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Custom Zinc Die Casting Service

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Custom Zinc Die Casting Service

Zinc die casting is a popular process that produces high-volume metal parts of superior quality. We offer you custom zinc die casting service to create unique castings weighing from 5 grams to over 100 lbs.

If you have higher requirements for machining accuracy, we provide secondary finishing including CNC machining and grinding. There are 3&4&5-axis CNC machining machines available to meet your various precision requirements.

The surface of zinc castings is relatively smooth. To make zinc die castings more delicate and durable, we have a group of surface treatments for you to choose from: chrome plating, nickel plating, powder coating, sandblasting, silk screen printing, etc.

Zinc Die Casting Workshop

We get a complete production steps to finish the zinc alloy casting project.

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts

Aluminum and zinc are popular metals we apply for die casting mass production.

CNC Machining

If there are more requirements of precision, CNC machining helps us to create zinc castings of tighter tolerance.

What Are the Advantages of Zinc Die Casting?

In addition to aluminum, zinc is a metallic material that is both cost-effective and mechanically beneficial. In the field of die casting, it has become the choice of most people. The following is a summary of the various advantages of zinc castings.

Wall thickness
Zinc is not only easy to machine and cast but also very strong. Zinc castings can have thinner walls than other metals. It allows designers to have more design space while saving part of the material cost.

If you want to manufacture metal castings with complex designs and higher tolerance requirements, zinc alloy is your best choice. Because zinc alloy has strong dimensional stability, fluidity, and heat resistance, we often apply it to manufacture castings with relatively tight tolerance requirements.

Zinc is recovered 100% without losing its physical and chemical properties. That’s why zinc castings can be re-melted and re-cast. At the same time, the melting point of zinc is lower than aluminum and we need less fuel to melt it.

Production Speed
In the process of casting zinc, it requires higher injection pressure, lower melting temperature, and a high cycle rate. It requires us to inject zinc at a faster rate, and the solidification time of the zinc alloy is faster. That’s why we can complete the production of high-volume zinc alloy casting parts in a shorter time.


Zinc Alloy Die Castings


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