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Ruitai Is A Specialist in Custom Nylon Machining in China

Ruitai is a specialist in nylon machining since 2006. We are so proud of our high-performance nylon parts. And your satisfaction with our nylon machining drives us to keep improving our service and quality issues.

And our nylon machining is customizable. You can send us any designs and we are responsible for bringing your concept into the nylon parts. We will assist your nylon machining project as to your specifications. If you are not satisfied with the nylon parts we made, you can resend them to us and we would like to reproduce them for you.

If you get any trouble in Nylon Machining, just contact us here!

Low-volume CNC Machining

CNC turning is one of the most common ways to produce nylon parts. The finished nylon parts can apply to the bushings, washers, wheels, rollers, bearings, and so on.

Nylon Machined Plastic Parts

At Ruitai, we apply CNC milling to make nylon parts with tight tolerance. If you need our assistance, we are pretty happy to help you.

3D Printing Nylon Machining

At Ruitai, we would like to choose 3D printing to produce your nylon parts. And we also provide surface treatment for your nylon parts. This is because these parts are rough on the surface. It is very necessary to polish the surface of the nylon parts.

Nylon Rapid Prototypes

Nylon 6/6 is a good choice to be processed by injection molding. This is because of its high melting temperature. And the cost of nylon parts is lower than rubbers. If you want to apply injection molding to make nylon parts, we are confident to turn your project around.

In the automotive industry, nylon part is also useful and functional. You can send us CAD files anytime and then we will quote for you soon.

Nylon Parts in Agriculture

Some agriculture parts are made up of nylon parts. Ruitai can provide you a full service from prototyping to mass production.

The Most Comprehensive Nylon Machining Manufacturer – Ruitai 

At Ruitai, you can choose various processing methods to help your nylon machining project: CNC turning, CNC milling, injection molding, and 3D printing. Different ways will produce nylons with various effects. You may be not so familiar with these machining ways. And our professional engineering team will provide you with a comprehensive solution and guidance.

As the material for nylon machining, there are many kinds of materials for your choice: Nylon6, Nylon66, Nylon12, and so on. You can the most suitable material to finish your nylon machining project.

In addition, Ruitai is 24/7 available for assisting your Nylon project. You can contact us here anytime!

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1. Why Do We Choose Nylon Machining Parts?

Nylon(PA) is one type of Thermoplastics. It has a variety of excellent properties. For example, its high strength, anti-chemical, high impact tolerance, and durability.

At Ruitai, we get advanced 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis CNC machines to produce high-precision nylon parts. Typically, we can produce complicated nylon parts all at once, which can greatly reduce the turnaround time. Except for CNC machining, you can also choose 3D printing and injection molding to produce your desired nylon parts of any size and type.

And we are well-experienced in the field of nylon machining parts, which can perfectly meet your standard. And our engineers and workers cooperate to manufacture all the nylon parts in a controlled environment. It can ensure the nylon parts with exceptional quality.

You can contact us to discuss the details about nylon processing.

Nylon Machining

Figure1 Nylon Machining

2. How Do You Delivery Our Nylon Machining Parts?

At Ruitai, there are several ways to deliver your nylon machining parts. For example, FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc.


3. How Do You Package Your Nylon Machined Parts?

As the last step to protect the nylon machined part with good performance, the packaging is a vital step. Here are the detailed steps we do to protect your nylon machined parts.

Choose the right package. If you get nylon machined parts in large quantities, we would like to choose a wooden box to package your cargo safely. If your nylon machined parts with low volume, we prefer to choose the carton box to package your nylon parts.