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Ruitai Is Your Top-List Manufacturer Choice for Plastic 3D Printing in China

We Offer You Cost-effective Solution As to Your Specification

A Custom Plastic 3D Printing Service Provider in China

Ruitai provides you custom plastic 3D printing service with SLA(stereolithography) and SLS(Selective layer sintering ). There is a spectrum of plastic materials for your choice: PMMA resin/ABS resin/PC/PA, etc.

We ensure your custom plastic 3D printing with excellent performance. One of the reasons relies on our high-quality plastic material source, which can guarantee our plastic 3D printing parts with good performance. Another one is our expertise in the field of plastic 3D printing. Our team has been in the field of plastic 3D printing for years. Through the growth of these years, we have gradually become one of the leading plastic 3D printing suppliers. We take pride in our capability and professionalism.

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ABS Resin 3D Printing Parts

ABS resin is a durable and economical plastic to print. However, the processing is more complicated. Once you send us 3D files, we will quote for you within 2 hours.

PEEK 3D Printing Parts

PEEK is a superior plastic with excellent mechanical properties like wear-resistant and heat-resistant. It is also a popular material for plastic 3D printing these years. At Ruitai, we get SLA and SLS available for your plastic 3D printing parts.

Nylon 3D Printing Parts

Nylon(PA) is a durable and wear-resistant material. That’s why it is a good choice for 3D printing. Before you send us files, we can sign NDA files with you.

PMMA Resin Printing Parts

PMMA(Polymethyl methacrylate) is a flexible and cost-effective plastic to 3D print. Ruitai can also send samples to you to check our quality.

PC Printing Parts

PC(Polycarbonate) resin is relatively tougher than other plastics. It is a little bit challenging to 3D print because it absorbs moisture and requires a high-temperature environment during its processing.

PLA 3D Printing Parts

PLA (polylactic acid) is one of the most popular plastic for 3D printing. It is relatively cheap and easy to make 3D printing parts.

Ruitai-High-quality Plastic 3D Printing Provider in China

We offer you both prototyping and production for your plastic 3d printing projects. And you do not need to worry about the minimum quality limitation because there is no minimum quantity for plastic 3D printing at Ruitai. Our principle is ensuring you high-quality 3d printing plastic parts from 1 pc.

Ruitai is a certified 3d printing company with ISO 9001: 2015. Every step of processing is 100% in conformance with the industry standard. During the processing, we get our CMM team to check the quality of your plastic 3D printing parts.

We also provide you with a cost-effective solution. Because the engineers are pretty professional in plastic 3D printing. When you have no idea of the properties of the plastics, we will assist your product development.

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Other Products

  • High-volume Parts Fabrication

    Aluminum dies casting can apply to various industries from electronic, automotive, medical to home-appliance. The aluminum dies casting parts are of high precision. Ruitai is glad to hear from you.

  • CNC Plastic Prototype

    CNC plastic prototype is a very nice machining choice for you. At Ruitai, we get 5-axis CNC machines to ensure the quality of your CNC plastic prototypes.

  • Custom Sheet Metal Processing

    Sheet metal stamping is also very common usage in our daily life. At Ruitai, our sheet metal stamping is customizable. It means that we can produce sheet metal stamping parts as to your specifications.

  • Injection Molding Parts

    We are well-experienced in the field of injection molding. After you send us CAD files, we will analyze your files firstly and then give you a fast quote within 2 hours. If you are interested, you can contact us anytime.

  • Vacuum Casting Prototypes

    Compared to injection molding, vacuum casting can only produce a small batch of vacuum casting parts.


1. What Are The Applications of Plastic 3D Printing?

Plastic 3D printing is pretty popular in almost every industry.

  • Aerospace

3D printing plastic part is of lighter weight and structure. It can apply to the components of aircraft/engine/fixed devices. And their cost is affordable. The demand is gradually increasing. More and more companies in the field of aerospace are willing to use plastic 3D printing to make their plastic parts.

  • Automotive

Nowadays, a lot of car companies apply plastic 3D printing into their car parts prototyping at the early stage. In the soon future, they may choose to 3D print the whole car.

  • Robotics

The components of robots are often very complex. Traditional machining can hardly produce plastic parts with complicated designs. But, 3D printing can help to make these components for you.

Plastic 3D Printing

2. What Are the Advantages of Plastic 3D Printing?

There are a lot of advantages of plastic 3D printing. We are glad to show them to you.

  • Quick production
  • Cost-effective
  • Less waste
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