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A Trustworthy Rubber Compression Molding Manufacturer in China

Do you feel confused about finding a trusted rubber compression molding manufacture partner in China? Ruitai is your most trustworthy rubber compression molding supplier in China.

Ruitai is a team, combining many innovative and responsible people. Being facing various situations during the processing, our engineering team and sales team will work in perfect unison to solve the problems. For example, if there is any problem in your files or some unexpected problems in the production, our engineers would communicate with our sales team right away. Then, the sales team will reflect all the situations to you within 30 minutes.

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Rubber Compression Molding Auto Parts

Some of the automotive accessories are processed by rubber compression molding. And its cost is relatively lower than other machinings.

Rubber Compression Molding Bumpers

At Ruitai, we can offer you a rubber compression molding service to produce cost-effective bumpers. Hope that we can cooperate from 1 pc.

Rubber Compression Molding Cylinders

We are so proud of our high-quality rubber compression molding cylinders. Ruitai will ensure your cylinders with high performance and a fast turnaround.

Rubber Compression Molding

The first step of starting our rubber compression molding grommets project is sending us your 3D files. Then, we will begin analyzing your files and quote for you fast within 2 hours.

Rubber Compression Molding

At Ruitai, we are a one-stop rubber compression molding supplier. If you are willing to do some rubber compression molding seals, we are pretty to assist you.

Rubber Compression Molding Spacer Gasket

If you get an urgent project on rubber compression molding spacer gasket, Ruitai is glad to help you within a shorter time.

Ruitai-A Specialist in Rubber Compression Molding in China

After years of effort, Ruitai has become a specialist in Rubber Compression Molding. We are dedicated to solving any of your problems.

Alongside that, we are also an ISO9001 compliant fabricator. Each rubber compression molding part can reach the highest standard in the industry of rubber compression molding.

And the founder of Ruitai is an expert in rubber compression molding. So, there are well-trained rubber compression molding engineers and workers. Besides, each of the staff treats their working carefully. If there is any problem during the processing, we will point them out directly and handle them in time. Any inferior-quality rubber compression molding parts won’t be delivered to you.

If you are interested in our Rubber Compression Molding, we are always ready to reply to you and prepare the production for you in advance! Contact us now!

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1. What Is Rubber Compression Molding?

The first step of Rubber compression molding is putting the prepared rubber pieces into an open cavity. Then we need to heat up the molding at a specific temperature. After heating up, the rubber blocks will be compressed into the molding. At the same time, rubber compounds begin the vulcanization because of that high temperature and pressure. When they achieve the best cure form. Then, the rubber block will be harder and colder than before. After that, we can open the mold and take the end-product out. After continuing the process, we can get a lot of rubber compression molding parts with high repetition.

-Rubber Compression Molding2

Figure1 Rubber Molding Parts1

2. What Are the Pros and Cons of Rubber Compression Molding?

If you choose rubber compression molding, there are a lot of pros and cons here. We would like to show some for your reference:

The pros:

(1) Cost-effective

Rubber compression molding does not need any extra processing like injection molding. The infrastructure of rubber compression molding needs is fewer. Except for the requirement on tools that need to bear high pressure, the tools of rubber compression molding can be produced by aluminum.

(2) It is suitable for processing materials with high hardness and products which need a longer time to cure.

(3) It does not need sprue. Compared to the mold, it’s a special process that does not need sprue. So, rubber compression molding will not consume extra material.