Surface Treatment

Ruitai offers you a complete service of surface treatments to save your time and cost. There are Painting, Polishing, Anodizing, Electroplating, Passivation, Blackening, Sandblasting, Laser Engraving, Powder Coating, etc.
Finishing thickness: Common oxidation thicknesses are 5µm, 10µm, and 15µm;
Hard anodized film generally requires 25-150µm;
The thickness of the oxide film formed by passivation is generally between 0.1-10 µm;
Galvanizing thickness requirements are usually between 65 µm and 85 µm;
Oil spray, single coating–10~20 µm
Double layer coating–30~40 µm
Rubber oil–50~60 µm.

Painting for Machined Parts
Painting for Car Parts

Painting can make the plastic and metal parts more decorative. Here is the picture about painted car parts.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Polishing for Aluminum Parts

Polishing helps deburr the metal parts and makes their surface more smooth and glossy. It’s a basic process for the metal parts after their intial machining.

Anodizing for Aluminum Parts
Anodizing for Aluminum Parts

We often use anodizing on aluminum parts. It can make these aluminum parts more anti-corrosion, durable and decorative.


Electroplating for Metal Parts
Electroplating for Metal Parts

Electroplating applies for preventing corrosion/rust and increasing the metal parts’ life. There are some applicable metals: Zinc/Brass/Copper/Gold/Silver Nickel, etc.

Passivation for Stainless Steel Parts
Passivation for Stainless Steel Parts

Passivation will create a protective layer to protect your metal parts from corrosion. It often applies to stainless steel and aluminum.

Blackening for Metal Parts
Blackening for Metal Parts

The functions of blackening are similar to electroplating. It puts a layer of black oxide on the surface of the metal parts.

andblasting for Metal Parts
Sandblasting for Metal Parts

Sandblasting helps a lot to remove the rust/paint/extra oxidate. It can turn the smooth surface of the parts into a rough one.

Extrusion Aluminum
Powder Coating for Aluminum Extrusions

Powder coating is typically used for metal products. There is a wide application in our daily life: home appliances/bike parts/car parts/aluminum parts, etc. It is an environment-friendly and cost-effective choice for you.

Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process that uses laser beam to remove the material on the surface of the parts and get your desired marks on them.

Other Surface Treatments

Except for these surface treatments above, we can provide you with others: Silkscreen Printing/Pad Printing/Laser Marking/Grinding, etc. If you would like more information about part surface finishing, you can contact the Ruitai team here.

Silkscreen Printing
Pad Printing
Laser Marking