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Plastic 3D Printing Service

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A Custom Plastic 3D Printing Service Provider in China

Ruitai provides you custom plastic 3D printing service with SLA(stereolithography) and SLS(Selective layer sintering ). There is a spectrum of plastic materials for your choice: PMMA resin/ABS resin/PC/PA, etc.

We ensure your custom plastic 3D printing with excellent performance. One of the reasons relies on our high-quality plastic material source, which can guarantee our plastic 3D printing parts with good performance. Another one is our expertise in the field of plastic 3D printing. Our team has been in the field of plastic 3D printing for years. Through the growth of these years, we have gradually become one of the leading plastic 3D printing suppliers. We take pride in our capability and professionalism.

If you are interested, just drop us an e-mail here! We are pretty glad to receive your information!

6 Benefits of Choosing Plastic 3D Printing

As an additive manufacturing process, plastic 3D printing uses resin and metal material to create three-dimensional objects. There are six benefits of choosing plastic 3D printing below:

1. Low cost: 3D printing is a process that applies the resin and powder to create the parts layer by layer instead of removing the extra material. Except for reducing the material, it doesn’t need expensive tooling or setup costs. That’s why it is a cost-effective processing method to create low-volume prototypes.

2. Design Flexibility: We can rely on 3D printing to create prototypes with complex geometries and internal structures. It gives the designers more freedom to design the parts.

3. Fast turnaround: 3D printing doesn’t need tooling or setting up. So, it can create prototypes in a day or even in hours.

4. Customization: You can send your 3D&2D files to us and we will create printed parts with the required size, tolerance, and material.

5. Reduced waste: 3D printing creates parts layer by layer without any material waste.

6. Variety of materials: Different materials get various properties on durability and strength. We apply an array of materials for 3D printing: ABS-like, PC-like, PMMA, etc.


1. What Are The Applications of Plastic 3D Printing?

Plastic 3D printing is pretty popular in almost every industry.

  • Aerospace

3D printing plastic part is of lighter weight and structure. It can apply to the components of aircraft/engine/fixed devices. And their cost is affordable. The demand is gradually increasing. More and more companies in the field of aerospace are willing to use plastic 3D printing to make their plastic parts.

  • Automotive

Nowadays, a lot of car companies apply plastic 3D printing into their car parts prototyping at the early stage. In the soon future, they may choose to 3D print the whole car.

  • Robotics

The components of robots are often very complex. Traditional machining can hardly produce plastic parts with complicated designs. But, 3D printing can help to make these components for you.

Plastic 3D Printing