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Ruitai Can Provide You Best 3D Printing Prototype Service

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Ruitai Can Make Your 3D Printing Prototype With Short Production Time

Ruitai set up in 2014,have been in 3D Printing Prototype field around 15 years,During 15 years in 3D printing prototype development,we have been established 3D printing prototype automotive production lines .

Normally,we can finish your 3D printing prototype projects within one week,if your order is urgent and need it very soon,then make a 3D printing prototype is the best choice for you,we can shorten the production time to 3 working days.

More details about the 3D printing prototype production leading time,just leave your contact details,we will give you feedback immediately.

Rapid Metal 3D Printing

About the material for 3D printing prototype service,Not only plastic materials,but also metal material,Ruitai can meet all kinds of 3D printing prototyping needs for you.Just like aluminum 3D print service;stainless steel 3D print service and more

SLA Rapid Prototyping

One of the 3D printing prototype machining way is SLA rapid prototyping.the material is Resin,we can painting many colors on 3D printing prototype surface.More details,just drop us emails.

SLS Rapid Prototyping

Another 3D printing prototype machining way is SLS rapid prototyping,it is similar with SLA rapid prototyping,but the material is totally different,it is PA material ,If you need higher strength,we can make PA+glass fiber for you

If You Need High Quality of 3D Printing Prototype,Ruitai is Always Here For You

Ruitai always put the quality of 3D printing prototype parts into top list,as we know that quality is the main factor you are concerned about.

During 3D printing prototyping production.we will make it totally according to your CAD files.If have any issues,our sales and engineer team will give you professional feedback on your 3d printing prototype.

And we will do checking according to your PDF files and meet your tolerance and accuracy.Checking tools including calipers and micrometer.it can totally guarantee the quality.

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How Ruitai check your 3D Printing Prototypes?

As both of us want to seek a long term of cooperation,therefore,the quality of 3D printing prototype is pretty pretty important.Here is the details to help you know the checking process and know more about Ruitai.

  1. When we receive your 3D printing prototype production files,our engineer will do another final checking before production for you
  2. After 3D printing,Our QC will check your 3D printing prototyping according to your CAD and PDF files and give the report to you
  3. And then we will do the surface treatment on your 3D printing prototypes.including basic polish,remove burrs;painting;powder coated and so on
  4. Our QC will do another round of testing and give final CMM test report for your approve.

3d printing rapid prototyping 

What is The Difference Between 3D Printing Prototype and Rapid Prototyping?

There is no big difference between 3D printing prototype and rapid prototyping.the main difference is machining ways

  1. Rapid prototyping is for CNC machining,and 3D printing prototype is made by 3D print
  2. Production time is a little longer than 3D printing prototype.
  3. Materials for 3D printing prototype is not so wide

3D Printing Prototype

What is The Advantage to Make 3D Printing Prototype?

We can provide you 3D printing prototype service for your projects,3D printing prototype can be divided to SLA 3D printing prototype and SLS 3D printing prototype

SLA 3D printing prototype material is resin.SLS 3D printing prototype material can be PA/PA with GF,and we can do surface treatment on the surface for your 3D printed prototype parts

There are lots of advantages to make 3D printing prototype for your projects,

  1. the quantity of 3D printing prototype can be made from one pieceto large production
  2. Fast leading time,can finish your 3D printing prototypeparts within 3 days
  3. High accuracy on the tolerance of your 3D printing prototypeparts
  4. Fast turn around and feedback to fix the issues during 3D printing prototype production

3D Printing


What kinds of Checking Tools Do We Use on 3D Printing Prototype?

Expect CMM checking equipment,we have Projector Micrometer;Height gauge;Calipers;

Pin Gauge;Tap gauge;Roughness tester and some more

3D printing prototype checking

3D printing prototype checking



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