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Ruitai can finish your CNC prototype with fast production time

Your Trusted CNC Prototype Factory

As one of the leading CNC prototype manufacturer in China,Ruitai can sign NDA with you before sending CAD files.Before delivery.we will test the CNC prototype around 5 times.once finish the CMM test report.we will send the CNC prototype test report for your approve

Send us your projects needs, we will give you best CNC prototype solution based on your detailed requirement.

CNC plastic prototype

Ruitai can make a lot kinds of plastic prototype material for you,including ABS/PP/PA/PMMA/POM and so on

CNC Metal Prototype

We can make aluminum/stainless steel/brass/copper/zinc and more prototype material for your reference

3D Printing Prototype

The production time 3D printing prototype is pretty short.

CNC Precision Machining

The tolerance on CNC precision machining parts can reach 0.01MM on some area

Stainless Steel Prototype

The quantity can be from 1 pcs to +100000 pcs

5 Axis CNC Parts

We have 3/4/5 axis to make CNC parts for you,whether the material is metal,or metal

Ruitai: Your Reliable CNC Prototype Supplier in China

If your new project or production needs to do CNC prototype, then Ruitai will be your best choice to manufacture your CNC prototype here.

Ruitai is one of the best CNC prototype suppliers and all of our production process have strict quality checking, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

Ruitai will give you the profession suggestion based on your project’s requirements with our professional engineer team. If you are during design and research stage, then Ruitai will 100% support you on the CNC prototype development.

Just drop us email or give us a call,we will reply you very soon!

Ruitai CNC Prototype

High quality CNC prototype comes from an advanced manufacturing process, Ruitai can make different types of CNC prototype for you, you can choose different kind of surface treatment for your CNC prototype also

Just send us your CAD files, we will give you feedback on your CNC prototype details.

Your CNC Prototype Types

Ruitai is one the best CNC prototype manufacturer in China.with around 15 years of experience,we can provide you difference kinds materials for your CNC Prototypes.

We can make CNC Plastic can choose the material from ABS/PA/PP/POM/PC/POM/PEEK/PE and some other plastic can meet your different requirements on CNC plastic prototype.

Also,we can make metal material for your CNC prototype projects,the material can be Aluminum,stainless steel;copper,brass,zinc and other metal material,and we have around 50 sets of CNC machines to meet your CNC prototypes needs at any time.

And,if you need to make some special material for your CNC prototype.just like bamboo.wood.EVA  and this kind of material,just drop us email and requirements,we will finish your CNC prototypes on time.

At Ruitai,after CNC prototype testing,we can make small batch of production also

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