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Custom CNC Plastic Machining Service

Fully-equipped with 3&4&5 CNC machines


A High-precision CNC Plastic Machining Supplier in China

As a fully-equipped supplier of machining, we get the expertise in creating high-performance plastic parts.

Tight tolerance. To ensure the accuracy of every plastic part, we use custom checking devices to check them. After checking, we would keep these tools well to make them as accurate as you expected.

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POM Machined Parts

As a thermoplastic of high workability, POM is very popular for CNC machining. In industrial applications, it can be the materials for producing pumps, bushings, and bearings.

CNC ABS Machined Parts 

For CNC machining, ABS is an economical plastic to make prototypes and do mass production. After being turned, milled, and drilled, the ABS block will have the exact size and pattern you imagined.

PMMA Machined Parts

PMMA can also be called acrylic, which is transparent plastic. At Ruitai, we apply our 5 axis CNC machines to process PMMA to create the components.

CNC PP Machined Parts

PP has a strong fatigue strength and chemical resistance. If you feel struggling about picking up the right plastic, Ruitai is willing to be your CNC plastic machining partner to offer you the most comprehensive machining suggestions.

CNC HDPE Machined Parts

HDPE is a superior thermoplastic to do CNC machining. It has excellent chemical resistance and anti-corrosion. You can choose Ruitai to be your CNC plastic matching partner.

Custom CNC Plastic Machining Service Provider in China

With expertise in the field of machining, we are confident that Ruitai is definitely a supplier you are satisfied with. Once you choose Ruitai, you will receive a custom CNC plastic machining service from us from all aspects.

Ruitai has an excellent sales team. When we received your 3D files, our sales representative will be in charge of the cooperation issues from receiving your files to delivering the CNC plastic machining parts to you. Except that, the Ruitai team keeps a belief that your satisfaction with our machining service is our motivation to look forward.

Alongside that, our CNC plastic machining is also customizable. Ruitai team will do CNC plastic machined parts in compliance with your specification. As long as you send us any requirements on our machining, we will try our best to finish your project well. In regarding the material range, there are ABS, PP, PC, HDPE, PMMA, POM, etc. If you want to use other plastic, you can also contact us.

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1. What Is CNC Plastic Machining?

CNC plastic machining uses the mills, lathes, and drills to substrate the extra material of the plastic block. And CNC plastic machining is an ideal option to make plastic prototypes at a low cost. Because it doesn’t need to make molds in advance. Besides, it can also ensure you high-precision plastic components with higher efficiency.

And we can apply CNC machining to process many types of plastics including PP, ABS, HDPE, PMMA, and POM. Basically, as long as the plastic has enough machinability, CNC machining can help you make your desired components.

Being an ISO9001:2015 compliant manufacturer, Ruitai can turn your CNC plastic machining project from one prototype to high-volume production.

Figure1 CNC Plastic Machining Parts

2. What Are the Applications of CNC Plastic Machining?

As popular and functional machining, CNC plastic machining can help us make plastic components in various industries.

(1) Medical Devices. CNC plastic machining helps to do plastic medical parts with complex design.

(2) Semiconductor Components. There are many plastic semiconductor parts that we can apply to CNC machining. For example, electrical insulators, gaskets, and so on.

(3) Automotive Parts. With the support of CNC plastic machining, we can produce plastic automotive parts with high performance.