Rectangular Corner Notch Sheet Metal Part

Reliable Ruitai Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication Services

Ruitai is a leading sheet metal parts manufacturer in China, specializing in precision forming and rapid production of sheet metal parts manufacturing services. No matter how complex the sheet metal part design in your sheet metal part drawing is, we can realize the manufacturing of the sheet metal parts for you through fast sheet metal manufacturing technology.

Definition of “Quick Turn” in Sheet Metal Parts Services

At Ruitai, quick turn sheet metal parts manufacturing generally refers to the process of producing sheet metal parts in a short period of time. At Ruitai, we have a variety of advanced production equipment and an experienced team of engineers who can quickly formulate reasonable manufacturing plans based on the sheet metal design drawings you send. They can meet your high requirements in the shortest possible time. Precise, highly complex project requirements.

We can implement many of the world’s popular prototype sheet metal part hole types, including but not limited to the following:

Through holesheet-metal-part-Through-hole-image-250x250
Slotted holesheet-metal-part-Slotted-hole-image-250x250
Rectangular holeRectangular hole
Tapped holeTapped hole
Countersunk holeCountersunk hole
Press-fit nut (coarse), Weld nut (coarse)sheet-metal-part-Weld-nut-image-250x250

Various Processes Used in Quick Turn Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Ruitai, we have a variety of equipment and diversified manufacturing processes to protect your complex, fast-turnaround sheet metal manufacturing projects. Whether it’s low-volume machining or high-volume production, routine tolerances, or precision manufacturing, we can make it happen for you. The following are the diverse processes we commonly use.

Wire cutting
The wire-cutting process refers to a production process in which metal parts are immersed in a dielectric bath and combined with electric spark cutting to cut thin electrically charged metal wires to melt the material. Dielectric fluid is used to control sparks, cool down, and flush away excess material.

Laser cutting
Laser cutting is a very efficient manufacturing process. Using a high-power density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, the workpiece can be cut without any other mechanical parts.

Water jet cutting
Waterjet cutting is a very common sheet metal processing technology that uses high-pressure water flow to cut workpieces. Common raw materials in the world, whether soft or hard, can be cut with it. Waterjet cutting technology is an excellent solution for cutting heat-sensitive materials or thicker materials.

Stamping refers to a forming processing method that applies pressure to materials through presses and molds to cause plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining workpieces (stamping parts) of the required shape and size. In this process, different processes will be involved depending on the sheet metal parts, such as drilling, punching, bending, stretching, embossing, etc.

CNC punch press
CNC punch press is a multi-purpose machine tool commonly used to process various types of sheet metal parts. It can process a variety of hole shapes, etc. One-off sheet metal parts processing can be provided quickly.

Quick Turn Sheet Metal Parts Materials We Provide

At Ruitai, we can provide you with a variety of materials for manufacturing sheet metal parts, including but not limited to the following materials:

Hot-rolled sheet SHCC, material T≥3.0mm, has low manufacturing cost and is often used to manufacture large pipe structural parts such as automobile frames and agricultural equipment. Typically used in applications where strength and durability are primary considerations.
Cold-rolled plate SPCC, material thickness ≤3.2mm, low cost, easy to form, matte or semi-matte surface, usually used to manufacture electrical appliances, auto parts, metal furniture, electrical appliance casings, etc.
Galvanized sheets SECC, SGCC. A galvanized sheet is a steel sheet coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. SECC electrolytic plates are divided into N material and P material. N material mainly does not require surface treatment and the cost is higher. P material is used for spray-painted parts.
Aluminum plate
Aluminum profiles
Stainless steel
Tool steel
Mild steel
Hard steel
Titanium alloy
Magnesium alloy
Invar Steel

Our Surface Treatment Services

Partner with Ruitai to provide you with a one-stop solution for custom sheet metal part production and surface treatment. Ruitai Company provides you with a variety of surface treatment services, including but not limited to the following:
Brushed oxidation (blackening, whitening)
Screen Printing: Ruitai’s sheet metal parts can be screen printed in a variety of finishes and colors.
Powder Coating: Metal panels are covered with a uniform powder coating. When metal sheets cure, they add color, durability, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Can be matte, smooth, textured, etc. Ruitai has a variety of different powder coat finishes to choose from.
Grinding/grinding: Generally, certain burrs or scratches will be produced after stamping or laser cutting. Grinding can remove burrs and scratches on parts.
Electroplating: It can increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and decoration of sheet metal parts.
Laser marking: Use laser technology to write marking information onto the surface of sheet metal parts. It won’t go away unless polished off.
DLC coating is an excellent surface anti-wear modified film with good wear resistance and anti-wear properties. Excellent corrosion resistance, acid, and alkali resistance.

Kind Tips

1. If your sheet metal parts require conductivity, you need to indicate conductive oxidation in the technical document requirements. Conductive oxidation is chemical oxidation and its color is light yellow.
2. If you have components with high anti-corrosion requirements or high appearance requirements, it is recommended to choose stainless steel plates or aluminum plates.
3. For parts that require electroplating, it is recommended to use colored zinc plating or blue zinc plating for surface treatment. Comparison of anti-corrosion performance of surface electroplating: white zinc plating → blue zinc plating → color zinc plating → nickel plating (Note: The anti-corrosion properties are weakened and the price is increased.)
4. For parts that require surface spraying, it is recommended to choose powder spraying, because spraying requires higher surface quality of the sheet metal parts before spraying.

How to Ensure The Production Quality of Sheet Metal Parts?

For those of us who have worked in manufacturing for many years, we know how important the quality of parts is to our customers. At Ruitai company, we take quality control of our sheet metal fabricated components very seriously. The following tips are how we ensure effective quality control:
1. Understand the customer’s background
Every industry has different manufacturing standards or requirements, so every time we receive an order from a customer, we will understand the customer’s industry and usage, which will make it easier for us to provide you with better solutions.

2. Accurately understand sheet metal design
What we are most exposed to is the manufacturing of sheet metal parts. Before starting production, our engineers will carefully analyze your sheet metal part drawings to ensure that the specifications produced fully meet your requirements.

3. Quality inspection
When sheet metal parts are removed or removed from the machine, we use a variety of advanced precision measurement tools to check that the parts we produce meet your requirements. This process is also called the quality control process,

4. Communicate effectively with you throughout the process
After placing an order, Ruitai’s sales staff will maintain effective communication with you at any time to facilitate your understanding of the process from sample to completed production. The advantage of this is that if the parts produced are different from your requirements, we can get in touch with you as soon as possible, and if you are interested, Ruitai can provide you with the latest progress on metal parts as well as testing and material reports. The above content will help us control the production quality of sheet metal parts.

Our Testing Equipment

Three-coordinate measuring machine
A CMM is a machine commonly used to accurately measure workpieces by scanning and recording a series of precise points on the workpiece using a trigger or vision.

A micrometer is a precision measuring tool with a calibrated screw. It is often used with verniers, digital calipers, dial measuring instruments, etc. Whether in CNC machined parts or sheet metal machined parts, the micrometer is a good instrument for measuring accuracy.

Height measuring instrument
Mainly used to measure the height of workpieces, it has a special reading display and is designed for various metal finishing, woodworking, and other CNC processing fields. It can also be used to measure depth, groove width, internal and external aperture, highest point, lowest point, flatness, angle, etc.

X-ray fluorescence
X-ray fluorescence is an analytical technique used to determine the chemical composition of many types of samples. Through X-ray fluorescence, we can determine the delamination of the sheet metal spray and the thickness and composition of the coating.

Vernier caliper
Vernier calipers can easily measure the outer diameter, inner diameter, and depth of the workpiece. The highest accuracy is 0.02mm.

Secondary element detector
The principle is the same as that of the image measuring machine, by enlarging the part image, then using metrology software to identify the edges of the image, and then taking the image to the computer for measurement calculations.

In addition, we also have a lot of testing equipment. For some standard-size parts, we have various gauges, plug gauges, and thread gauges for testing. To ensure your parts are produced to your marked specifications.

How to Order Custom Sheet Metal Parts?

Here are the steps involved in purchasing sheet metal fabricated parts from us:
First: Upload your CAD file or contact us directly via email at and send your inquiry.
Secondly: After communicating and analyzing your detailed requirements, we will immediately arrange production for your order after receiving your order.
Then: the quality inspection process. After the sheet metal parts are produced, we enter the quality control process. At the end of this process, and upon getting your approval, we will immediately arrange for door-to-door service for you.

Custom Sheet Metal Parts FAQs

1. Can you produce sheet metal auto parts?
A: Yes, we are a professional metal parts manufacturer that can produce all kinds of sheet metal auto parts and sheet metal body parts for you.
2. Can you produce gear-shaped or pointed-shaped sheet metal parts?
A: Yes, no matter how complex your precision sheet metal parts are, we are confident in completing the production tasks you deliver.
3. Do you provide cheap sheet metal fabrication?
Answer: Yes, compared to other CNC machining service providers and even quotation platform systems, our quotations are more reasonable and favorable.
4. Which industries do you provide manufacturing services to?
Answer: Ruitai is China’s leading supplier of sheet metal fabrication parts. We have diversified processing capabilities. Our customer base covers automobiles, bicycles, molds, medical, consumer electronics, and other fields.