6 Benefits of Investment Casting

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Investment casting, also called a lost-wax process, is one type of casting to make high-strength metal parts. Its uniqueness is that the wax patterns will be consumed. Besides, this technique can be traced back thousands of years. It was preferred by the artists in ancient times.

And now it has a broad application in all kinds of industries including aerospace, defense, and agricultural equipment. Let’s discover the process, applications, and benefits of investment casting.

Figure1 Investment Casting

What is the process of investment casting?

There are mainly 8 steps to make investment castings.

(1)Producing a wax pattern by injecting the wax into a prepared die first.

(2)Attaching the wax patterns to a wax sprue.

(3)Putting the wax sprue into the ceramic slurry and creating the shell.

(4)Burning out the wax.

(5)Pouring the metals into the mold.

(6)Removing the shell.

(7)Cutting the sprue.

(8)Surface finishing.

The benefits of investment casting:

(1) Investment casting can be used to create sophisticated metal parts with tight tolerance. Thus, we don’t need to apply any extra machining to polish the castings.

(2) There is a wide material range to make investment castings including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and more.

(3) The investment castings have a wide application in different industries. They can be applied in the industries of aerospace, automotive, defense, construction, oil&fuel, agricultural equipment, etc.

(4) Its process needs wax. Compared to other castings, investment casting is comparatively easier.

(5) It needs less time to do a secondary finish. Because the investment castings are of more smooth surface. It means that there is no need to do

(6) Investment casting is pretty suitable for making high-volume metal parts.

Figure2 Investment Casting Parts
Figure2 Investment Casting Parts

Above is a brief introduction to investment casting. Except for it Ruitai Mold has also specialized in the field of casting from die casting to sand casting for 15+ years. We are glad to support your casting project with complete and professional guidance.

In the following posts, we will share more details about die casting and sand casting.