What is EDM in Manufacturing

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by assistant

EDM(Electrical Discharge Machining) is often applied to create the components of a geometry, which we can’t use milling to make. In most cases, the machined parts by EDM will play a role when we make the injection molds. By the combination of CNC machining and EDM, the entire mold is almost finished.

The principles of EDM:
It works by the electrical discharge to extract the extra materials to get the metal parts with a specific pattern.

The material range for EDM:
Copper is the most frequently applied metal for EDM. Except it, the available materials are brass, tungsten, silver, and aluminum. At Ruitai, copper is often used for making the parts of the injection molding mold.

Parts after EDM

If your injection molding project needs the help of EDM, it means that there is an extra cost you spent on it. You can get in touch with your injection molding partner if you want to change the files to the extra machining cost.

Ruitai often applies both EDM and CNC machining to create more intricate molds to meet the standard of the clients. If you have any interest, we are glad to offer you a custom injection molding solution by EDM and injection molding. You can contact us by sending e-mails to us: emily@szrtmj.com