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Ruitai is proud of the fully skilled engineers and trained workers. During processing, our team will keep in touch with you about the details. You will experience professional guidance and economical solution on your zinc die casting project. If there is any problem, our team will give you feedback in time.

And we also provide you with a sample if you want to know our quality before choosing Ruitai as your partner. Besides, we are pretty glad to sign NDA files before cooperation.

If you’re interested in our zinc die casting, pls do not forget to contact us here! We will reply to you ASAP!

Precision Machined Home-appliance Parts 

We can often apply Zinc die casting parts in our home appliances production. For example, the shell of the washing machine and coffee machine. Ruitai serves your zinc die casting production needs with high accuracy.

Die Casting Parts

Zinc die casting often applies to the automotive industry to produce high-precision automotive accessories. And the production speed of zinc die casting parts is faster than Aluminum die casting parts.

Zinc Die Casting Parts

There are some small accessories for hard furniture, which are produced by zinc die casting. At Ruitai, our skilled engineers would like to offer you a professional and comprehensive solution for your zinc die casting at a competitive price.

Plated Die Casting Parts

Ruitai can also help your zinc die casting parts to do a variety of surface treatments. And electroplating will greatly help the parts to be more anti-corrosion and durable.

Zinc Die Casting Parts after Powder Coating

Powder coating, as one of the high-quality finishes, will protect the surface of the parts and make them more decorative and durable.

Zinc Die Casting Parts after Sandblasting

After sandblasting, the zinc die casting parts will become more glossy because we use the sandblaster to remove the rust on the surface of zinc die casting parts.

High-quality Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is recognized as one of the high-quality zinc die casting manufacturers in China. We take pride in our precision machining and comprehensive surface treatments.

Before production, Ruitai will make a complete quality control plan on your zinc die casting project. For the first finished parts, we’ll do a sampling inspection on them and send the report about the dimension and detailed data to you. After getting your approval for the mass production, we will then start the zinc die casting production for you. During the production, the quality team will also participate in the processing and check every zinc die casting part to ensure the zinc die casting with high performance.

If you decide to start your die casting project now, just contact us for a free quotation!

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  • SLA Rapid Prototyping

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  • Custom Sheet Metal Forming

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  • Vacuum Casting

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1. What Are the Pros and Cons of Zinc Die Casting?

When it comes to die casting, we may often hear aluminum die casting. Zinc also plays a role in die casting. We would like to list some pros and cons of zinc die casting:

The Pros:

(1) Less Material

This is because of zinc cast’s fluidity and strength, which would greatly reduce the material cost.

(2) Quicker Speed of Production

Compared to aluminum and magnesium die casting, zinc die casting can produce parts with a quicker speed.

(3) Flexible Machining

We can produce zinc die casting parts according to any of your specifications. No matter for low volume or mass production, zinc die casting can do achieve that for you easily.

(4) Longer Lifespan The tools of zinc die casting can be used for production for a long time, which can save the cost of machining.

(5) More surface treatments available There are a wide surface treatments range for your choice: painting, powder coating, chrome plating, anodizing, etc.

The Cons:

(1) Weak Corrosion Resistance

When we put other metallic elements with zinc like Lead and cadmium, the zinc casting parts are easily broken.

(2) Weak Tolerance under high and low temperatures.

The strength of extension and impact property will be reduced under high or low temperatures.

Zinc Die Casting Parts

Figure1 Zinc Die Casting Parts

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