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Aluminum Die Casting Certification

  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification
  • Aluminum Die Casting Certification

Ruitai Aluminum Die Casting Projects

Ruitai is a very professional manufacturer for aluminum die casting,we have made aluminum die casting parts for different die casting projects,as many fields can make die casting,just like transportation;electronic;home appliance and so on

We can make more aluminum die casting parts,just send the email to us.

Aluminum Die Casting- CMM Checking
CMM checking can guarantee the tolerance and quality on your aluminum die casting parts
Aluminum Die Casting-Automotive parts
We can make aluminum die casting on oil pan and cylinder parts
Aluminum Die Casting-Electronic Equipment
Electronic equipment can also make with aluminum die casting
Aluminum Die Casting-Home Appliance Equipment
Ruitai can make many kinds size aluminum die casting parts for home appliance equipment
Aluminum Die Casting-Machinery Parts
Medical parts have metal material,it can make with aluminum die casting
Aluminum Die Casting-Medical Parts
Medical parts have metal material,it can make with aluminum die casting

Details About Aluminum Die Casting

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    Advantages to Make Aluminum Die Casting

    There are lots of advantages to make a project with aluminum die casting.we can make high pressure aluminum die cassting ;CNC machining;Surface treatment,and full assembly for you.

    About the Aluminum die casting,you can choose from A380,A384,A390 and ADC12 and more,there is just little difference on the materials,if not clear,leave your contact info,we will contact you and chat with you for aluminum die casting parts.

    Competitive Cost on Aluminum Die Casting
    If you need to make aluminum die casting,the cost is very very competitive,just send your CAD files to us.we will get you back shortly
    Good Communication on Aluminum Die Casting Projects
    During aluminum die casting production process,we will give fast feedback and professional advise on your aluminum die casting projects
    100% Quality Checking on Your Aluminum Die Casting Orders
    Ruitai will do 100% checking,including tolerance,out-shape;structure;surface;painting details;assemble details,after checking,it can guarantee the quality once you get your aluminum die casting parts
    Professional Feedback During Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturing.
    During aluminum die casting manufacturing,ruitai will give very professional advise on die casting molding and aluminum die casting products

    One of The Leading Aluminum Die Casting Companies You Can Choose From

    Ruitai have been in Aluminum Die Casting field for many years,we have been provided aluminum die casting service for many clients,they come from all over the world.

    During these year of development,ruitai’s business can range from CNC machining to full production on aluminum die casting parts.

    The Surface we can make on aluminum die casting parts including chrome plated,paintin g,silk screen,powder coating and more.

    Just let us know your aluminum die casting requirements,ruitai can meet that totally at any time.

    Aluminum die casting samples


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