Figure1 Custom Precision Machining
Ruitai Is A Custom Rapid CNC Machining Service Provider

Get Your Project Done with a Fast Turnaround.


A Professional Rapid CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Ruitai Mould is proud of the professional rapid CNC machining service. You can rely on Ruitai to make your CNC machined parts from 1pc to 10000pcs.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we produce low-volume or medium-volume rapid CNC machining parts strictly according to the industry standard. If possible, you can visit our factory by video conference or you can come to our factory directly. We are especially happy to invite you to know more about our capability.

As to our capability, there are over 50 sets of CNC machines and numerous surface finishes available for you. If you get any questions about your rapid CNC machining project, our intellectual and professional engineers are willing to help you.

You can contact us anytime to know about our rapid CNC machining service!

Precision Machined Plastic Parts

We have specialized in CNC prototyping for 15+ years. If you want to machine plastic by CNC machining, you can trust us.

CNC Electronics Milling Parts 

At Ruitai, there is a broad metal available for your rapid CNC machining project: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, copper, and so on.

CNC Aluminum Parts

Polishing can clear the scratches of the aluminum parts, which will make the parts look more delicate. And we get numerous orders about CNC aluminum parts nearly every month.

CNC Machined Metal Parts

In the industry of automotive, many people tend to choose rapid CNC machining to create high-precision auto parts. You can apply it for making prototypes and products. We have high-precision 5-axis CNC machines to meet your machining needs.

Precision Machining Parts

If you just want to make low-volume prototypes by rapid CNC machining, we are glad to assist you with a complete supply chain.

Small Aluminum Machined Parts

Surface finish is also an important part of the initially finished metal parts. For example, anodizing is a popular surface treatment to make the surface of metal parts more decorative and durable.

Custom Rapid CNC Machining Service Provider

Ruitai Mould is a custom rapid CNC machining service provider since 2006. From quotation, production to delivery, we offer you a complete supply chain to ensure you high-quality CNC machined plastic and metal parts.

As to our quotation service for your rapid CNC machining project, we need to confirm some information from you first. There are 4 vital factors: 2D/3D files, material, quantity, and surface treatment. Only when we have received this information from you, we will quote for you within 2 hours.

Because of our decades’ expertise in the field of rapid CNC machining, our engineering team is fully capable of selecting the most suitable material and the most satisfying solution for your project. Professional machining suggestions are available for you.

In our production team, over 85% of workers are fully skilled at rapid CNC machining operations. They can handle any detailed operation problems. In the inspecting step, we can send you a CMM report to you to check the quality of our machined CNC parts.

Once you feel satisfied with our final rapid CNC machining parts, we will arrange the shipment immediately. When you have received your parts, you can give us feedback about our rapid CNC machining service. Therefore, we can improve our service accordingly.

Other Machinings

  • CNC Copper Parts

    There is a wide selection of metal materials for turning projects: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel, and so on. We specialize in creating high-performance turning metal parts.

  • SLS Nylon Printing

    It is a vital step to select suitable and satisfying material for the success of your 3D printing project. And nylon is a superior choice for 3d printing. Ruitai Mould’s team often chooses SLS to make nylon parts.

  • Machined Plastic Parts

    With the combination of using CNC milling and CNC turning, we can make machined plastic parts in line with your design. Ruitai offers you high-quality machined plastic parts and a fast lead time.

  • Custom Brass Machined Parts

    What processing way you would pick up to make plastic parts? CNC machining is a high-precision and high-performance way to make plastic parts. If you want to make brass parts, Ruitai will make the brass CNC machined parts with tight tolerance.


1. What Is Rapid CNC Machining?

Rapid CNC machining applies 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to make metal and plastic parts with tight tolerance. Compared to traditional machining, it helps us to save labor costs and reduce artificial error. If you require highly on the tolerance of the parts, you can choose CNC machining to make high-precision parts. Rapid CNC machining has a wide application in various fields: automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, agriculture, defense, dental, etc.

Figure1 Rapid CNC Machining
Figure1 Rapid CNC Machining

With wealthy experience in helping different companies with rapid CNC machining, we are confident to make the most satisfying and high-performance parts for you. If you are worried about the lead time and the parts’ quality, you can contact us and we can ensure you a fast turnaround and delivery time.