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Why Choose Ruitai To Make Your CNC Turning Parts?

1.High precision,the tolerance CNC turning parts can reach 0.01MM

2.CNC turning parts surface finish can be Ra0.8

3.Short Production time,CNC turning parts can be arrange delivery within one week

4.Choose CNC turning parts can reduce initial investment and reduce high mold cost

5.During CNC Turning parts production,Mid-term design changes are convenient

CNC Turning Parts--- Acetal

This is another plastic material you can choose from to make your CNC turning parts


We can make all series of aluminum materials,just like 6061/7075/MIC6 and so on


PC material can be clear and black color for your reference,most of CNC turning parts are all kinds of tube

CNC Turning Parts---Brass

After CNC truning parts on brass material,we can do CNC machining for 2-rd processing

CNC Turning Parts---PEEK Material

This kind of plastic material with high cost and best property

CNC Turning Parts---Stainless Steel Materials

All kinds of SS materials can meet your requirements,just like 303/304

How To Guarantee The Tolerance For Your CNC Turning Parts?

  1. When your CNC turning parts’accuracy requirement is less than 0.005mm, Ruitai will use internal grinding, external grinding, centerless grinding and other processes to meet the accuracy requirements according to the product requirements. It can make sure theaccuracy on your CNC turning parts can reach 0.002mm.
  2. When theCNC turningparts are out of center ,Ruitai will combine multiple processes during production, such as: turning, internal grinding, external grinding, centerless grinding and other processes.


What Kinds of Surface Treatment Can Make On Your CNC Turning Parts?

Different kinds of surface treatment on your CNC turning parts is very important also,it can make your CNC turning parts more shiny and beautiful

Here is brief info about the surface treatment on CNC turning parts:Painting, baking, powder spraying, sandblasting, shot blasting, anodizing, thick film oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, electrophoresis, laser carving, silk screen, wire drawing, mirror polishing, dyeing, blackening, CD pattern, etching, high gloss, Etching and more.

CNC Turning parts

How Many Kinds of Materials Can Make For Your CNC Turning Parts?
The processed materials can be used for your CNC turning parts: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper, steel, plastic, etc.
Most of the CNC turning parts materials are metal,and some of them are plastic,it can meet different kind of needs.
Drop us email,and we can chat more details about it.

CNC Turning Parts

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