Figure4 3D Printing Plastic Prototypes
Ruitai Is A Professional and Custom 3D Printing Services Manufacturer in China 

SLA and SLS Rapid Prototyping for You


Ruitai-A Custom 3D Printing Services Supplier in China

In general, there are two options in Ruitai’s custom 3D printing services: SLA rapid prototyping and SLS rapid prototyping. And we will choose the most suitable one according to your design and the usage of your components.

Ruitai’s custom 3D printing services consist of an array of material range: aluminum, stainless steel, ABS resin, Nylon, PC, PMMA resin, etc. You can choose any of them to make your desired 3D printing parts. And the material fabricators that we have cooperated with are famous for high performance.

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3D Printing Parts

Nylon is a flexible and durable plastic. That’s why it is one of the most common materials used in 3D printing. At Ruitai, nylon is also a popular material for 3D printing projects.

Plastic 3D Printing

At the designing stage of the auto parts, the automotive companies usually make several 3D printing prototypes to check their design. And SLA and SLS rapid prototyping are two effective ways to make auto prototypes.

Custom 3D Printing Healthcare Parts 

The evolution of 3D printing is especially beneficial for the healthcare industry. It can help us to make mechanical arms with high efficiency and performance.

Resin Printing Toys

Regarding robots, we would choose overall printing to make a complete model. Ruitai is a well-experienced custom 3D printing services provider in China. And we are willing to turn your 3D printing project around.

High-volume Plastic Components 

3D Printing plays a role in mechanical engineering. It helps a lot to make metal or plastic prototypes quickly. As a fully-equipped and custom 3D printing services provider, we would like to offer you the most economical solution for you.

3D Printed Parts

Plastic 3D printing and metal 3D printing have a wide application in the aircraft industry. If you want to make a few aircraft components, they would be good choices for you.

Ruitai Is A Professional and Custom 3D Printing Services Provider in China

With a wealthy experience in 3D printing, the Ruitai team has gradually grown into a professional and custom 3D printing services provider.

We take pride in our capability to make your satisfied 3D printing parts in almost every industry: healthcare, aircraft, mechanical engineering, automotive, construction, etc. Part of the designers is not familiar with the processing. Thus, our engineers would make professional processing suggestions and a solution for them. Over 95% of them feel satisfied with our custom 3D printing services.

Our sales team is also of high professionalism. Almost all of them are good at speaking and writing in English and all kinds of custom 3D printing services If there are any problems, we will express them precisely by e-mail or phone call. At the same time, every member of the sales team needs to learn the processing of 3D printing.

Do you want to get custom 3D printing services from Ruitai? We are pretty glad to hear from you!


Other Machinings

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    As a CNC machining service provider, Ruitai offers you superior CNC machined stainless steel with high performance. If you want to choose other materials for your machining project, Ruitai has more than 80 types of metal and plastic materials for your selection.

  • Custom Carbon Fiber 

    As a material with high strength and lightweight, carbon fiber is preferred in the industries of aerospace and automotive. It can even be a substitute for metal materials.

  • Extrusion Aluminum

    With the technique of full-automation equipment, Ruitai can support your high-volume extrusion aluminum project. And our professional engineering and production teams will guide you during the whole processing.

  • Laser Cutting Parts

    Will you choose laser cutting to finish your sheet metal processing? Laser cutting is high-precision processing to get metal parts of specific sizes and types.


1. What Are the Benefits of Custom 3D Printing Services in Different Industries?

Custom 3D printing services have a broad application in a variety of industries. We would like to introduce its application in the industries of automotive, aerospace, and medical.

(1) Automotive.

3D printing is a high-efficient and flexible technique to make prototypes to evaluate the automotive design. It can accelerate the process of auto parts innovation and expand design flexibility.

(2) Aerospace.

For aerospace companies, 3D printing can help a lot to make low-volume prototypes with intricate design and lower cost. Besides, the aerospace components need to be lightweight. Thus, 3D printing is an ideal choice for aerospace companies.

(3) Medical.

With the help of 3D printing, we can make personalized medical devices according to different patients’ requirements. For example, the customized mechanical arm and implants.

They are part of the benefits of custom 3D printing services used in various industries. In a word, 3D printing plays a role in our daily life and it is going to be maturer and more complete.

Figure1 Custom 3D Printing Services

2. What Processing Methods Do Your Provide in Your Custom 3D Printing Services?

SLA(Stereolithography) rapid prototyping and SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) rapid prototyping.