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From prototyping to high-volume production, Ruitai is always here to assist you.


Your Rapid Plastic Machining Supplier with Professionalism

Do you want to cooperate with a professional rapid plastic machining manufacturer? Ruitai can is such a manufacturer who can not only offer you premium quality plastic parts but also professional machining design advice.

Ruitai’s professional engineers have handled numerous orders of CNC plastic machining projects. They are familiar with how to select the most functional and cost-effective plastic for you. Besides, you may need to constantly update your drawings. If you need any help with machining advice, we are glad to help you.

Over the past 15 years, we have been improving the professionalism of our rapid plastic machining. Our teamwork is getting more and more tacit to ensure that we can offer you the most professional and satisfying machining parts.

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PA-GF 30 Machining Parts

Looking for a PA-GF 30 machining supplier? We are capable of supporting your project from low-volume prototyping and medium production.

HDPE Machining Parts

With the properties of machinability, impact resistance, and rigidity, HDPE is suitable for CNC machining. Through CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling, you can get high-quality HDPE machining parts.

Rapid Plastic Machining Parts 

Compared to 3D printing, vacuum casting, and injection molding, CNC plastic machining is a more accurate and efficient way to turn your 2D and 3D drawings into delicate plastic components. If your rapid plastic machining project is urgent, Ruitai is always your back to support you.

Precision Machined Plastic Parts

Ruitai is a rapid plastic machining service provider. You can trust us to make plastic prototypes firstly and then do mass production. These parts can be applied to end-use consumer plastic products.

CNC Machined PMMA Parts

With the application of CNC machining, PMMA components are of high accuracy and repeatability. When you are considering the precision of your plastic machining project, CNC machining can help you make plastic components with accuracy.

PEEK Machining Parts

For the companies of automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics, PEEK turning parts are ideal components because of their excellent engineering performance. Meanwhile, its cost is also relatively higher than other plastics.

Ruitai Mold Can Be Your Most Satisfied Rapid Plastic Machining Manufacturer

With expertise in rapid plastic machining, Ruitai is proud to provide you with a premier rapid plastic machining service. We are committed to being your most satisfying rapid plastic machining partner in China.

Ruitai has cooperated with numerous companies all over the world. Their feedback about our rapid plastic machining service matters the most. In most cases, we would invite our clients to give us feedback about our plastic machining service after the order is completed. In this way, we continuously improve our capability.

Tolerance also matters in our plastic machining. Our advanced 5 axis CNC machines allow us to make high-precision plastic within the tolerance of ±0.008mm. If you need us to deliver you a sample firstly, Ruitai is glad to make one for you.

Ruitai often helps a variety of companies to msfake plastic components including automotive, electronics, medical, industrial, and consumer goods. For instance, brackets, valves, medical implants, surgical tools, custom models, and enclosures. Which industry do you belong to? Ruitai has a wealth of experience to deliver the most satisfying rapid plastic machining components to you.

Start your rapid plastic machining project with Ruitai now!


Other Machinings

  • Machined Aircraft Parts

    Ruitai has a wide material selection for your machining project. Stainless steel is also one of the most popular materials we offer. It is an ideal material for CNC machining, sheet metal, and die casting. We are a one-stop supplier for these machinings and you can give us a try to finish your project well.


  • Nylon Rapid Prototypes

    It’s undoubtedly that injection molding is one of the most ideal ways to make high-volume plastic components. You can also apply injection molding for low-volume prototyping. It’s an economical and effective processing way to make your desired plastic components.

  • Laser Cutting Parts

    As a specialist in the field of machining, we also offer you premier quality laser cutting parts. If you have requirements on edge, pieces points, and material, Ruitai will do it accordingly. Regarding the material range, we can provide you with, they are stainless steel, aluminum, brass, mild steel for you.

  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts

    To get more accurate and lighter parts, you can choose aluminum die casting for your mass production project. Besides, the finished parts are of excellent strength and hardness. Ruitai is happy to help with your project.


1. What Is Rapid Plastic Machining?

Rapid plastic machining means that we apply CNC machines to process the plastic materials including PMMA, POM, PC, Nylon, PPS, ABS, and PA+GF. Compared to other ways of processing plastics, rapid plastic machining is a high-precision way to produce plastic components with a better surface finish.

Figure1 rapid plastic machining

2. What Surface Finishes Can You Provide for Your Rapid Plastic Machining Parts?

At Ruitai, there are a variety of surface finish for rapid plastic machining parts: painting, electroplating, laser carving, and so on.


3. What Industries Do You Often Cooperate With?

We often cooperate with the companies of automotive, medical, electronics, industrial, aerospace, etc.